Branson Howard & Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #488

Branson Howard & Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #488

Branson Howard & Vincent Milou - Thrasher Magazine Issue #488

This one surprised the hell out of us. We had shared this photo with Burnett in a batch of team photos tryin to get an article going. Then Mark gets the email about needing this one high-res. Ends up being in this feature called "Robbin' Banks." I haven't read it but I'm guessing its about banks, and they threw us a bone and considered this a bank. Which it is technically. But no, he's not wearing a wrist guard thats just a shadow. Like he has said before, Branson loves skating unique spots that no one has seen before. Don't we all?

Comin' in hot off a successful trip to Southern California, Vince wanted a little taste of San Francisco's infamous Clipper Hubba. Come to find out Nyjah and his crew had already staked out the spot for the same day. After consulting with his people, they were cool with us joining the sesh. Jah had the speaker smackin' while Vince got straight to work with a 180 switch crook for the gram. After a couple solid attempts Vince did the 180 Switch 5-0 (the hard way) and now he could take a ca-ca. The photographer had been shooting a sequence of Nyjah with a telephoto lens, but said he would prefer to shoot a fish-eye photo of Vincent's trick. V obliged and threw a couple more out for Dan. One more for good measure but it was one too many. Vince kept over rotating, landing backwards while his head ricocheted off of the blacktop. He held his head in pain before suddenly becoming unconscious. Luckily there were plenty of people around to help. We rushed him to the hospital where he spent the next 3 days in intensive care to monitor the bleeding in his brain. Honestly I'm getting over telling this story. Vince is okay now the end. 


Thanks for coming!


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