Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals

Pizza Pen Pals


*Brad has entered the chat*

Brad! I don't care what gender you identify with, robbery is always going to be a bad move. But hey, can't say I've never stolen anything either. You just need to be smarter about it. First of all, do not use a weapon. That will up the charges. Instead, try writing a nice note, like the one you wrote to us. Demand the money in the register, but in a nice way. I've heard that works pretty well. Now-a-days you can wear a mask and no one will think twice, this makes it much easier to hide your identity and get away clean. 

Btw, Sounds like your dad was a great guy. Showing you a skateboard was probably the best thing he could have done for you. And considering that it is something you still think about, I reckon picking up a new pizza board after you get out will be just the remedy for your jail house blues. 

Hang in there Seagull! We will be in touch again soon. Keep those stickers safe, and stay out of trouble. Can't wait to see you hit that vert ramp and strike a pose for us. 

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  • Reckon: March 30, 2021

    Please do more of these response blogs

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