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Ryan Connors Interview - Thaw & Order - Follow Up


Photo: Dillon

Ryan Connors is a very unique breed of human. Like most adolescents he is a "Pediatarian" which means he survives on Dyno Nuggets and Arizona iced teas. If not lost, his JUUL is glued to his lips like a pacifier but he's still not old enough to buy his own pods. (He claims to be off those now) His skating however is like a cocktail of size 44 pants, 60mm wheels, and White Claws. He once drank a whole 12 pack didn't end so well. Ryan's come a long way, but he's still got a lot to learn (anything switch please). 



Ref: You workin today?

Ryan: I work at 3. Been skating all morning before worko

Ref: Nice where at?

Ryan:Skated palo

Ref: What do you remember about filming for Thaw & Order?


Ref: That was kinda like your intro to Pizza right?


Ref: What cities was that part filmed in?

Ryan: Interview? 🧐That was mi intro for pizza. Portland and sac We filmed thaw n order

Ref: What about SF

Ryan: Yeah sf too. Haven’t thought about that part in a min lol

Ref: You were 17 in some of that footage maybe?

Ryan: Yeah I was 17 Fosho
Barley out of high school then

Ref: You graduated right?

Ryan: 😂Yeah foo. First trip to Seattle and Portland I just graduated high school

Ref: What was it like getting in the van with everybody and hitting the road?

Ryan: It was sick I was hella nervous at first because I didn’t wanna kook it but everyone was hella chill so it was sick. Mad spliffs

Ref: What are some things you’ve learned from traveling in the van and going on skate trips?

Ryan: Learned how to roll up gas and not discuss your day with 12.

Ref: If a cop pulls you over what do you say?

Ryan: Am I being detained or am I free to go

Ref: No, “Why did you pull me over?” Then if he starts asking questions...?

Ryan: I invoke the 5th

Ref: Close - “Im not discussing my day.” - Then if he keeps asking questions?

Ryan: Ah I don’t kno thi scripto. Jk

Ref: Wow. We need a full script review in the future.

Ryan: JK. Hahahah

Ref: You’re a liability now. Anyway, so your 20 now. Since Thaw & Order what have you been up to? We Brought you to Spain?

Ryan: I tore a ligament and joint in my foot a month later after Barcelona was out for 4 months finally back in the groove.

Ref: You working on any other projects at the moment?

Ryan: Lurkhard vido and Dennis Carlson full length

Ref: When are those coming out?

Ryan: Still workin on Dennis video hopefully soon
Lurk Hard?

Ryan: November 12? Ay ima go into work I’ll hit you on my 10
What’s up with these questions 😂

Ref: Thanks! TTYL

This spot is 5% trick, and 90% pushing. Ryan, Fastplant. Photo: Dillon

Ryan: I went to work 2 hours earlier
Fire up the questions  lol got 2 hours to kill

Ref: Haha HEARD
Biggest regret of 2019 so far?

Ryan: Jesus Christ. I can’t discuss. Ouch. Deleting my Instagram.

Ryan: Got anymore guts question

Ref: OUCH! What gets you stoked to skate?

Ryan: Listening to good music and skating with good friends
I Sk8 everyday doesn’t take that much to get stocked yah feel

Ref: Love getting stocked. Whats good music?

Ryan: Stoked* Yo that’s 10. House music old rap dystopia dretussin ref slappers. Idk I got a bigo list of slapper ✔️

Ref: Do you have a Spotify playlist or anything?

Ryan: Nah I don’t pay 4 music lol


Ryan: Classic YouTube playlisto 🔊

Ref: What are the worst trends in skateboarding right now?

Ryan: Jesus. Half of skateboarding is cringe in 2019 #lightwork 🤯

Ref: Shots fired

Ryan: Truth hurts

Ref: What are some cool things happening in skating right now?

Ryan: Lottie’s is gas


Ryan: And lurkhard about to smacked ya head. Gango

Ref: What are some goals for 2020. Not biting your nails?

Ryan: Maybe. My goal in 2020 is to do better than this year try and boss up. Also listen to Alex G more.

Spot Twist. Bs360 Kickflip, to huge drop. Photo: Dillon

Ref: What does better mean? What are some specifics?

Ryan: Just progress more and learn new shit ya know. Maybe change some things of mi self. Hahah

Ref: What are some bad habits that might be holding you back? When are you going to learn how to skate switch?!

Ryan: Is this 4 the public or sumthin? No discussion on script refo?

Ref: Yes this is public. As a 20 year old living in Southern California is it hard to say no to drugs and alcohol?

Ryan: Yes hahah. But I’ve learned to not say yes to everything

Ref: That’s hard to do. It takes discipline. You live in the Inland Empire right? Who are some famous heads that have come from there?

Ryan: Johnny Layton Marques Henry Leo remero. Not a lot of people have made it out the ie. I forgot about chase

Ref: Who do you look up to from there?

Ryan: Jp Jadeed and Ryan Miller. Ryan Miller taught me how to skate when I was 6 years old gotta respect you’re elders

Ref: Legend. Where is he now?

Ryan: He’s a middle school teacher. Skated everyday and piffs up. He’s 40 now

Ref: Don’t discuss his day too much..Sounds like a good guy though

Ryan: Hahah. He’s a good guy. Taught me math too. He was my math tutor in middle school.

Ref: Think you could ever be a teacher?

Ryan: No. School sucks. I barley know shit myself I couldn’t teach anyone hahah. Just got to work at my correct time lol. Should I hit you on my ten or dats it?

Ref: Nah its all good. Have a good day at work! Don’t get fired!

Ryan: Is that for the pizza site?

Ref: Oh yah shout out your sponsors

Ryan: Shout out Lurk Hard, Vans, Pizza, Thunder and Spitfire. Ayy throw in for music moma ready

He’s da homie

Over the bar. Under Pressure. Wallride for his ender in Thaw&Order. Photo: Duval