Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #503

Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #503

Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #503

Vince has been working his baguette off this year. And his interview in the last Thrasher magazine speaks volumes. In a matter of 6 months Vince managed to shoot an entire article and make it to print, with photos to spare. Which we used for an ad in the same issue. All while simultaneously hoarding footage like its already SOTY season. Not to mention he bought a house in Bali? Man can this guy multitask. We want to give him major pat on the back for going so hard this year, and it's not even half way over. If you're just tuning in, he'll be skating in Tampa Pro at the end of this month, followed by a brief tour with Branson to wrap up his next part which is slated for July. Will he go to Copenhagen Pro too? Who knows. Start reading! Or buy his new board here!


  • Nick Sanders: September 19, 2022

    This is so cool. Love Vincent and Pizza. Can’t wait for his new part. Definitely getting another pizza deck for sure soon.

  • Nate: September 19, 2022

    Vincent is Sick!!! Stoked to hear his perspective. He doesn’t hold back his truth. I found this interview to be really refreshing, good shit! Hope to skate that indoor park one day Vin. Cheers and love from the u.s. ✌🏻

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