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  • Fall 2022 - Coming Soon

    Oct 03 2022

    Fall '22 is coming...nothing else to report...except that Vince is on a world tour ///...SLS Vegas on October 8th. Then Rio. Will he get ...

  • Vincent Milou - Follow Up Interview - by Cairo Foster

    Sep 24 2022

    Mob grip TM, and Adidas HQ hall monitor, Cairo Foster, tracked Vince down to find out whether the secret to front side flip tails is in h...

  • Listen to - XXX

    Sep 22 2022

    shughe took some heavy jungle samples and packaged them together for a heavy dub mix that takes Vince's skating back to the early 2000s. ...

  • Vincent Milou - XXX - Pizza Part

    Sep 20 2022

    We proudly present to you, Vincent Milou's latest offering to the almighty algorithm. Wholesome hijinx sandwich 3 minutes of all killer n...

  • Vincent Milou - New Video Part - TOMORROW

    Sep 19 2022

    Due to some scheduling issues, we're pushing the part out tomorrow. Thanks for understanding. Leave a comment if you're reading this :,/