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The Nine Club With Chris Roberts Episode 162 Bob Burnquist TRANSCRIBED (unofficial)

Posted on September 10 2019

Speaker 1: (00:02)
Well, we are back home. We're back at the nine club, everybody to day. Whoo. We got a special special special guest. Mr Bob Burnquist. What's up? Welcome. Yes, super bodily in the nine club. Yes. You made it. I don't know if an x games has that scoring, but you know you made it, man. I haven't gotten that one first time for everything. You know, after how many years? 22 something years in the x games or something. Something like that. 95 I don't know. 95 to 2000 and what'd you retire? Semi-Retire always seen it.

Speaker 2: (00:47)
It's really, it was really a point of like doing the same thing over and over that I got tired about. Right. It's like, it's like here's the ramp is the same. There's that trick. They changed the format, change, ramp design. I can get interested. There's things, you know that's really what that was.

Speaker 1: (01:01)
But how much of a design change can that thing take though? I mean, what are we talking about, dude? I don't know. I'm not, I don't watch all the x games, but do they do the Rainbow Rail or the manual pad or is it just errors? The next thing,

Speaker 2: (01:13)
the past and, and uh, and listen, the other thing is too, it's just, it's such, it's so high risk that it's like, I mean at one point I'm like, is it really worth, you know, all those, they breaking my face, breaking out, like things like that, that's like I've done that, you know, and, and pushed through them and pushed through so many injuries. Then it's to the point where it's like, well, if this happens again, then it's like, is it really worth it? Sure thing. Right. So especially when you're going off that size of a jump, like I skate my backyard and I don't go that high all the time. You know, I go if it's tech and fast, but it's not to the level of, you know, it's not wheelchair level, you know, because that's like when you're going that fast off the 70 foot jump going 23, 20 like foot plus, okay, I make a little mistake.

Speaker 2: (02:03)
You're on the coping or you're low. I mean, you saw Jake Brown saw g way, I took him some hits, you know, it's just like, well, okay, how many more of those do I want to take at that level? So it's even when you level it down and you go into the tech and like, you know, at my house we have the hip and the step up and the rail and manual pad. So then you can actually, you know, get more creative and be a little bit more, uh, I dunno, progressive with it, you know, and not just spins, which is amazing. You know, we just saw 1260. I mean that retarded. But that's, you know, so you're that progression.

Speaker 1: (02:38)
He Oh yeah. Was it the some other guys you Bruce go by the way have to sit. There you go. Yeah, but the other guy, he um, he slammed as well on the same one, same ramp. What was the guy's name? Um, no, no, no. He wears it. He slammed tray.

Speaker 2: (02:56)
Tray. Yes. And that was, he was trying nines. I was, you know, I, right there, we were skating. And then, uh, I was like, hey go first, I want to see it from up here. Okay. And then he drops in and he spends and it looks good cause you know, I'm looking at it flat so I'm far away from the Roland. So, and then all of a sudden he, you know, just stops, you know, and I was like, oh that's not good. Right. You know, and then, you know, when I, when I saw the footage, I can't believe you actually walked up. He was just trying to be like, stay, you know, stay moving. But you sat right down like as soon as he felt, I mean that was, that could see that that is what I run from like the one slight lisp, slight miscalculation.

Speaker 2: (03:33)
It is. And you can't see and you just gotta believe it. You gotta give it to snap and then you got to like hope that you're in the right place. How does that affect your session on that when someone falls like that? That's a bummer. Well, it, you know, it, it sucks obviously cause you don't wanna you know, and that was right before the contest start to, um, but right after that, it really depends on who goes after. Right. So like Elliot jumped and then did a tail five and made it, you know, and just kind of cleaned up the uh, OK, the slam vibe and you can't, it can be harsh and you, and, and the way I look at it, if I took the slam and I was like, okay, there's that. So the statistics of that happened, he again is like, no, I'm in a better place, so I'll go again.

Speaker 2: (04:13)
Yeah. Right. But, you know, it's just, it stays in your head. Let me, if you do it long enough, like I have, you've experienced, you know, the pain in many different ways, then it's in your head, you know, always. Yeah. Right. So when you have the new energy, a lot of the kids are starting, they haven't taken those slams that trade did. So I'm sure he's thinking different, but you know, it's just this like, oh yeah, it's great. It's fun. Cause I remember the feeling, I remember when I was skating at all the time and I was just like, ah, this, I know how to do it. Now I know how to fall. I you get this confidence and there's a, there's a difference in, in the confidence and the ego inflating. Cause once the ego starts inflating, you can get checked real quick. So I, you know, and I was like, Oh yeah, I can, you know, try and whatever.

Speaker 2: (04:57)
And I was trying to, normally he'll Nally backside, he'll when eighties right on the, on the, on, on the gap. Okay. And then when I went to fall, I put my foot down. I was just kind of like, I, I fell so many times like I know how to fall, you know, it's all good. I put my foot down, I was writing sideways. So as soon as I put my foot down, my leg just cause fast. Right? So it just caught in. My knee just went whack. I kinda did this whip and almost blew my knee just on a simple, simple, put my foot down. I was like, oh, okay. Now I really have to pay attention every time I'm skating. I can't do that. So now I don't put my foot down ever. You know when I bail it's like I turn into the ball, slide it.

Speaker 2: (05:35)
Exactly right. But it takes, you know when you skate vert and then you skate park and you skate the street, you bailed differently so you get this memory of like how to do it. Sure. And I'm mega and that's what usually what people get hurt when they start skating Vega is they try to run out Pat Duffy. Yup. Okay. That was a huge one. And that was, you know, it's because he tried to, he tried to run out his instincts to go [inaudible] that's how he skates and that's, you know, so the bailing part is like so important over there. But that's, that's, that was it. And once that happened to me, I was like, okay, let me focus. Focus. Every time I jumped, now I treat it like a skydive or I treat it like a flight, you know, I've checked everything. I make sure I'm good.

Speaker 2: (06:15)
I'm focused on because your next flight is the most important. That's, you know, I, no matter how many jumps you've had, no matter how many things you've done, the one mistake you make could be a fatal one. So, so I treat mega like that. So I'm checking my board and I'm checking this and you know, how's your ramp, how's this? Every time I go, I'm like way more, you know, respectful of it. Totally. I mean, speaking of like your a, your backyard, you have the mega in the back, get in the backyard mean how does that, do you even just go for like, what's a session like that? Do you just wake up and just be like, oh you went, I'm going to go mess with the little negative? Yeah, you can. You can have a somewhat of a mellow sessions on it. Like I can go for lip tricks on the quarter, you know, and just, but it's, it's tiring.

Speaker 2: (06:57)
Like you have to like, you know, he'll walk up the landing and then take speed and get on it and then no bail and they walk up the landing. Right. So anytime, you know, I filmed the lip trick or whatever, it took me, you know, a lot of effort, you know, unless I made it like, you know, short amount of tries, which isn't that made many times. It's just these constantly going up, constantly going up, constantly going up. And that's like that's the horse part. Right. So, but that's also good cause then you're, that's the fitness part of it. Yeah. Oh well I was going to say if you get a Cha, a ski lift, you know that's a good investment. But you know, keeping shape. That's right. That's right. So I can go there, I can, I can do a session on the rail and to me the rail is, is, is a, I can skate that every day.

Speaker 2: (07:39)
Oh you can? Yeah. Like I could be into that, like warm up would be more a board slide or 50 like how do you warm up? Like what are you, 50 50 is or more slides. Okay. Just straight 50 50 years of Smith grinds or you know, like that. But once you start like flipped into it, like flipping into it, then it's just a matter of how you get out of it. How do you bail? Okay. So when I'm first, when I start, cause the rail is really like, it's the angle of the rail is like the angle of the trajectory. So when you look at the, you know, so when I go fast I just hover above it and you're kinda like placing your, your trucks on it. Exactly. So if I want to, you know, touch the rail, I have to slow down.

Speaker 2: (08:17)
So what I do is if I'm trying something new, if I'm going to try to flip into it, do I go fast? You know, and then so you know you're going to clear it. I know I'm going to clear it, but I'm j I start getting more and more comfortable with it and then I'm like, okay, the flips kind of there and then I'll slow it down. And then when you really slow down, then you feel the, you know, you feel the rail because a lot of times it can just be hovering above it. So you can do, like, you can do a board slide by just, you know, just touching just the scratch, but you're kind of doing an air almost. Right, right. So you know, to really, you know, to flip into it and to, to lance or sometimes that float set like feeling is not good.

Speaker 2: (08:52)
So you need to touch the rail and you need to slow down. And the slowing down is, is scary, I could imagine because you want to make sure you're asthmatic. I cleaned it up and there's ways going, I've kind of learned to, I got this, this move, so I don't sack it. Oh, what's, what's amazing, I do a a for, right? So I put my like just you put your ankle like around my knee, like ankle, around the knee. Okay. And then I do this shit in the Shin slide sh like across it. Oh. So if I flip and nothing's there and I'm going to like sack, I go right into four and then I lock the, it's like a shin, so I Gotcha. Okay. I was gonna ask one foot up over your knee and then Shin Guard slide. I would like to see that actually.

Speaker 2: (09:34)
Yeah, no [inaudible] man bales. Yeah, let that that I do that. And then one time I tried to kick flip, I tried the kickflip indeed. Uh, but ride that I do like on the end of Demos I go, okay, that's it. Yeah. Tony has the, the, the back flip into the, under the deck, right. Like he does that one minds that the kickflip like, but right. So when I do that, I mean the demo is over. I'm not coming back. [inaudible] exactly. So I was like, ah, I think I can do that on the rail. Right. And I was like, yeah, I'm just going to keep flipping then. But I right. I think I can still do it. But the first time I tried it, I just went kickflip I opened up my leg, so the four's gone, you know, and like it didn't quite, I couldn't get it under me, so I went straight sack like, right.

Speaker 2: (10:20)
Like, I mean both. It didn't, it didn't really grab, like, it didn't hit the balls like full on her. They grabbed the side of both sides of my legs and it was like just purple. It was just the bad, just super bad. And I was like, I can't believe that just happened right there. I mean that was one of the worst slams I've had on a trick. That's not even that I shouldn't even have tried that. But now I'm in treating, now I want it. You want to show it and then while I think you got caught with a sat guard, he was probably five. Oh, that thing. Yeah. You know, but fibo it all I thought about invert slight like invert grinds to like [inaudible] like soaping and get a downhill gloves. Yeah. And like God, there's a couple of, there's a couple of tricks there.

Speaker 2: (11:04)
It's like the possibilities. I mean you just keep thinking and thinking and thinking and try. I mean you gotta you got it in the back yard, back flip 50 50 oh po that kind of, yeah. Danny Guy Day. That's like Danny's world, you know, like back in the day when he did the front, like front side three disaster, like grabbing, I remember we were talking about like, man, backflip, this Danny comes here a lot. Uh, not lately as much. He's been hurt off and on. So He's been on that, on that tear. He did a lot in the beginning and when he's filming and stuff. And then, and then now, like we, we tried to, like, we try to connect a bunch and I tried to skate vert with them and then, but I'm always traveling Brazil and he's always out there. But uh, yeah, he's so much fun to skate with.

Speaker 2: (11:46)
We had so many sessions that was just him and I that are just like Kinda dream come true as a kid. You know, I was just like, man, that's the any way skate in my backyard. And you know, that's insane, man. He was a huge part. I mean, I gotta thank Danny. I'm not, not only, you know, getting that whole process of the mega going, but when, when the, uh, on the seven acres lot, God was available. And, you know, I had, I had done something and I, and I didn't have the money necessarily to put the down payment, but you know, I was going to get it in a couple of months. There was something like that and then I was just like, Hey Danny, this is happening. I got the, you know, this, this slot right here. And uh, and he's like, yeah man, he's just put down 30 grand.

Speaker 2: (12:24)
No Way. Wow. So he, he went and did that and then, uh, you know, a couple months later I paid him back. Yeah. But it was such a cool act because I mean, he could've been like, no way, you know? Yeah. Right. So why would I give this guy, you know, the, the opportunity to, to build a ramp and, but you know, just speaks volumes about who he is. Sure. People know that. But he was a big fucking sick and he said, somebody else could've come in and swooped the land. Yeah, that's right. Or, you know, or just, you know, not, wouldn't go down and wait a couple of months and then that was not literally in your backyard or is it? Yeah, it wasn't. And then I bought, that was like, it had to buy the seven acre lot. This guy was, he wanted to build four houses and he can only build three.

Speaker 2: (13:04)
And then he wanted an easement. So I needed to, he wanted to buy my two acre lot that was on the side. And then I was like, no, I'm not selling it to you. You know? So then he got landlocked in a way, cause he couldn't get people to go there. And then he didn't have the four houses, so it wasn't now viable. And he did. And then he was like, oh. And I was like, but I'll buy it for me, you know, 50 give became a thing. He's like, okay, all right. You know, and then he sold it. So it was, it was one of those [inaudible] be sure. And then it became the backyard. And that's down in Vista. That's in Vista. Have you ever caught anybody trying to sneak in and do little N***a? It'd be people would go there all the time.

Speaker 2: (13:41)
Really? Yeah. I mean you got to chain up or anything [inaudible] on the bottom. Oh, come on. It's Karma. Yeah. How many, how many backyards? I've trespassed escape their pools, you know, so I'm always like, well I do it too, you know? So you know, that's kind of like how I view it, but I try to like, you know, when people are there, I don't come out and say go away. I have people that yell out there, but there's one place that I, I can be a dick and it's at my house. Right. So [inaudible] and I tried to hold because like if I see it on the street, you get asked for water, you do it or whatever. It's all good. Like I can be eating, you can stop me all good. But when I'm at home and if I'm nice, then it's going to spread that it's cool.

Speaker 2: (14:21)
Just go to Bob's house. He's super cool. He was in his robe and he was totally fine. Yeah. So I tend to be like, no, like, just like I put the, I put that down, but I've found yet if, if I'm confronted, you know, like if, if I just see someone there and I can, you know, I have my, my brother-in-law Bruno, you, you know, so I just, he like just go out and tell him I'll be around him. Right. But I've had, I've had like two kids one time from Guatemala, you know, and they're just like on their skateboards and they show up to the frightened I was about to go into dick mode and you know, and then, and then I looked at the situation and I was just like, Hey, what's up guys? And they're like, Bob, oh my gosh. I dreamed we'd be like skated.

Speaker 2: (15:05)
Like they came from like, you know, whatever, the, their country, and they took a bus and then they skate it, you know, I was like, alright, come over here. And I gave him the full tour to me. No, yeah, we're skating, you know, skating on the top of nowhere. Totally. So, I mean, and then people who go back to me, yeah. You can find it that like, you know, but that was the only situation where I was like, okay, let me, I'll show you around. Yeah. Sometimes people just show up at their cars and they're like, Oh hey, we just came in. Yeah, no, they come in, they came from some other state to visit and they want to, you know, see that, see dreamland. Right. I'm like, cool, now you see it. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (15:43)
But I think it's just also one of those, it's like a, I've never, I mean who, you know, just seeing a mega ramp in person. Right. I think people just want to go and see. Yeah, it is. Yeah. It's huge. And the curious, the crazy thing is that you can't see it from the street and you can't see it unless you're actually, unless you go in through my gate and then you, you know, you go over this little hill and then you see it. Yeah. So it's not something that you can like cruise down the street and be like, oh, there's Bob's. There's so, okay. That's the unique, it's just in this like, you know, between these hills and, you know, and, and, and I do get a lot of helicopter and, uh, airplanes cause they know, cause I'm a pilot too, so they know, you know, and, and, and, and, and they use it as a visual point to say yeah.

Speaker 2: (16:28)
Like it's sort of just like, oh yeah, it's over at the, you know, Bob's house. Wow. So that's there. So you can't, can't escape that one. You've really created something over there, Bro. Yeah, man. I mean, I, you know, it's, I would say I'd want to come over, but I don't know what I would skate over there. I mean, just to watch, I think the deck of the a ball that was wooden and the, the verbal, that's all creek now. Oh, is it? Okay. Did you read over all the, uh, the wood? Yeah. You did. Yeah. So we had, um, well I'll sit with Jeff King and we're, we're talking about like the, the wood, the, the skylight was already kind of like over every years I had to Redo it. Right. So expensive. Every did the skate like once. And then when it came to do it again, then it's like the underlayer was all weird.

Speaker 2: (17:09)
And I was like, okay, I have to make a decision. It was like, it'd be like 60 grand or something to something, I'll redo it. And then 90 to 100 to concrete it. And then, you know, Jeff was the one, Jeff King was like, dude, maybe you should like think about creating over it. And I was like, really? You can do that? And I was thinking like, yeah, I guess those guys, you know, they, they, they do the parks, you know, like just the thin layer and yeah, I, and maybe that's something that could go down. Then we reached out to a grind line, p Hubbard. So mark came over and we were talking about, and he's like, yeah, I can do that, that or not. And he bid it out and wow. And then, uh, they went at it. So see ramps like in tuned.

Speaker 2: (17:45)
Yeah, exactly. I mean, I had, you know, Andy Roy on the job and you know, so that was cool. Hanging with him for his amazing, hadn't hung with them in a long time. So yeah. So he was, he was there and then they just, they're just like, dude, this is the perfect mold. You know, it's like I left a lot of the skate life pulled the, I pulled like the main sheets of skate light out, but all the corners would just going to be hard to pull out. So I left a lot of the corners and then just, you know, Crete right over. I think there's like a thick layer like this, like ride over it crazy. So the flat bottom shorter. Yeah, the cradle to cradle isn't as scalable anymore. Like it's, it's scalable, but it's hard, like all the tricks. Cause when I built it, it was already on the tight side cause it was some that hadn't been done really.

Speaker 2: (18:27)
And I was like, I wonder how big I need to build this. And then, uh, the size was tight for, for, for the vert. And if I were to do it again, I would built it like a bigger radius. So when the concrete came over it was like it made everything cause you're adding these couple of [inaudible] tightened it up. And then when I went to go do a grind on it, it was hard, you know? So I was like, aw man. Okay. That's that. Yeah. So it was like, you know, all the backside Smith grinds I Smith guys and all this stuff that I know that I did was like that's that. You know, that was done. Cause now it's like just doing the grind on it as hard. You know that someone came over and did a back Smith, I can't remember who, but I was just like wow, that's insane.

Speaker 2: (19:08)
I feel like anything that's exists, somebody's gonna s [inaudible] right. It's how you approach it. So you could put a flat bar on the wall. So gonna Skate, but so true to your, to your question, the, so the deck now is all concrete. So I have this big old flat area, you know, they put like the street stuff and the manual pads. And so I do have some trips down. Yeah, there's definitely skateable options. Well, I want to get into like, you know, growing up in Brazil and doing that and how you got your start in everything, but since we're on the subject of the mega rancher in the backyard and everything, you know, you're skating vert and then this mega thing kind of comes into play. How did that even happen? Did that get presented to you or was it kind of something that existed already and, or what was the process?

Speaker 2: (20:01)
I mean whoop guy, like walk me through like, yeah, you know, it's, it's a, uh, it was a, it was a process and the natural progression to by evolution as a skateboarder. Right. You know, so, you know, back in, in Brazil, I mean, I, I skated a lot of street and I skated vert and they skated bull and I skated parks, right? Like I just, I just skated. Yeah. So, and then vert was this passion, cause I, you know, I had this ramp that, um, wouldn't vert ramp, like just three blocks away from the house I lived in. So I got to escape that a lot. Uh, and, and, and then that went away. So I was stuck with street skating and all that stuff. So I was able to through these phases of my life, get a deference abilities. Yeah. So I was able to, okay, I need to skate street now because there was no other vert.

Speaker 2: (20:50)
So let like, you know, then I, I acquire that, you know, and then sure as I went back to vert, I went back to vert with a street background. So then it gave me more of the Danny and Colin as inspirations, you know, adding that. So eventually I was skating net. Then through the Antigo days was skating, mostly parks, you know, with those guys traveling around and um, and then the x games, you know, and all that and skating vert and, and I was like, Hey, I can actually, you know, get good at this, but you know, in particular, and I loved skating it. So then I was able to explore that as much as possible. I was at a point where it was just like things were getting to the same old thing. Right. Okay. So then I'm like, I get bored pretty easily, so I need to, I need to do stuff.

Speaker 2: (21:37)
That's why I got it. That's why I'm a pilots. Yeah. Just cause I need to get into different things where I get like this boring switch for instance, learn right. Skate all over again. Right. So that was the, that was that. So, um, but then eventually the vert was there and you know, I won all the contests and I could skate it and there's like win, win, win. So it's like, okay, how do I, you know, where do I go? And at the same time, that whole long jump thing was happening. There's an event over at a Queen Mary, the, the Bart Simpson, something long jump thing that it was just like a launch ramp with a landing. Oh. And then we moved the landing and the landing was like pretty small. So when you made a mistake, you landed flat and then you'd come up straight. It's really not really friendly to, to over shoot.

Speaker 2: (22:29)
Okay. And at that particular event, I remember there was this big Roman and, and I was like, man, that's way too much speed for that. So I'd start up like a little short, you know? And, but the big Roland's there, so someone wants a psycho, like someone's got to go on it, but I knew it was too much. Right. So, but I'm like, I'm going to go anyways and I'm stretching, I slow down. And so I went and like deep pumped and then like laid it almost at flat by just caught some transition, you know, I was like, okay, that was too much speed, but I went and that's all I wanted rights. I, then I kept skating and then January comes over and he's like, I'm going to off the top. And I was like, Chris did, I just went, don't pump, you know, the things like way too fast.

Speaker 2: (23:09)
And he's like, you know, it's got a heavier build and, and uh, he's like, Nah, it's good. And it's obviously, he's all like, you know, adrenaline shot. And he like goes down to thing. And sure enough, he pumped. Like, he was just like [inaudible] and like he just like, boom, goes past it all the way flat and we're like, oh. And he puts his foot down like, boom, breaks his foot. Just like, I mean, there's no, that was, there was no other outcome. Uh, and, and that was that I couldn't even, I didn't even have the heart to say, well, I told you [inaudible]. He's like, oh, and that, you know, so it was the evolution of, of that. Once those things started happening and then we're like, okay, I remember talking to, I was like, Danny, if this lady was like 10 times bigger, you know, and then it was just like this evolution of like, oh, we need that, that, that then now it's 10 times bigger.

Speaker 2: (23:59)
But then at the same time, Danny has gotten through that Matt Hoffman, big quarter pipe to skateboarding. Right. And we used to just do this jump and hit this mattress. Right. It was like, you know, it was jumped that and then go all the way up until those wall. Oh, okay. So there was no ending to it, you know? So by Danny putting the quarter pipe at the end of it, then now you actually have what to do with all that speed. Right now you have something to to go to. Right. So [inaudible] and that's kind of like how that happened. So we're doing the king of skate contest. Remember that back in the day where I did the open loop from Danny. Yeah, yeah. We'll talk about that. Yeah. So then Danny, Danny did the, he wanted to break the record of the long jump and the higher end one, that was his thing.

Speaker 2: (24:51)
He wasn't able to do it together, but he did it separately. All right. But he built that for that. Right. So now he had that ramp and he was able to kind of like fine tune it. Huh? Um, and that was out point x at that camp. Yeah. Temecula. So then I saw that and I was like, yeah, you had done the contest and did that open loop thing. But I looked at that and I was like, that looks like so much fun because the open loop is one shot. Right. You get it done. There is no evolution of tricks, I'll kick flip under it. Did it, you know, it's just like, well maybe there's certain things that are doors that are kind of open and closed and shut. Yeah. Living on other things. They're like, yeah, that shot quickly. So, and then other things like the, the, the mega ramp or like doors that you open and then just the opportunities for new tricks are like wide open.

Speaker 2: (25:37)
So it just kinda came out of Danny ways, like mind of like, Hey, I wanna do a world record of long and then hi. And then brought it to that competition and then it was put together and that way before that Andy Mack tried to do that. That was the [inaudible] yeah. The long jumps. Yeah. And, and, and the, and that, that was the evolution of the, the eighties jump ramp. Yeah. And you know, you can ask Jim Thiebaud I was backfields after years and years of laying in the flat. So adding the landing was like, and it also came with the, the x games mix of like BMX box. I remember like the people or escape or Tommy. Yeah. Like all that. Yeah. So it was like, you know, things started happening to, to, to take it to that. Right. And they're doing these big things and we could do that on a skateboard.

Speaker 2: (26:21)
Yeah. But it needs to be adjusted. So that's kind of like where that, and I think, you know, you can, you can go bigger, you can, you can do all that. But like there is a reality of, of, of physics that, that, that we can play in and I think that it's in a pretty good place for progression. Right. Anything more than that as a one shot and it's you insane. You gotta prepare yourself for that. But like that's a good size, uh, to like continue to progress. That's why you've seen so much progression. Cause it's just kind of soon in a good place. Not enough people are skating, but that's Kinda how I get, I went to point x and I was just like, I skated it like once had a hard time landing it but not because I couldn't do it because I had a, I was like afraid of the quarter pipe, you know, cause I knew I was going to have a lot of speed and that's the biggest issue with mega ramp is the first jump, right?

Speaker 2: (27:15)
That first quarter pipe hit, you know, everyone will tell you that skated mega is like, that was the scariest part because you don't know what it's going to happen. The timing is different than burden. And then you know, it's huge and you can, and what usually happens is you do the trick before you need to do the trick. So you go for a backside or the way you do them on vert, you're going to do a back flip, you know, on the, on the quarter pipe, you've got to wait, wait, wait. And then the coping and waiting and then you keep going up. It's almost like an ear on the extension. If you do, if you skate vert, like when you hear the extension and if you keep your body low, you know, then then you're going to go to flat, you're going to get upside down, you know, so you have to keep riding up the wall and then hit.

Speaker 2: (27:55)
So you don't do that. So mega is kind of is that, but you don't know until you try it the first time. So it took me awhile to like, you know, I did every trick. I was like mute three to all the threes and I just like put it down and then jump off. Right. Oh really? And I was like, okay, now I have to like, you know, I got to down at one time, you know, so then I went and know you get scared and kind of do this, like you know, and you almost loop out and you know, and you're like, okay, oh my God, that or that now you know? Then the next one's like, okay, then, then it's good, then it's, then it's mellow. So you have to go through that. And that's the issue with most people is like that's when you see some pretty funny and some retarded in bad. Not True at all.

Speaker 2: (28:37)
It's fascinating. You know, it's wild. I don't think I could ever, it just, if I was going to just go down it, what would you will do advice would you give let's say [inaudible] your truck, let's say that as a street skater. Yeah. What do you post? Let's talk about Pat Duffy because Pat's got that street skill but he does have some transition skills. Um, and, and, and pat jumped it. I mean, I think anyone could really jump the gap know, like all like, yeah, like if you, if you can go fast down the hill, right. And you got, and you know, heath went out there and jumped it, you know, like if you ride street and you got some, you can do it. The problem is the quarter pipe that is, if you don't have that, and even if you have that skill, it is still an issue.

Speaker 2: (29:22)
Right? Like Sandra Diaz, like his first hit at point X. I mean he did a full back flip loop, landed halfway down the quarter pipe and he'd scared the shit out of him. I don't think he like moon is one of the reasons he didn't skate mega that much. Right. At first experience. So, but that's the guy who has one of the best, you know, vert Mike Air Skills going down like that. So if you don't, so even if you do that happen. So Duffy was like getting super close and he was like, you know India over it and, and I wasn't thinking, I didn't think he was going to do it that that afternoon and just come back next day cause it was dark. So I was just talking about the, the how to make it and all this stuff. And, and then I got done with a session, it was starting getting darker and darker and I, I went up and went up to the pool and just kind of was like take, took my pads off and then all of a sudden, you know, I look and then boom he goes, lands.

Speaker 2: (30:13)
Makes it. And I'm like, yeah, we're all, we're all screaming. But I was like, oh, I didn't talk about the quarter pipe. Oh, you know, and it was like there we had, there was zero conversation about the quarter pipe, what to expect, what to do, what not to hear. Like you at least have that, you know, brief, you know, and, and, and that was my like and I was just hoping, and then he does the, what you don't do as well. He does. He did the deep pump because there was a lot of speed. So he tried to, he tried to do like, oh, let me just, you know, squawk down. Yeah. Like, and, and so when he squatted down to d pump, right? When you get to the vert, it just becomes a stream. Oh No, fill out the wall. Just, it's the opposite of what you want to do, but it's what psychologically, you know, you feel like you want to do and then he just goes, frown like flies out.

Speaker 2: (31:01)
And then I'm like, okay, he's you, it is, this is like, like if you just need to, I mean that's a little bit, it's going to be good. And then he tries to run out. Oh my God. As soon as he puts his leg down, it was like, dude, it's like a chicken bones and like was so fast. It was like, it was like a crow. I mean, and Mike over there at my house, it's so quiet and you know, we can have this conversation and some of the neighbors, depending on how far down, because just just carries down the Canyon Canyon. And it was like snap, like a little like snap and then like this craziest scream. And I was just like, oh my God man. I go running out there. And it was just like, of course, like he actually, what happened is like he, he broke the bottom part of his leg, like, you know, cause his, his femur.

Speaker 2: (31:48)
Yeah. Pressured down on his, Oh man, God snap. Right. There was a pressure on that that broke his leg. So you know, he's there, uh, you know, screaming. I'm like, oh my God, okay. Call the ambulance. Like no ambulance. I'm sure it's, I was like, oh, that tripped me out. I was like, as a professional skateboarder, if you make, if you make 300 bucks and insurance is two 50, you make 50 bucks because you have to have insurance. So you're entirely in the u s I mean maybe in Canada you don't, but you know, you have to have it here. And I was just like, Oh man, okay, how do you want to get to the hospital? Like, and then he's like, oh, just put me in the back of the truck. So I had the green, the, the dreamland truck and we just, we couldn't move.

Speaker 2: (32:32)
I tried to grab him and it was like, you're just, any touch was like, ah. So we, we laid a piece of like three quarter plywood own kool-aid over and then we all carried that and put him in the back of the truck and then drove to the hospital at Tri city there and, and uh, it was full, like drive the hospital, take him down and beat him on the ground. And you know all did it, why we all peeled out like, cause he was just like, I don't want it to be an issue in the end it was just like if you just, you know, dropped him off and then how do I know that's when the guy, that's what hospitals like the people that come out, right. So they, I mean he's in pain and so, but what happened is probably ended up being the worst thing too because he got like a crazy infection and that's in pat enough.

Speaker 2: (33:17)
He ever, you know, as he come out, no one after came out cause I want to hear that. I just saw her four days ago. Yeah. You know, cause I think he had some crazy infection because at tri city and then his girlfriend was saying like his girlfriend was helping him like drain and it was just Murray you posted photos of his like yeah, just super wide open. He's like, yeah. So he ended up being a triple injury post, you know, all that. So, I mean, I always feel for that because it was like, I knew he had the skill he could get away with just the, you know, if he held this, you know, leg over, then he, if he went again, that wouldn't happen. Now you've got pads and you can know what's going to happen to that first, you know, ended up paying for it right away.

Speaker 2: (33:57)
So. So now you tell everybody before you tell them about the quarter pipe. You know what happened was I had the, okay, there's, there's pre Duffy and post stuff. Sure. There's a pre Duffy I had, I mean it was constant, hey Bob, want to come jump the rent up, Bobby blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Like all everyone, right? Like all the guys like Lizard King, like, likeF , like everyone. And then it was hard to accommodate everyone. It was just like whenever it feels like, yeah, sure they had whatever. And then after Duffy, crickets like zero calls, like he was like, I didn't have to promote or say like not, I mean it was just like, okay. And then if there were any calls, it was like, I just want to do the jump, you know, and then jump off. So then checklist came in a couple of years just like, you know, made the landing and your k I made it. You can see you made it and then like jump off so you can get right. Right. And I do recommend that that is an option. It's okay if you're a street skater, I will allow that. Oh, okay. If you skate vert I that is not allowed. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (35:01)
yeah. You have your hands on every day. No, I cannot. That's like the, the, the roll in or get out, right. Jake Phelps. I mean, you gotta do it. You Skate Vert, you have to hit the quarter. OK. So on. Not that I would ever would, uh, but I'm, I'm baling. Yeah, you can definitely. Yeah, no problem. Have you ever watched it with Katie, Chris in person? Not In person. It's sounds wild. I'm sure. I'm sure. Well, we got to come out this like a, I guess the next couple now. The wraps all nice and got new skate light. Perfect skate light. That was awesome. Oh yeah. Oh, got it. Yeah. So we're, we're stoked. Yeah. So now, now, now it makes me want to film more, you know, cause it was so, oh, maybe a new Bob part. Yeah, I hope so. Hey, you gotta keep filming nonstop.

Speaker 2: (35:41)
I was going to ask him, when you guys film for your parts on that, do you guys film separately or do you guys film together? You and Danny way or do you guys keep your own little feed? Like a session would be better. A session is better, especially with Danny. I mean, I like filming. I mean like I remember I, I kicked, flipped in from the, from the deck of the quarter into the ramp and I started doing these flip bands and then when I Skate with Danny, then you know, if I'm trying this you'd try something else. And then he tray flipped in. Oh yeah. When you skate people like that, then then I'm like, okay, you tre flip and then I'm going to start thinking about other, you know, and not just stay at the, I've done a kick flip, you know, hypes you up.

Speaker 2: (36:17)
Yeah. So it's much better to film with people that are better than you. It's funny you say quarter pipe and I just immediately picture like a little small quarter pipe we're talking about how tall is that? 37 28 28 12 to help a quarter. I'll tell you what do I rather do stuff on that down on vert? Like the bales are much better. Like if I'm going to hang up, I'll hang up [inaudible] down. Yeah. Like you, you, you hang up and then you're, you still have transitioned, right? Or like you can try to attend to something about it on shirt. When you take off, you've got to know your, you know, you got to decide your landing. Right. Do you ever think want to see the day where there's gonna be like a makeup park? Well, it's, you know, money. Yeah. You know, the ideas are there.

Speaker 2: (36:59)
Yeah. It's a lot of wood and I would definitely shy away from concrete and mega. I was going to not ask not creating over that but I wouldn't mind creating over the Roland. Right. And the launch ramps like maybe that is okay but a man landing and I can't even know. Imagine a slam on creat like oh no, try and switch button switch back tail on the rainbow with concrete below you. Yeah. A concrete ledge too would be kind of, yeah, like stuff like that. It's cool. But yeah, there's the landing part in the quarter that needs to be wood concrete up. That manual pad needs to be wood with sprint or some kind of, I dunno man. I think I, I wish there was less screws. Like we've tried a bunch of different like trying to figure out ways to maybe glue it or, yeah, cause that's another issue.

Speaker 2: (37:43)
A lot of times the screws can like really up. Yeah. Huh Bruno? I was feeling, I was like in the beginning I was like as follow Cam, right. I was like, Bruno, you got to at least jump it so we can like, you know, you can follow and jump and do all constricts tonight. Yeah. So we were like, you know, try and get them into that and then uh, and then he, he's going over the manual pad that he did. He did that and then he, I want to be just went boom, baled and then his knee caught like the thing. Yeah. He's just like, oh. And we're like, we go and like, oh, you're okay. It's like, aw man, this is, we'd like any pulls his knee pad down, screw like a 30 plus stitch gr like Gash. Oh, I mean his knee just pla.

Speaker 2: (38:20)
Like he never even like, he never rides a thing. I ride it more than anyone and I've never gotten a slice like that. I've gotten cut and just Skinner did like actually take off the uh, the kneecap too or no, then it was, the crazy thing is the knee, the knee pad was fine. I don't know where like I think it just got like a caught it and went low or something happened that it just, you know, and then, you know, that was like the end of follow cam career for Bruno. But I gotta imagine it's one of the things that we're constantly on. Like yeah, it's, it's, it's that it screws just doing like wood putty over at all or, yeah, like absolute because the screws we used, yeah. Now we use screws that that's not gonna happen. Um, so all new screws are like that.

Speaker 2: (39:03)
But like I still have the, it's like the, the non, because what happens, the screws is like the, they get like with water. Yeah. They get, and I wish I would've brought some, that's what it was on my desk. I was actually going to bring this one of the older screws just cause they, they like, they get like all rusted and then they pop the head. Right. So then that Russ part and makes this like point. So then the head of the screw has like a a point. So it's popped ahead of the screws popped off. Stop after a while, but some screws stay there and they're just kinda there, you know? So all of those are just the, I think there's like the, what do you do? Like is it like boom, the old screw boom, it's been, you know, because now like a bunch of them were popping.

Speaker 2: (39:43)
Okay. And you know, just because it's like they're all like rusting your around the same time. So when they pop we just replaced with new screws. But did we just have to constantly like watch for that? She's a hell of a job. Yeah, it's a lot. You could be screwed. I mean I got 50 sheets of skate light from, from skate light and it barely put a dent. Right. So it was just like, it's just like patches here in their head. It's 50 sheets of like five by twelves, you know, and then you look at the mega, they look like little little squares, like a patch and a crazy man. I'd love to come down there and just watch [inaudible] definitely come down and have a little session. You know, just a, you guys do remote, meaning a nightclub come down there one. Yeah. I'll bring my microphone and interview you while you're back. Well, let's make sure we get a Newbie to do the live, you know, so we can get that experience. Not At [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (40:45)
Gosh, Shit. Yeah. Fascinating. We could talk about mega all day long, but this isn't, that's not all what you're about. You know, I mean, you grew up in Brazil, um, Rio or San Poe. Huge. Grew up in, you were born in Rio, in Rio rate and raised in San Paulo and moved around a lot. My Dad, um, worked with commodity, so he's like a, he was a, he actually studied in Berkeley and then he went, he was either going to Ecuador or Brazil mess with cotton or coffee and we'd just kind of like, you know, figure out the market and like do the research. And then he brings it back to the, to the company. So then you went to Brazil. He, he's like, oh, I'll stay here. So then he, uh, uh, I'm married, my mom, she's from Mina, jet ice. She's Brazilian. Okay. Uh, and then we lived like thousands, right around real time.

Speaker 2: (41:35)
And then, and then he moved because this job was like, okay, now you got to go down south to Porto Alegre where the one is from. Okay. So I lived there for a year and then, oh, when you go back to San Paulo, some of his jobs and then go to some Paulo [inaudible] do that. And then, uh, came back to the u s uh, lived in Pleasanton for a year. Oh, the garden, like were like real young and then back to Brazil. So we did all this movement. Then my mom was like, okay, we're going to stop, you know, like, and then she's like, okay, we stay in San Paulo. Then he moved to Rio and then, uh, and then I was constantly changing schools, you know, so that to me it was a bummer Gen. Now it was [inaudible] it was great because I'm, I'm OK. Uh, you know, I meet so many new people, you know, so it's like, it was, it was definitely hard then as a kid, but it was, it was a good school.

Speaker 2: (42:22)
It almost got you ready for yeah, just constantly. Yeah. Just, I mean, I would like, you know, my mom dropped me off at the school and be like, I'd go hang out her leg. I'm like, Oh man, new people I know a kid. Yeah. And I was always more of like, like I like being on my own. Um, my wife liked to say likes to say that I'm autistic, but that's funny. She's like, you're, he kind of like a tad of autism and you know, I, I mean, I mean maybe who knows? But I do tend to kind of go inside, you know, a lot and it's just like, oh, one of the things, but that, it was like, it helped me in going all right, this, I really don't like moving around, but you know, then I would skate in different places and I started skating.

Speaker 2: (43:04)
It was just like, okay, well it is what it is. Yeah. Yeah. Did you start learning for like English and Portuguese like right off the bat? I went to English speaking schools. Like I went to a Pan American Christian Academy. I went, I went to there for like a couple of years, so it was in Brazil. So us speaking played baseball and you know, the, the, the whole us, uh, culture down there. And then my dad would only speak English to me even though if I taught, if I'd speak Portuguese, he wouldn't answer. He knew what I was saying. But he would just like, he wanted you to learn. Yes. Yes. And then my mom was Portuguese so it was just, you know, back and worth and everything had two names, you know, it was what it was. You have no accent. Double agent did it. Now if you speak Portuguese, obviously you have the accent and nobody knows.

Speaker 2: (43:55)
Nobody is the wiser. Right? Yeah. See the zero, zero accent and both thanks to mom and dad. So that's crazy. Cause I grew up with it. Right. And like it was like from the get go so that, you know, I started speaking and things had two names. Yeah, yeah. Huh. Yeah. But English was my second language, even though, because I was, you know, obviously I grew up in Brazil, but you know, it was, it was, school was all Portugal, you know, and then when I went to the American school, then that was English and, okay. And so how did you even get into skating out there? Um, I got into skating when like, well, eight end of the, like 86 or so. Uh, kind of like the, the boom people are skating around, you know, like there's a lot of skateboarders and, and then my, my neighbors, uh, one of my neighbors got a board and, and I'd always like, like there's one of my friend Daniel was the guy who I hung out with the most.

Speaker 2: (44:47)
And so we would go out, we play soccer a lot, you know, obviously even Brazil. And then like I let him borrow, um, a soccer ball. Like he's one of my good friends. It didn't really matter. It's like he lost the ball or something happened and I went over to his house and I was like, oh, where's that ball? And he was like, oh, I don't know a lot of my buddies, something happening. He's like, but you can have this, you know, and it was like a mini fiberglass board. Oh. And I was like, oh okay, cool. Get home. Yeah. So it was the perfect, you know, as the Brazilian is perfect to exchange a soccer ball for a skateboard. Cause there was the best thing that could, that could have happened, you know, losing that ball. Right. Imagine if he said no, here it is.

Speaker 2: (45:26)
Yeah, that's it. We're Loughborough. Neymar. I be playing with Emar and not even that because I'm asthmatic cause I wouldn't even go anywhere. Goalie goalie. And I was a goalie for a long time cause I guess from skateboarding and all the pain in that it, and I wouldn't care. So I'd like, you know, I'd just throw myself and like grabbed so many balls and the guys were like, oh they're always stokes like to attack. He doesn't care. He's always so scared. Let's get him to be in goalie. And I was always small. Right. So the only reason I was picked as a goalie is cause I was fearless in the sense because like they're the other guys that are taller and you know, and, and better [inaudible] but that was another thing. And skateboard, cause I played handball through the schools and I was the goalie and we did the competition between schools.

Speaker 2: (46:10)
And, um, I, because I was small, I was a bench. Right. So I was the goal. I was the bench didn't play one game. No, the guy, you know was taller and he was like, you know, the main, so he was always, you know, played every game. So we won the tournament and, and uh, they're all, you know, we all, they pulled us out and to the, you know, to get to the medal ceremony and, you know, medal ceremony, everyone gets a medal and then the coach goes to pay. Everyone's looking at as good coach, but kids putting metal on me and I'm like, Nah, you said no, no. And then he's like, you have to put the man, like, he's like trying to be all like, you know, cause everyone's got, I don't care, I'm not putting it on [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (46:48)
I did not play, but obviously I was part of the team, you know, and that was there. But, but I was just in my head, there was absolutely no way I was putting that metal on. And he's like, if you don't put it on, you're off. I'm like, good, because I'm done. I'm like, no, dude, this is it. And then, and then that was that. Then put the metal over my, my, you know, and then, uh, skateboarding, just like, because it was like, okay, I'm skating, I baled, it's my fault. You know, I landed a trick. There's your fly on merit, or, I mean, it's, you know, obviously you get friends and you can't see it's alone like theirs, but it was way more in my control and that was like, okay. And it's creative and it was way more of what I was, you know, into.

Speaker 2: (47:30)
And that just kind of locked me in. So I did a little bit, you know, a few more years, like maybe a couple of years of baseball still. Cause my dad wanted me to play and I would, you know, every Saturday we'd go out there to the Japanese community cause they played, you know, uh, baseball down in San Paulo. And I would sit there and I'd kind of like, I've noticed that, you know, I was really doing it for him, you know, and I'm like sitting there and going like, okay, it's been like, okay, I'm just 30 minutes and I haven't touched this ball 30 minutes I would earlier, no matter what sport you want, no matter what. And I'm out there, you know, outfield and yeah, I'm like, okay. I could've been like skating for three. I could have learned a couple of tricks at least all this time. You know, I had so much more fun. And then it got to a point where I was like, Dad, let a guy, I have to just tell you I don't like it. Right. I gotta Stop, you know? So then he was like, okay, you know. Then he saw that skateboarding, he was, then he was like, okay, go ahead. You know, little did you know that you'd be getting a metals around your neck almost every year, you know? True. Go ahead and put him on because I broke bones for that one, so I'll take it.

Speaker 2: (48:36)
It's amazing. And then growing up, I mean you were, you said you did a half pipe and then m street and all this stuff wasn't Lincoln, you Weta a big part of your coming up and yes, operation. Yeah. Lincoln was a big part of pretty much all Brazilian skateboarding inspiration. I mean he was like, well he, him and his dad, you know, he had his like team, like he'd always show up, you know, and then his dad would film everything, you know? And, and his dad was really into, uh, motors, like cars and race cars. So they had a, you ate a motors, got the stickers, like you ate a motors and he would always film and, and Lincoln was, he, he just progressed so quick, but he was so young and so focused, you know? And when he skated vert, like when I w that the ramp, I said those three blocks away, I would like after school, I would stop by and it's just so close, you know, I just stopped buying.

Speaker 2: (49:26)
Then there's like, you know, the session going on than Sergio and a go frontside five 40 guy, you know, he was skating Lincoln, a couple of other Brazilians, and I was just like, couldn't believe how good this kid was. I mean, Lincoln was like this little kid. He was better than everybody and it just so much better than everyone. And, and focused and consistent, you know, there was no baling. It was just like the dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. You know, like, just solid everything. And, uh, and I related to that obviously. Um, and there's this other kid from the South called, uh, Leo [inaudible], who is a Vika Kenya's dad. Who's that? You've got, can you escapes with Pedro Barros? He's at the park series. Oh yeah. Like he does the back Smith backside revert around the corners. Like he's Kinda like, he's really good at like, uh, at, at, at, at skating.

Speaker 2: (50:13)
You know, you know, the, the, the park just transitioned now, and his dad was one of my idols. No Way. So his dad, you know, now they, they build parks and they're this, this constant with Pedro's Dad, Andre. Um, but that's kind of like, uh, were that my inspiration. So, so Lincoln was just this competition, you know, killer, you know, here go in and he'd win almost all of them. And then he went to Germany for those like Titus, a contest of the world. The those like a [inaudible]. Yeah. And at the time he was sponsored by bones, which was the fake bones. Right? So pirate bones in Brazil, like market, like clothes, you know, like, no, there's no, like all pirate, a lot of bootleg stuff, all of the bootlegs. Right. But I mean, for, for us, we didn't, you know, I didn't know what that was.

Speaker 2: (51:00)
It was just like, oh, there's that brand. Right. Um, so they sponsored, and I remember they showed up, you know, I didn't go, but they told me stories of like them showing up thinking it was like 89 and uh, all the skaters wouldn't allow them to skate. Right. So the heats like the Brazilians, like they had like practice heats and they would always put the practice heat as the Brazilian that like whatever 1:00 AM right. And then like all the guys would keep skating and then right when it was time for Brazilians to start, the lights come off or something. Like, all, it was like this weird why and what was going on. And because of the, the, the, the, my bootleg stuff, right? Like, and, and going like, oh, these guys are, but just in the language barrier, you know? And it was just punishing you guys for something that [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (51:42)
Yeah, but they don't know. We don't know or what, you know, it's just, it's just that, right. Um, and honestly, after a little bit, then we find out and then we know, right. Then it's like, okay, then a lot of things started changing. But what Lincoln, what Lincoln said is like, and what I was so inspiring was that they, they barely got to skate their vibed out all the time, you know, just constantly just, just looked down and just put aside or whatever. And then when it was time to skate, he skated and qualified third. Oh Wow. Which was unheard of to get in the mix of those back, you know, the top 10 avert those days are like, was like that was solid. Right. This candle, you know, bought like all those guys. I mean that's, there's no locking and he made it through and like in third place, you know, and we're just like, oh my gosh, this is insane.

Speaker 2: (52:26)
And then I guess to do the finals, he ended up in fourth, but that was like the biggest, I remember I was in a cab in Brazil and then, uh, the, I had just gotten the skeleton magazine, right. Arbor, then he was on the cover and it was like fourth place in Germany or whatever. And, and I was just telling the cab driver, I was so proud. I was like, do this kid, like, you know, you know, I'm his friend and he just got fourth and [inaudible]. And I remember when he did that, all of us were like, Oh okay, we can do it. This is possible. Yeah. Yeah. It's not like you have to be American or it because there's this, there's this feeling around the world and now it's gone. It's, you know, because the world rips, it used to just be like, I mean it was like us, maybe Canada and obviously Europe had, but like us was so dominant that we were like, we're just thinking like, okay, you'd have to, and how, how do we Brazilians way down here get to be as good.

Speaker 2: (53:17)
So Lincoln showed us that you can write that. That was really where I was like, oh, OK. You know, I believe, you know, and I became the biggest, like, just like whenever people, you know, cause they all played the game. Like okay, I'm telling you Steve Cavalero, you know, I'm lance. And I was like, I'm Bob [inaudible]. And then they're like, no, but you have to be someone. I was like, I'm Bob Bob and I made this thing. It's like, I obviously loved all those guys, but I was just making it point when they, even in these games, I was just like, dude, we are who we are. We can, we're going to be us. Yes. And then that was, and I had that mentality and you know, you're definitely crazy cause it's definitely now people are trying to be Bob and me in a million other bobs.

Speaker 2: (54:05)
So when all that stuff started happening, did you start entering contest or were you already doing that in Brazil? Well, I skated a don't worry you at this point when he won the contest, I might have been 89. I'm sorry, skating for like three years. Huh. Um, I got to say I wasn't skating. I mean I hadn't really skate any amateur contest. I think I was just like maybe a couple of events and then, you know, that happened. Okay. But I had already known of him. I wasn't his friend, you know, and I went and watched the sessions. Right. And then as I, as I, uh, skate in progress more than, than we connected. Gotcha. Even though that doesn't mean like Lincoln would, he would talk to you where no matter what skill level, but in some circles you have to like, you know, we in your way, yours.

Speaker 2: (54:52)
Yeah. Yes. You're exactly right. I'm just like, okay, there's Lincoln. Uh, and then, so the first contest I skated was a, was a a age thing. It was like until, you know, 13 and then, and then 13 to 15, you know, we were in that age range. I was like 11 or 12, I think. And then I skated with the, you know, I was already had a somewhat of a transition skill, but I skated a like an age where most of the guys didn't really have that. So I won easily. Wow. Just by skating and it was just the, you know, did some tricks and there was a, it was a mix of like, you know, uh, skating the street course, which is a really cool contest. Looking back, it was like, it was like a vert ramp transfer rights where there's a vert ramp here, Burt and then a mini ramp and then a full street course right here.

Speaker 2: (55:40)
And we had the skate, this part. So it was like the vert ramp and the meany and the streets. So I put this line together that, that I went everywhere. Right. But that I did like three, four walls on the vert. Cause I had that skill and then I came over into the street and kind of did that. You weren't even supposed to go over there though. I didn't need to. Nobody. You could, you had to use, yeah. You had to use all of them. You had to use all these guys were like in my, in my, uh, uh, section. They were like mostly skating the street, you know, and then because I had that vertical, then I, I touched the virt ran right. See more walls. Right. And then you won. And then I was like, this is easy, man. I got [inaudible] saying like, skateboarding know, this is what I'm going to do, you know?

Speaker 2: (56:23)
And, uh, actually had these, uh, you know, I went on, you know, on a trip, it was like the first one of my sponsors there, they were like, hey, we'll go and there's like in this, we took a car, you know, a a true, my mom allowed me to go with them and so we did all that and it was like, oh, this was, you know, this is cool. I've kind of like that eagle kind of, and the arrogance, you know, comes in and that's, you know, that, that's what I mean. Like when that happens, like you're about to get corrected. So second, second event, I was like, uh, something happen. I did something at home and my mom's like, you're not skating but I'm taking your board away. Yeah. And, but she found real quick that now she can punish me. Before it was just like, I don't care, you know, now it's like, take the board away and now you're like, oh, y'all just, he has a serious attention, right.

Speaker 2: (57:07)
So I'm like, okay, she's got my board. All right. Hey, I need to get a board. So I put a board together, some crazy wheels and trucks. It wasn't my board. I see it all the time, but I was like, I'm just going to go skate this contest and, and I had like crazy asthma attack and I'm just like, I'm asthmatic. So, okay. It was always hard though. I was just like, okay, so I go to this, this event and, but now it's an amateur event. So now I'm skating with, with, with more of the, the guys that can, that can ride. Um, I'm not on my board and I'm at, you know, I have an issue with my breathing and I go out there and I skate and I get like 32nd to place or something, like second to last or something. And I was just devastated.

Speaker 2: (57:46)
Like it ended brought you back. Dan brought me back and here's exactly what I needed, but I didn't, you know, believe so at the time. And it was just like, this is crushing. So I'm like, OK, there's, there's that adjustment. So then now I'm scared. Oh, now you're scared. I'm scared because I don't want it, you know, now I want to like, because at first I was like, oh, I won. So this is easy. And then now it's like, you know, you got second to last place, so it's not so easy. This is, you can blame the board. So now it is here. Yeah, I can say that. But uh, but, but what happened was the next contest I took, my dad took w, you know, it was like a street contest, some somewhere. And, and my dad took me there. So when I was skating the event, I started skating, like I was goofy because if I goofed then you know, be taken seriously and I'm not seeing [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (58:38)
Yeah. So I did that, took my runs and I was just Kinda goofing around. That's around Dah, Dah, Dah, Dah. Um, and I was laughing and it was all good. And then on the way, when, when, when we're all done, we're walking back to the car and my dad would not talk to me, Oh, you know, he's just like in the straight face walking. And I'm like, Dad, what's up? Like, and, and, and it took a few more. Stats are gone and Easter he turns around stops and he's like, listen, if I'm ever going to bring you to a contest or like, if we go, don't ever do that again. He wanted you to try. He's just straight. If you don't want to, we won't come. But if you come out, you know, then you have to, you have to want to do it. Because in, at first I was like, I was upset that he was upset and then I was sad.

Speaker 2: (59:23)
And then, and then I realized what he was trying to say and then I made and you know, so from then on my, when I went to skate and event, I was like, okay, I'm all right. What's the strategy? I'd skated to win. Yeah. Even, but it's not like if I didn't win, it's not like I'm like, oh my God, I wasn't that crazy about it. But I've went to win. So like I do that to this day. Yeah. You know, like even though, you know, I could be, you know, it could be like, oh, I'll just chill. I'm like, no, I'm not chilling. If I'm chilling, I'm staying home and I'm learning a trick. If I'm not gonna Skate a contest, if I don't want to, then I'll stay home and I'll focus on something else. Right. You know, but if I go, I'm going to give it like everything I can, I'll break bones and I'll keep going.

Speaker 2: (01:00:02)
You know, that's because of that moment of like if you go, you're going all the way, you know. So my decisions now when I decide it's like, you know, there's no stopping until I get through it. Isn't it funny that one moment in your entire life that's that little like, you know the one event and there was the three events that gave me that it was your dad too, just being like, you know, parents give it your all. Totally. You know, don't embarrass me like that with me cause he's like, he wants to watch me compete, you know, it takes me, they're proud. Get up like that. I'm messing around, you know? And he was like, well early grab, you know, like early grab Aaron thing. I mean my friends, you know, like our friends, it was funny, but he wasn't having it.

Speaker 2: (01:00:47)
So where are you at this point in time where you're getting sponsored, right? You're, um, zero board sponsor, no, in Brazil. Let me see. At that time now, I watched mosquitoes episodes, so it's okay to fragment for sure. I'm like, all right, I'm not sure. So, uh, but yeah, so I, that my sponsor when I saw like being sponsored to me was like getting, you know, getting something for free to not necessarily money. Um, Christiana, who's the owner of that park, Christiana Mateo's from Ultra Skate Park. He like, he had a brother, Luciano, and we skated together all the time. Um, and uh, and we were skating the, the, the mini ramp and together. And then all of a sudden this guy shows up the name of the, the name of the a, the company was momentum. Angulo had angular moment in the Chandler moment. It was clothing, right?

Speaker 2: (01:01:41)
So he watched his skating is like, oh, hey, that, that'd be cool. You Guys wanna get some, you know, like products. I'm spoiled. I was just like, Whoa, what, like I get some free stuff and that'd be insane. So him and I like Luciana and I went over to the guy's place and we got a bunch of clothes and that's Kinda, that was my first free sponsor. Yeah, yeah. Like where I got some free clothes and it was super cool. Luciana and I hung out a bunch. He ended up dying in a car accident, which was a in, which was really hard for a lot of us. And it was like one of the closer friends and it was like he was at a, he was at a party and they, uh, he was going to go, he wanted to ride home or something and the guy's like, hey, you can ride with me or whatever.

Speaker 2: (01:02:20)
So he's in the front seat and the guys, you know, starts racing someone else. No. So then they flip the car hits, he didn't die there. He got in a wheelchair, like he got like, like broke his back or something. And I think he decided not to go on. Like, I think it was one of those like, oh, he's just his world in it. Cause I remember seeing him afterwards, like in the wheelchair, it was just like too, just like, cause you can will to live and you can, will the die just as much. And I feel like that he kinda gave up on that, you know, and it wasn't necessarily complications. I don't know that the deep story yeah. To that. But I know that, that when you give up, you know, it's, it's pretty much a ago. Right. And so, so that, that, that went down.

Speaker 2: (01:03:02)
So that kind of, it's cool to have this moment with him, you know, and, and uh, and then, you know, Christiana went on to, to, to skate a bunch and you know, we've, we've, we've progressed a bunch skating, but he, you know, that, that was my first, that was my first sponsor. Then right after that, there's these two twin brothers, Marcello and Mauricio, they had this company called slide and it was accessories. Okay. And they were super cool. They're like really good vert skaters, Super Rad dudes and older, you know, and, and they actually like, uh, uh, moved out to Texas. They live, they live here for like la, like ever since. Right. Right around then. Like when we got sponsored, they moved out. Oh, they were the first day I had the Brazilians are kind of like moved out and uh, so they're the ones who took me to the contest in the car.

Speaker 2: (01:03:48)
Uh, and in the Blue Brasilia like folks hanging over all this car as super cool and it's such a Rad trip and they're so supportive and, but that was, I feel, I feel like that was like the legit, you know, like their accessories and, and, and they're the brothers that skate in. And then when they wanted me on the team, I felt like, you know, it's one thing if it's an outsider in the clothing company just kind of watching you and it's cool, but now you've got like actual, like sanitizer there and they're going like, hey, that, you know, we'd love to have you on the team. Sure. He said support. Yes. And doing that. And now, and I kind of like when I was younger, I was just like, okay, you know, if, if someone offered me like 50 bucks more, I'd be like, okay, I'll jump off.

Speaker 2: (01:04:28)
Yeah. But you know, like I make that calculation. Like there's no, like, just like I, I moved, like, and then from slide I went to Urgh and I always wanted to ride for Erg. Okay. Or it was like the Clo, the, the, they're like a board company that Lao Cochinia rode for. And that was his, you know, it was my idol. And then, uh, there was like one of the strongest brands for over 30 years. They're still around. George Cruz used the owner and, um, we're still friends to this day and he still does it, which is incredible. Amazing. Um, but then once that got available, I was like, went right to it, you know, and then some other company Kush, which is the direct competitor, they're like, they're doing a sponsored thing event and they're like, oh, I'll pay for your something. And I was just like, oh, you over there just full jumper, right.

Speaker 2: (01:05:13)
Like, just, and then I remember George was like, always like so pissed at me and, um, you know, I know really here's like, we have this conversation. And then that ended up and I went back on her and as I got older, you know, I was like, Hey George, I messed up man. You know? Yeah. I'd love to be back in the program to help you out. And you know, he got me to, uh, Canada, right. To, to the, to the 1995 subsidy. Yeah. Slam C. So, you know, and before we barely, you know, barely had money, it was just a lot of product and, and then, uh, and then the, he just worked so hard to get that ticket, you know, just to get me to go to me, he said yeah. And it was cool. And I was kind of right before then, I had, I had gone, you know, uh, Jake and Julian and cardiol and all those guys went to Brazil.

Speaker 2: (01:05:57)
I, I had visited, you know, uh, San Francisco for a month and I went back to Brazil. So they invited me to slap save. They said, hey, you should go. But you know, then I had the ticket, so then George helped me out and we kind of put it all together and went, but that's kind of like, so those, those sponsors, early on I was like, you know, jumping around a bunch. But you know, I think they'd be allies that I was young. Yeah, they're cool about it. So. Right. But [inaudible] slam city kind of where everything started taking off for you. Like you said, like a, there's, this was like what, 95 yeah, yeah. 90 skipper. Etnies yeah. What happened was like I hear, yeah, I was a c in Brazil. I, you know, I went all the way to pro, like I was pro for Erg for Erg for at 15 oh, seriously?

Speaker 2: (01:06:44)
Yeah. Or younger. Even for at 1415 like, and because I qualified first into a vert contest, like all the top riders and it was like pro, it was like an open, okay. So it's pro am and then I skate in qualified first, then ego got in the way first. I like show up, you know, next day like oh I'm, you know, just the hot shot that I ended up in eighth place cause I build everything and you know, but at least it showed me that again though those adjustments are great. The Ego adjustments are awesome, you know, so it suck at the time. But they, you know, in hindsight and they're always there, they always look better for you. It's a good as everybody needs an adjust totally in. And it was like I turned pro, it was really funny cause it was in Brazil it was like, okay pro am contest, you're in six place, do you want the check or not?

Speaker 2: (01:07:33)
Right. I obviously wanted the check but then it meant that I turned pro. Right, right. So and it was like, okay well then I'm pro, I gave you the check. So then that's kind of like how that happened. Turn yourself high, turn myself pro by accepting the money. Yeah. And then, and then, but all the other, there was a lot of amateur events there. So then it was just like, then now most of us had gone pro. So you couldn't go back to the amateur events, honestly. Gotta just pros know, are they giving you a board, Ellen Erg, are they? Yes. They had a board. First Board was on Erg. Yup. Uh, and that was super cool. Oh, it was this little, what was it? It was like a little chipmunk at this board with his hands in his pocket, kind of walking around Bob Rehnquist's just like, oh, you have all these, I'll take, take that one.

Speaker 2: (01:08:21)
You know, and, and it was cool. I amazing. Yeah. So, so that was my first board. It was, it was a, it was an urge board and I had done a video part. So Christiana Mateo's from, uh, the, you know, uh, ultra skate park or just mentioned he had this video magazine called silly society and it was kind of like our fall in one. Gotcha. He did it for like, you know, if he had want to, did a few of them. Yeah. And then, uh, um, and right before that we did, we did a movie. Uh, dirty money was our, was our little group. Yeah. So that was the first Brazilian skate video. Dirty money. Dirty money. Yeah. That was a company. And then [inaudible] was first the video, and then it was like, you know, the VHS, VHS, you know, record the [inaudible], put your palms together, mouse, click drawing of your name, you know, filled up.

Speaker 2: (01:09:09)
Right. So, uh, and I had done that part for a silly, uh, for, for, for dirty money. So then it got to a point where I was, okay, let me put up an actual, like a good part with silly society. And it was right at 93 94. Okay. And then, uh, so when I came to the u s when I met, you know, uh, Jake down in Brazil and all those guys I had, I had that tape, you know, so I had just put that out. Kind of your sponsor was a sponsor me tape, but it was like, no, it's, this is a video magazine now already in, you know, and the, you know, this is my skateboarding. Right. You know, so then that kind of like got me the attention. Uh, and then they're like, hey, you should come out. You know, and Jake, you know, Phelps was always saying like, he was such the, you know, he was such an inspiration in such a, uh, like a motivator.

Speaker 2: (01:09:56)
My, you know, he was always saying that, cause he saw where I was from. Yeah. And he saw that whole mentality of like, you know, it's easy because you're, you're from another country so you can think you're less of just because you're thinking all the industries, they're, all the big pros are there. So those guys are better. But he was always like, you know, and all that mentality of like I'm Bob thing, he was always like making sure that I kept that strong because he would say like, 2d can be on any company you want. He can get on plan B, who do you want me to call? You know? And I was just like, Nah, it's all good. You know, I just want some, you know, I liked the crew. They're like, you know, I met Tommy and Jim and all those guys and you know, Julian of skating with John and Julian and all the time, so hung out at there.

Speaker 2: (01:10:37)
That was wild. And they just hung out for a month there in San Francisco on 19th and mission crazy. And I got the full Joel of, of, of, of madness, but raw skateboarding, right? So that to me was like, oh, okay. You know, that, I see what this is about. Right? Like just skate anytime all the time. Always have your board, no matter what. Right. There is no, I'm street. I'm this, I'm that. It's like w you just skate, skate, right? So that, that kind of like Kinda that, that, that mold was there. But anyways, it was just, you know, that's kind of how I, you know, uh, a got to, got that push. So when I, when I was there with, with, with Jim and them, they were like, hey, you can, we'll give you, we'll give you boards, right? Like, so it was like deluxe.

Speaker 2: (01:11:22)
So it was like real and all that stuff. So then I had a little photo and they put it somewhere in a catalog or whatever. And it was like, you know, Bob Burnquist a real amateur. Right. And how it's just like amateur, what the hell? They just said [inaudible] Bro. You know, like, I know I'm probably been proven in Brazil. Like what does it, it doesn't count like in a whole nother country. I mean, I like what's up, do you need a board? I got boards, but that was just how, you know, it was just like, so I had to step in and that was weird to me. But you know, ego check is great. There you go. Here's what matters. It's just, you know, it's how I skate and then whatever, that's just the name. But that, but that was like, okay, so you have to be, you know, you're coming in flow and then there's steps, there's steps to it, right.

Speaker 2: (01:12:02)
So then they're like, okay. Then they gave me a bunch of boards and I was like, well, I want to make some money. Like, you know, let me get a bunch of stuff and take to Brazil and I'll sell. Right. You just told that to Jim through me. I was like Mumu I'm like in my mind I'm going like I can move, you know, and yeah, and the Campers and Jeff Clinton. Oh you're right. So [inaudible] and I was like, okay, uh, I'm going to go to Brazil. I need all this stuff, you know, and, and so I was like, he's like, yeah, just go over there and grab some stuff. They had no idea. Right. So I go in there and I grabbed like six grand. Oh, just like you're not taking anything else back? No, I'm going like two double bore, like, you know, boxes which feel when he something black wheels and everything.

Speaker 2: (01:12:43)
Right. Like just packed. Just like, and I go in there and then he looks at the, he like, he comes out, cause I was just about to walk out, you know, he comes in, he's like, Yo Blah blah, blah. Told what the fuck like, and I was like, no, I told you I'm taking this to Brazil on fire. He's like, Oh, I'm gonna. I was like, I'll pay you in a month. Right? Oh, you said you paying back? Yeah. I'm like, no, I'm a, I'm buying this stuff right. At cost. I gave him the like I this stuff I'm buying, you know, and then I'm going to face it, but I, I want this in like, I'm not going to give you the money now. Right. I'm on good for it. Yeah, I'm good points. Right. So I'm sponsored. Right. But you guys, so I'm going for it.

Speaker 2: (01:13:15)
I kind of used everything I could to get that, you know? And so I took it to Brazil and made like 10 grand. Right. And I came back and gave him five and I had four in my piles. No, this is what I do now. [inaudible] porter expo. I'm a contract contraband. [inaudible] I'm starting my own company, so I do it a couple more times, you know? And then I got stopped at like, you know, custom customs in Brazil. The guy goes to open the box and then like bought like all these wheels on the ground. No, it's just like, just so many wheels on the ground. Right. And he's like, oh, so what's this? It's like, oh, I'm fresh. The skateboarder. He's like, yeah, but that's a lot of wheels. Well, I use the word, I'd use a set of session, like we'll be skate. Like, I'm like, you, I can just hold straight.

Speaker 2: (01:13:59)
He's looking at me going like, he knows that I like, I'm stretching it, but here's just like, dude, this kid, you know. So he's like, all right man, they put it back into that. I made it through, but then that's not a sustainable business. Right. And that's not really going to work out that way. And a, but I did it a few times and it was cool and then, but uh, but, but those guys are always super supportive. So it's kind of like how I got into that, that camp. Yeah, that camp. And then, and then, um, Julian was like, Hey, I'm gonna start a company. You know, like you want to be with us. And I was like, yeah, he didn't even tell me what, which was like, yeah, cause I was stage them. You know, like join and John and those guys, you know, I met Jim and then Tommy and those guys, super cool.

Speaker 2: (01:14:37)
Like I was with, you know, those guys. So if they say, hey, we're going here, like, all right, let's go, you know, and got, yeah. So then he gave me a, a Koski shirt. It was like a portrait of the [inaudible] anti hero kind of like just written sick. And I was like, oh, this is sick. You know, definitely super amped. And then so when I went to slam city, I was already anti-hero. I had a real board. Okay. I had a Mac chef, which rich, uh, Burt Reynolds vert Reynolds [inaudible] Reynolds, Max Shaft Lord and uh, and to share the stickers. Anti-Hero. Yeah. Like that's Kinda, you were there at the beginning of anti hero. Yeah. Yeah. Chris Dart. Yeah. So it was anti hero before it was anti hero, kind of like, it was like that group, you know, that's what I was really stoked on. It was like, that was, it was a thing before it was, you know, a thing, cars for sure.

Speaker 2: (01:15:31)
So I guess at was around it. And then s cause you get on s yeah, who did [inaudible] for a little bit and then they were like a, we're gonna start a company and then they pulled me over to that to s yeah, right. Dawn Brown and, and Pier, uh, they met dawn. Don was like, he showed the face more, you know, appear like every now and then I saw little behind the curtain. Yeah. Behind the curtain. And dawn was just still, this is the most amazing guy. Super Funny escalator on his hands or something a little, I'll tell you what he was doing, what tripped me out one time we were in Brazil and then he's like skating around doing freestyle and then a dildo falls on the ground. So he was like, he had a deal through his zipper, you know, like the days dick was out.

Speaker 2: (01:16:18)
And then, then he does a trick and this Dick Falls off. And then I was just like, what the fuck? And he sounds like dawn. I was like, okay. You know, and then that was just the beginning. You know, there's so many dawns stories and all in that God, we're like, whoa, we're in Paris. Like we had Mike Valley was with us. And so we're out having dinner. And uh, first he like throws, he throws something at me, we're eating and then he throws food at me, you know, and I'm like, I look in and it's dawn, I'll get glio. I'm just like, okay, like grabbed this bull lobster that I had, you know, I just like tossed it over the cross, the, the dinner. I mean this is Paris restaurant. Yeah. And, and uh, so I tossed this lobster tail and it hits him right in the forehead, like just like laughing Dah, Dah, Dah.

Speaker 2: (01:17:04)
And all of a sudden he's looking at us and then like his head starts like popping, oh no. Weird allergy. Like, so he's allergic to seafood or like, or something. No Way. Shellfish. Yeah, show. Yeah, exactly. So he starts like, oh my God, you start just like dripping out. And we're like, Dang, like, so we're kind of like rush out of that situation. He had to like leave wherever it goes washed. And I was like, Shit, I'm sorry don. But that was funny. You know, you started it man. Like right. So we're like laughing, you know, we're, we're laughing. And they were like, Oh man, this is serious. And then he's like, you know, he goes to cleans and then we walk out of the restaurant and obviously we had a few drinks already. And then once we walk out, he's doing this and then he comes out and he pulls an Indian head that was on the, that that was on there.

Speaker 2: (01:17:50)
Just show off. I stole this idea, puts it under sir. Sorry Don. I mean it happened so, so I'm like, well his face is like worried about you. Right. And you're like pulling the Indian, I guess that was your, it was out by alibi. Everyone's like thinking about that and he's like, went out there and like grabbed that. That was probably the only thing he was thinking about was like, yeah. And so we walked out and I see that and we're laughing. Ah, then Mike and I look at each of the, I was in my, you know, wild anti hero mode. So it was just like we started jumping over cars and then Mag Mike and I are just like me through Paris. Yeah. But Don man that, that, that, that was a, that was a classic gun move. How did you feel when they asked you to ride for s? Did you have like any doubts of what was going to happen with that brand or did you feel pretty confident because of my early brand jumping experience?

Speaker 2: (01:18:39)
Sure. Yeah, that sounds fun. Yeah. Like it was, I mean plus it was like, oh you're going to be on a team with Costin Chad Muskoka. I'm like, Nah, I don't think that's cool and I'm the first skater. Yeah. So back then it was almost like, I mean, not many people, not many vert guys had that in. Right. So like if like most teams had a token vert guy, right. But like to be on s and B vert, you know, it was like, it was just super cool cause I know how, how, how, you know, it was, I mean the street cred and all, I mean it's just like what it was. So I guess because of my d way, Comma, k inspiration, like a background of street skating, vert and just skating different obviously with anti or too, so it wasn't just the Virta, it was like this whole, then I was able to fit in to these companies and you know, to be on flip now and to beat, right.

Speaker 2: (01:19:31)
So, so I know that that's a big part of that. So, uh, I was always grateful and that, so just to be a part of a team with those guys, this was like a super cool experience. So many rad trips and medic Matti I mean medic Monte filming that, having the opportunity to put a put to put a part out like that with those guys. Exactly. Yup. Jeremy Ray Street session. That's what that was. Was it Jeremy Ray there? We were out there skating and that he took us to the school or whatever and then, and you know, he was getting on a legend, super easy, right? Like it was nothing. I just wanted to do something and then I get reality check. Uh, but yeah, that, that was good. But s was asked was like a really cool time. Um, especially with, you know, like with Chad Muska here and I was listening to his stories and you know, we, uh, I remember we went to South Africa for an s a tour and I had, what did I do?

Speaker 2: (01:20:25)
Well, I went to Hawaii, went surfing and then like my, the board got caught in the wave and then came back on my, my, my toe. So it like almost cut my, Oh yeah, he just got like, man, I just got right there and it was hot, like cold, like cold water, whatever. And then I come up and I was like, Oh, am I flipped? So I felt like a punch and then I look and my pinky is like dangling down and I'm bleeding and I'm in Hawaii. I'm willing like, okay, I'm Outta here. Right. So I'm paddling out and I'm telling every, hey, I'm beating her mouth, bleeding them out, I'm bleeding, you know, so I just get out and you know, handle that and you know, so it up and at the hospital. And then it was like right after that, it was our trip to South Africa, so I was kinda couldn't really skate.

Speaker 2: (01:21:08)
Um, but, uh, so we show up at this demo, which is the reason why I dropped in barefoot, cause I had stitches on my, I couldn't put you in a button. Oh. And I was like, I'm going to get something on this trip, you know, getting an opener and [inaudible] I was like, I'm going, man, I got this, I got this, you know. So I mean that, that was that. But just as the s the, the surrounding of it, like, just being in South Africa, it was, so we were stayed, we stayed at this hotel or this, uh, like a resort resort kind of place. And they had these like geese, these white, you know, g and it was just like, yeah, swans. And then, and then, uh, all the, uh, all the people that work there with black, you know, were black. So we were off like, you know, all of us, you know, rare, the rare whites, you know, even though there's whites where there's just like, you know, where we worse with this, you can feel the tension, right?

Speaker 2: (01:21:59)
You just felt it. And La Cruz and I had crazy experiences just cruising around there and just like, just people looking at you like, what are you doing? Like, you know, just wild. Uh, and then so, you know, we're out, we're out this resort. And then, um, Chad was, you know, is Chad [inaudible], he's just out there. They're going like this kid, you know, I mean, I don't know if they knew what to think of him, but obviously we're messing around in the hotel. So they're going, all these guys, they come over to South Africa and there's just disrespectful, just you know, wild times, you know, and as much as I can sit down and understand, um, you know, you're out in another country. So you kinda have to like, okay, just kind of tread lightly and, but there, there's no such thing. There is no limit. Right.

Speaker 2: (01:22:39)
No chads. It's so rad to see him now cause he's in such a great place that your Grad Dude, he was always rapped, but he was out there, you know, and then, but so party mode. Exactly. And uh, so we're, we're Jamie Thomas was there too with those. Yeah. It's because a mix of a trick was there too, right? Yes. Krieger was there. Costen so I don't know if it was like an s Etnies or a tech, you're like, mix sick. So, um, we up the next day and there's all this commotion, like, Aw Man, in Chad's tripping out. And he's like, dude, the Chupacabra was here last night. I'm like, what the fuck? Like what are you talking about? And we walk out into the, you know, the, the Nice Garden and this resort and there's like blood all over the place and there's this like the, the swans are like [inaudible] oh, like bad.

Speaker 2: (01:23:29)
It was just so insane. Like I was just like, Dang Dude. Like everyone sat down and kind of prayed and just kind of put myself around the bay and just kind of was like, just trying to protect wherever what was going on, you know? And it was so wild, man. And the people there, I mean, I don't know if they think that Chad did it. They did. Okay. Or it was just like, there was this feeling of like these guys weird vibe and then there's this feeling of like, you know, maybe the community was kind of harsh, you know, it was in a, in a wild place and then, you know, something was done at night. Okay. Against the US, you know, the ground, the, some religions use the animals sacrificing. And uh, so it was just awkward, man. It was just really weird dealing. And, and uh, I remember being there and just like going, man, like, this is in St Chad.

Speaker 2: (01:24:13)
You're just like, dude, I didn't, I was like, I know you didn't do it with your dad's like, but you're not, you're not, you're not mean you're not a bad person. So there's that. So like, but, but uh, we had to leave, like, it was like a situation. I was like, okay, that's that for that plan to go. But there was like so many, you know, cruising around there, like I remember we're in, we're in this van and we stopped to get street, you know, like art or whatever, and we're, we're talking to this person and then all of a sudden there's like a group of guys coming from afar and they're Kinda, you know, start running and we're looking at, and I'm like, dude, these guys are coming towards us. Like, so Chad's like, we gotta get in the van, like we're all running towards the van, Dah, Dah, and these guys are running.

Speaker 2: (01:24:51)
And then we get in the van just in time and like peel out. So was constantly in danger. It seems like over there, you know, where we are going or the situation or great or w or whatever happened and, and, and land. I remember landing there, it started that, it started, we were like getting to South Africa. We started, we're about to land and like Koston and I, and we start talking about like weird landings or flights that we've had. Oh yeah. Oh, I've never had something that bit, oh, this happened or that. And like, so people around there start going like, shut the, you know, like the way you guys talking about this [inaudible] yeah. We're just like, and we noticed that people didn't like that we were talking about it. Oh. And you remember that one time. And so we, we escalated the volume and the stories.

Speaker 2: (01:25:32)
Right? Oh, you seriously dad. We used to, we started like, oh, just one time. Yeah. And then Chad said something and then we're about to land and the plane just goes, it goes full to the right. And then we had a landing like that on a big plane. Right. Uh, and just kind of goes like almost touches the wing on the ground and with one wheel and then goes to bang, oh my God. And then costs, we all look at each other silence like, oh my gosh, did we just do that? Like everyone's looking at us and mad. And of course we didn't. That was the pilot dude. Like of course that was very not good time stories, but like start the trip off. Well that was kind of the beginning of that.

Speaker 2: (01:26:20)
We survived it. I mean there's, I walked into a seven 11 and there was a pool of blood. Oh, you know, and I was barefoot because my oh, you're tight. Yeah. So, and that I walked out to get some water and then I turned the corners just like pull a blood almost step on it with Mike, like, you know, and I was like, Oh shit. Just walked back and they're saying, oh, this guy just got stabbed. The guy running like this, this whole show. Like you guys were in the best part. We were moving around, but it was like, that was, that was a wild trip, man. But we got to even went to the safari. You was super cool. Like you know, well if you were to watch, if you watch that section you would never think that stuff, all that stuff. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (01:26:57)
I wish I would have filmed all that. Yeah. Hey, it was memorable. You had good times. Oh my god Bro. As something that please go head, walk us up. We're all talking abouts and like, oh it shouldn't be. It's just tight dude. Especially in this era. You had a shoe on there that was actually really amazing. Do people ask you about that a lot or like, cause I heard that was like kind of one of the first shoes. I either had an air pocket or, or sock for escape. Um, yeah. I mean yeah, I get, I get sent like, you know, photos of and be like, oh, I found this or whatever. You have more of those. Like, I have some saved at the house there, but, uh, [inaudible] the thing with the shoes and that and that, you know, that I, I had this hard head about getting what I felt like I needed, you know, to perform and to like make the best out of, you know, my ankles or eyes messed up functionality.

Speaker 2: (01:27:48)
Yeah. Functionality as opposed to sales, you know, and, and, uh, eventually, obviously I learned that you gotta have a mix of both, but you know, I put my foot down on that one hand. It was, you know, my favorite shoe, you know, to skate in a, it was a little on the warm side, but I needed, I mean, I to this day, I like mid tops to skate, you know, uh, and I tend to do like tape my, my, my ankle and, and I kind of missed that sock because it does help, you know, if you put that in there and it just gives me that feel, you know, two shoes, right? Yes. The one, the wild thing is like, which was cool about s two was just, I was always, Hey, I wanna you know, saw, you know, always, you know, snapping laces or whatever.

Speaker 2: (01:28:34)
And it was just like, Oh let's, let's do this shoe lace on the inside, you know, so, so then the caught on it. So it just, it looked weird. A little back to the future kind of light. But you know, it was full. She did. Yeah, we did a couple of prototypes and it was like, oh this is cool. And it was just, they're having a hard time and kind of getting through and selling. But like the, the mid top, the, the first one I think had the SOC. Um, the second one was like a low top. Yes. It was a, it was a, it was a low top kind of going towards like, you know, hey, like I wanna at least get some, get some sales, you know, you're not, everyone was rocking the mid top. Right. And uh, and it was a really good shoe.

Speaker 2: (01:29:13)
I liked it, but I had a harder time cause I, the way I knee slide and the reason I like the mid tops is like all my joints are, I'm hyper mobile, so my wrist like, Oh wow, oh my l my shoulder, my knees. Like they all like ankles, they're all just like that your whole life or just the whole life. Okay. Yeah. So the good thing is that, you know, that helps me in a lot of ways. It's just, you know, instead of snapping your ligament or kind of goes and comes back, you know? And um, but because of it, I, I when I knee slide, I kind of have my foot out like this and I always get the side of my leg or so I always, I kind of sit on my, on my foot so it would just like, you know, mess up my, my, the side of my, uh, ankle.

Speaker 2: (01:29:55)
Yeah. You know, and I was like, I need them to talk to kind of protect me from that. So that's kind of like where I went there. And so I was just like, I accepted the low top and it, I would just get the burns, you know, and, or I just do double sock or Kinda I did that. But those are two a great shoes that I loved you. It was such a great opportunity to work with specific design and they weren't really close to any of my ideas, which I loved, you know, even though, because maybe because they did have the costing that flew off the shelf and I wanted them to, you know, and uh, but, uh, you know, so I was like, I kinda took advantage of that too and said, hey, I'll, you know, let me just sacrifice for, for progression.

Speaker 2: (01:30:37)
Little give and take. Yeah. Yeah. And they were cool and there was like, you know, the sideways thing was so awkward, but they went for it. And we did a couple of prototypes. I mean, it does, they spent some money on putting that tie in, you know, to see if it worked out and, and all that. So, yeah, that was, that was fun. And just, and traveling with those guys was like, oh my God, what a great Rodrigo. Yes. Yeah. Getting, getting him on. Yeah. Was, was great. I mean, just, you know, such an early imperfect, powerful, you know, skateboarder for and for Hess and yeah, it was, it was to, it's basically hooked him up. Yeah. I brought him to ask to the firm, you know, because he was, he was on reef. Oh yeah, that's right. You know, and understandably like his family, you know, his mom was alive at the time and you know, his, his, uh, his parents and they're, they're just always concerned.

Speaker 2: (01:31:23)
So I tried to make, you know, I'd call them and be like, listen, you know, your son is just, you know, one of the most amazing skateboarders. He can be on any, I kinda did what Jake did to me. Okay. You know, and I was like, you know, Rodrigo, you can, you know, he's like, oh, but they're offering you and the guy. And the crazy thing is, you know, the guy went over to his house and tried to get him to sign this contract and for a couple of years and like, you know, not much money. Oh Wow. And it was, and his mom was like, obviously they needed money and they were about to sign. And I was just like, I remember being, I was traveling, I just always like almost every night I'd like call them in check and you're like, hey dude, don't sign that.

Speaker 2: (01:31:57)
Like, I'm working on some things for you. Like to not sign that. Oh, it might seem like you got something right there, but it might not be. So I would just like kind of like, and he was like, he, he knew it, right. But his mom the whole day. So I had to kind of like do the full package of, of explaining, you know, and, and, uh, I don't think even he realized how much of a potential power, you know, scape, you know, how much of an impact that he had, you know, and, and, and, uh, and it was cool that, that we were able to convince him and Kinda keep them in the mix and then brought him over to the firm and then got him on s and then he got that video part pretty like short notice money. When that part came out too short notes, he would go out and film stuff.

Speaker 2: (01:32:44)
Like she's like, okay, that video changed the game a hundred percent. But even, but for Rodrigo though, right? Yeah, no, I put him on, uh, put him on the map and put them on that map, but on the right side of the moon, because he could put a similar part out for reef [inaudible] it wouldn't do nothing other than like, wow, this guy is amazing. Let's get them off reef. Yeah. That's what it would do on. Yeah. But, uh, but yeah, so, so, so, so, so that was cool to have him over and, you know, it'd be it, you know, as a, as a Brazilian to, to have him on there. And how did you even find him instead of contest or something? We were at a con, it was the first World Cup event that we took to some Paulo. And I remember seeing him skate the street course.

Speaker 2: (01:33:27)
Uh, and he was just this lanky, powerful pop kid. Like he kicked flip nose, slid, the sledge was so big. I mean, people were barely getting on it, you know, and he was just like, swipe up like right on it. And I was like, okay. I mean, it was right off the bat once you see, like, you know, you see that you're like, dude, this kid is insane. Where's he from? Like, and it's just like, oh, he's just skates downtown, you know, and, and, uh, and, and, and he got that good real quick, you know, like, it was very recent, you know, and now he's doing stuff like that. So that's kind of like, and then he got on and I think he got a restart traveling. He went to Prague and won the contest there. Yeah. Um, and then that's when I was just like, okay man, you have to, we gotta get, I've gotta line you up the line, you up to launch.

Speaker 2: (01:34:13)
And he's a solid dude man. I just love that guy. He just, you know, turned out to be, you know, such a, such a great, you know, cause he can lose it. I mean our friend that's got this band, it's called ego kill talent and I think it's the best name names and it's, and it's so true for everything. Right, right. Cause he goes does kill talent. And so in his case, he had such a, such a humble and such a rad kid. I was always like, you know, a pleasure to be around. And even when things started happening and he's on Essen, he was always so thankful. You'd always like be like bod dude, I know what you did for me. And he like Kinda let me know. And to this day, I mean, we don't talk as much, you know, he's out doing his thing and all of a sudden, you know, comments, something on, you know, on the, on, you know, on Instagram, and then he'll send the a d and like to invite on.

Speaker 2: (01:34:58)
Man. I do, you know, I'm really thankful for it. So yeah. It's just, yeah. And then he's still like, you know, don't kill him. Yeah. Trackside flipping the game. Yeah. Tell, Yeah. We tell him about the firm. What happened, why, why go from Anti-hero to the firm? Um, I converted. No, pretty did the firm, no. You know what's funny that is, um, I'm Brazilian. There is no north cal, so cal to me there's zero that, so it was just, I lived in San Francisco and I, you know, hung out with those guys and uh, up there and then we did a tour, like actually anti-hero from, okay, perfect. It was so funny that it was just such a polar opposite, but it was one of the coolest tours that, that I had been on. Wow. Ray Barbee and Lance and, you know, Salomon to God. I'm like, God, incredibly Roy, John [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (01:35:57)
It was just like, I mean it was getting in the van and then like, you know, Andy's looking at me and as soon as we get in the van he punches me and then like I punched him back and we start fighting and it's just like, that's Andy Love. So it's just like, okay, I see how it is, I'll punch back and you know, and then we got like really get into it like, you know, punches to the face and like, yeah. And then like, I love you Bob and Dah Dah, we're hanging out and it's cool. It was just like, can we show up at the park? And then he starts a fire, go to a party, he grabbed some girl that's with someone and you're like, just starts fights. You know, I don't like that. And I never was, I don't mind the, the van bonding in the, you know, that, that type of, you know, situation.

Speaker 2: (01:36:35)
Right. But I do not like causing like, and being, yeah, I just, if the fight comes, it comes and I'm there. [inaudible] I don't go out there and start, but they just had that mentality and it was just like always Allen. And it was just like, aw man, here we go to this place to show up. And then I'm in the mix. Right. You know, Bob was, you know, so I've started, I kind of started distancing yourself a little bit, obviously when x games came around and listen to them, those guys, I love all those guys. You know, just, you know, Jim was so helpful and you know, Tommy Guerrero, like all those guys were just, you know, so great to me. Um, and it just kind of clashed because here I am, I'm, you know, now I'm skating x games, which was extreme games. It's a time, which is what it is.

Speaker 2: (01:37:19)
And as resilient I'm going like, I can make money, you know, winning this contest and Brazil, it's like, kind of like, they look at that and be like, okay, there's a Brazilian representing results. It kind of like, it's the competition side. It's like the nine to five is skateboard. I'm really, you know, like I really want to make it, it's Kinda, you can do it like that. And, and uh, and there was a clash in that because obviously extreme games in our world that was like a full on head butt. And I remember getting in like, remember Clinton going like, Hey, you can't skate those contests. Oh. And I was like, sure, just pay me first prize money. Every time there's one of those events I cause you're going to win it because I can win. It's not like I'll win. Not that area, but like, I know that I had the opportunity to win, right.

Speaker 2: (01:38:01)
So, well we can't, there was this, this conversation of like, you can't do it. And then when people start telling me I can't and can't, don't want, and you know, it was just like, wait a minute, something's going on here. I want to be, you know, everywhere there's no, I don't care to be Justin Thrasher, even though I love thrash, you know, I'm okay and being a transworld yeah. You know, I'm okay traveling. And so it was just like, it started getting ruffling that I went on a trip and you know, and I clashed and I started going like, okay dude, like you guys, like we just gotta let's let me, let me talk to you guys, you know? And I wouldn't talk to Mickey and I guess he had talked to fall still and I think jokingly making might've called me and I was talking to him and he's like, dude, you're fired.

Speaker 2: (01:38:44)
You know, he said something like that and he was playing, he was just trying to say like, just stop it, you know, like this just keeps, you know, and he was actually being nice and the way he was talking, I just read it differently at the time because I was, it was just so cause his, this is my livelihood and I'm trying to like, you know, and I don't care about who's north, Kellen chrome, don't all, I'd really do not care what you guys got going on. I have Brazilian skateboarder and I just like, I love all you guys, you know, and, and so, and then I was like on fire. Like what, you got to go talk to foster. And I was like, what? Alright, just drove to high speed, you know, the high speed production, foster, what's up, you know, just straight up like I heard.

Speaker 2: (01:39:20)
And he's like, no, those guys said that this and that. You just got to talk those guys. I mean, you just got to tone down and this and that. I was like, what do I got to tone down? You know? Oh, well we got this image here. I was like, yeah, but that's you guys, you know, like I'm skating, I just want to your balls. I noticed that, you know, and foster was super cool, but he was just like, and he clicked because he's from Argentina. So we connected, you know, the whole Latin thing. He was always so helpful with me. And um, so then, uh, it was like, oh, you got to go back and talk to those guys. And I was like, listen, I'm, it's okay, but I'm done. And that's all. He's like, well, you know, and they're like, well, if you quit, you know?

Speaker 2: (01:39:58)
Yeah, I tell you we can't be on it. I was like, that's fine, you can take my whole board from under me. It's like a package deal. That's fine. No Indian, no spitfire, no, that's totally fine. And I was just like a talk to, you know, Mickey and I was like, okay, I'm out. Uh, and then, you know, Tommy got wind of it and Jim, they call me. He was like, hey dude, it's all good. It's not you. It's, it's super good. I'm going to leave online. It's a cleaner, but I got to, you know, um, you know, you moving down to do your thing. I had, I was living in this at the time I was living in, I moved into Nitas oh yeah. Skating the vert there and just in my world and Bert, Danny, Tony, all those guys were down here, you know.

Speaker 2: (01:40:32)
And that came with Max a bunch up there, but it was a completely, I, if I wanted to progress and really I was looking, then I felt like a move. Plus San Francisco was cold as hell. Always Brazilian. You noticed the, I'm just going, okay, let me just change, you know, so it's almost like I defected from Norco. Right, right. Okay. So once that was, you know, I was like, well, it's not that, but that's okay. I can rebuild. And because I had interacted with lance and he's so rad, I talked to Tony and all those guys, I think then he was going, uh, I think birdhouse from your start or the blitz distribution at the, yeah, I'm going to start caring from, and I just called Lance and lance was always super cool. I'd call him even for random things, like when I was skating x games, I was just like kind of getting over it because same thing.

Speaker 2: (01:41:17)
He older. Yeah. And I'm just like, dude. And he was like, well, if you don't go, then people aren't going to see that skateboarding, they're not going to see what skateboarding is to you. So if you hide, yeah, you can do that. But then, and that kind of puts things into perspective. I was like, wow, that's right. So I'll just go and I'll skate the way I skate and then, then that's me in this, you know, big stage right now is that after a few of them already. But because I would have these conversations with lance and because of that tour, like even though like it was anti-hero from tour, I tended to hang with from guys, from guys just because I was kinda growing old of the wildness, even though I was well on time and I wanted to focus right. I wanted to kind of go in like, no man.

Speaker 2: (01:41:58)
I mean, I mean it's either this route jail or this route, you know? And then I was always like, escape skateboarding, you know, kind of always kept me in line. And then I was like, okay, I'm gonna choose this. And I talked to lance and he's like, well, you know, I'm thinking about, uh, you know, taking, uh, the firm to blitz or whatever, and then that would kind of give me a little bit more, you know, it was like, aw man, that'd be awesome. I'd love for, you know, kind of like how that's kind of how that went down because it was like 99 [inaudible] so, right. Right at that. And it was cool. And I wrote for the firm and, and then a can't stop fury and then got Rick de and just kind of like got onto that, um, whole, whole mix and, and uh, yeah, it was, it was awesome.

Speaker 2: (01:42:42)
It was such a great time. I just felt liberated in a sense of like, now I can do whatever I want. Right. Without being like, hey, you can't do that. Are you sure that, um, uh, so that, that's kind of like how, how that all went down and with Julian and those guys who was, he was traveling I think at the time too. Like he wasn't even around. So when he got back then they didn't, he was like, dude, Bob, what the hell? Like what happened? Like, what's going on? And I, you know, we had a conversation, I talked to them and everything and it was fine. They just explained what it was like. Yeah, man, like, you know, it's all good. But that was harder than all the other guys and talking foster and even Julian, you know, that's really, I didn't want him to feel like, like you bounced on meeting.

Speaker 2: (01:43:26)
Yeah. This feels like the right thing to do for me. And at the time and, and they were supportive and you know, and it is what it is. And Cardiac, I like the most amazing, you know, you guys so much. Brian got to travel and skate with him so much. That was such a, an incredible school of skateboarding. It's just all right dude. Like that's it. You know, that's how you roll, you know, 100% you know, there's no back, no 99% yeah. On the way he's bailed out of stuff. He'd do like front flips. I mean, you see cardio footage like he has an array on, then all of a sudden he's doing a front flip down the stairs. I'm springing out of it. Yeah. And then you're like, how did you do that? Just, you know, that was, you know, the slams were inspiring the bales or the skateboard, even inspiring just her and he still to this day, I mean, what he went through is inspiring.

Speaker 2: (01:44:16)
Yeah. You know, and to see him overcoming and all that, yeah. Overcome and do it and just, you know, this, it's just like will to live. Right. Right. You know, cause he wasn't in a wheelchair for awhile and he was in this world of like, maybe I won't walk again. Sure. And I'm sure he felt the, you know, the wheel to die, the darkness, darkness and, and, uh, but you know, pulling through that, I mean, that to me is like, that's full car. That's cardio. Right. So in a nutshell, couldn't have been different, you know, coach it like that and everything worked out the firm. I mean, you went on, I mean, x games after x games after gold after gold. I mean, crazy. Dude, you want a gold medal? I want a gold medal. I'll never get one. But you know, hey, uh, the funny part about all that is, is I'd never felt like I was a good competitive skateboarder.

Speaker 2: (01:45:00)
Why I didn't have that approach of like strategy of this and that and then I'm going to do this. And then it was just skate. You just went into these either one or I got last time, you know, it was like, kind of like how I've always approached him. So I felt like, oh, I'm not, and then all of a sudden I looked back and I got all these winds, all these oils, and I'm like, actually I, I can be good at it even though I don't see myself as that, you know? Like it was just like I go out there and skate, no one, Holy Shit. That's insane. That's cool. You know? And I went with a full approach to win, but if it didn't go down, it was like, okay, then what? It didn't go down, let's just, you know, give it your all go home and learn a trick and get over it.

Speaker 2: (01:45:45)
Sure. That's kind of like how, you know, I got over that whole madness and then it was like livelihood and um, having a daughter and then going like, okay, well now I have to like, you know, pay the bills. Now it's like, you know, focus. I got an opportunity to skate, you know, we'd like, you know, remember skating this Hollywood triple crown. Like I remember the beginning before all the vans park series, it was all the triple crown. But yeah. So yeah, I want a few of those overalls, a few of those events I call it, you know, and that kind of like, I wanted a Ford ranger in wine and then I won like, you know, 10 grand and then 15 grand. And it was just like, there was a whole nother world. Is that when you did the switch nose blind? That was in Boston triple crown. Yeah. It was a triple crown in Boston and sticky five oh 50 flip on the bar. That was a thousand x games. And that was my first gold medal. It was the best trick. It was the year after Tony is 900 oh wow. So they were like, okay, now we have this best trick event, what's gonna go down, right. And 900 last year, what up, you know, it was going up 1216 now we that trick before

Speaker 1: (01:46:50)
or were you even know what I had done it then you do it. And I did it at night at the Y. Yeah. Yeah. It was one of them was a trans role

Speaker 2: (01:46:59)
box. Yeah. The head. And I think I had that weird side lace thing when I that, yeah, okay. Uh, and so I did that, but I did it on, on the lip of the, of the ramp. So when the bar came out it was like, kind of like, I was trying to other stuff and I was like, oh, maybe I can, you know, maybe I can try that. But I wasn't really thinking of that trick. Oh, I was just doing something else. I did a rock fakie on this. They had this big old vert thing holds. Sure. And, uh, and then once the bar was there, I was like, I might as well try it, you know, and then try a couple of them and then all of a sudden it just, it wasn't supposed to. I mean, it's supposed to happen, but if you look at the footage, I'm, I'm, I'm as surprised as everyone else.

Speaker 2: (01:47:37)
And because the boy, I remember the board and it worked out so good. Cause I remember like I flipped it and then the board hit the lip and came back to my foot. Right. So it flipped and then hit the lip. And then when it came back back, flipped in like purple, when I put it down like that, it wasn't like a, it was just like, what did just happen? Like, and I was like, oh my God, no, no, Duh. And that's within the 20 minutes of a, that's supposed to be a six hour. Yeah. Trick. Totally. Is that right? And then over the course of the week, you know, but, uh, it just happened on the spot and crazy. Yeah, that was cool. I remember, uh, is it Spencer? Fujimoto Spencer? Yes. So spent, I remember, I remember him cause he was right there when I landed it and, and you know, and I connected obviously because I seen the videos and I remember those SF, you know, you gave me a high five and it was just like a, I remember that whole random

Speaker 1: (01:48:30)
wow that, but I remember him in the crowd. That's awesome. Would you play in your runs out during these x games or would you, would you kind of go in maybe a little plan, maybe some freestyle, like whatever came to you or how do you go it

Speaker 2: (01:48:44)
but any different ways. But like most of the time I just, I s I dropped in and kind of had an idea, okay I need to do, you know, the five and the flip, you know, and then once that's done then just kind of freestyle and back then it was like minute long runs. So he had more time to flow. Okay. And then it got into the 30 seconds. So you had to like backside five in finally getting like there is no flow straight into like Combos, which I think that it needs to go back. So you kind of add some flow into it. But that's, that's because I had all that time. Then I was able to skate like that, you know, and the different formats that are less walls. Yeah. You have to have a little bit more of a plan, you know, God loosen up and you just mess up on a wall. Then that's one wall. You just let go where before you can kind of, I'll just do it, backs it all, and then go back into the everything else that I did. Hello. Attack mode.

Speaker 1: (01:49:34)
So you'd have more success just kind of doing your staple tricks and then going in and kind of like figuring out stuff on the fly. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (01:49:41)
And then the ramp had a certain design, so you want it, you know, that that ramp at x games that, that uh, that was the year after the, the fakie five. Oh yeah. That was my first golden vert, which was a 2001 verdicts games. That run was just like, I didn't really have that plan, but I knew I had to do all the way up until the switch. Kickflip Andy that ended up with a half lip. I kind of knew. Right. Oh. Uh, after that was like, oh, okay. You know, now I'm not falling off my board. Once I went through all that, I mean then then it's like, okay, then you get into this mode of like game on. Once I go through this trick like that, then then everything else kind of fell into place. But there was no plan there too. There was just like kind of go go that at that time. That's how I, that format, that's kind of how I skated in the year. The same year. It's slam city. I got a 99 on Burt dam and that was when nine club. Yeah. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (01:50:38)
I deserve to be here. Double. All right. Wind noise. So knowing. Yeah. So that's, that's so then when that happened and then, then, um, Bucky had his run and I was the last guy to go and he had like a 95 I think, and everyone kind of, you know, x game. So they stopped and they film him and they were expecting him to win. I mean, it was, I mean that, I mean everyone knows ass and the only reason he could pull it on, the only reason I was like, I can take this is because in the beginning of the year I had, I got the 99 [inaudible]. So in my head I was like, that's 95 I've done 99 before, I can get more than 95 so I am not to go into that defeated. I got to know and I wanted to go in everyone there filming Bucky filming him hug, you know, he saw his wife and I'm going like, hey.

Speaker 2: (01:51:26)
I was like, I want to go. I wanted like, I, you know, I'm ready. I'm still wore it, you know, so they, they played that whole thing and then like, okay, then I went in and then I was just like, well, kind of cleared it off and I was just like, all right, it is what it is. I'm going to, you know, go through it and that's that and we'll keep it open and dropped in and things started happening because it's so rare to get a 99 and I got like that one, I got a 98 98 yeah. Did you ever talk to bunkie after? Like was he just like, dude, I thought I had, the funny thing is, is like I didn't even need to talk to him is that there's a shot right after the run, it shoots, he's like this face and looks around like bumped, you know, but like played, you know, just like this, like, like a pouty face.

Speaker 2: (01:52:08)
Right. And, and you know, no scores came out or anything, but he knew and I mean it, it was just like, alright, I was gone in my head. Like I was just like, that wasn't even there. It was like one of the rare like out of body blacked out. Yeah. It was just like, Hey, anything that I did was just, when I was done with it I was like, oh, okay. It was almost like I was a medium and I was incorporating just channeling. Yeah. But also you're doing a lot of switch shit in your runs too. Yeah. I was adding that just to, just because I had seen like what, I mean this is, it had already been awhile, but like, uh, uh, I wanted to learn and do something different and I always wanted to kind of be different. Yeah. Right. So it was just like, okay, once I started, you know, seeing the videos of Danny and Collin and doing switch tricks and they're doing switch heel flip indies, they're doing the tough like tech tricks already.

Speaker 2: (01:52:56)
And I, in my head they had to learn to get there. Right. So in my mind I was like, I can do that, but I need to go through the process. Yes. Drop in front. I grind 50, 50 back. So sorry. I was, I started skating like that, like every, like end of the session or whatever. When I was thinking I was getting tired and I was about to be done, I would turn, uh, I would just skate switch for the remaining 30 minutes and not skate any because you get dizzy because when you're not skating that way so much, like try to do switch backside kick turns until an irregular backs kick turns, you'll be able to do your regular ones like for as long as you won't get dizzy. Right. But this, the switch ones, after a few, you're going to start kind of feeling weird and discombobulate yeah, a little bit.

Speaker 2: (01:53:41)
Yeah. Cause it's not nautilus. I would do that a lot. So I'd get this give feeling and to get away and get that away. Right. And then learn front-side grinds and, but this was like, um, once I realized that I could do that because of those guys. Right. But like I remember I learned the trick way, but we used to film obviously our, our runs and Lincoln's dad, you know, I film on, Cause Yeah, Dad Cam. So Lincoln would do these nose grinds, right. And then are learning nose grinds. So like we're rewinding on to try to watch it again and rewind your watch. Cause every day I'd go to the park, learn tricks, as many as I could next day learn more tricks. I would like, oh I learned too today. Oh I learned four today. If I learned zero, I was bummed. If I learned one, I was bummed I wanted multiples, you know, like I was like this hungry, you know, like there was no, and then after a little while it's harder to, you know, you went through the list and then now you're like for you to learn now got to learn a five, you know, or like it gets harder.

Speaker 2: (01:54:38)
Right. So then I was like, we're like watching this in and then rewinding to watch it again rewinding, I saw the trick, I was like, oh there's a trick. I think it was the rewind, you know, cause the nose grind and the switch grind cause it, this is before thinking really switch. You saw the trick Wa Lowery wound and [inaudible]. Yeah. And I went to learn the rewind grind, the rewind grind house to me is what it was. It was a rewind grind. Amazing. So then it was just like, oh, okay. Then the next day it's like I just did a little scratch, you know? And I was like, God, you remember we were rewinding as they were all laughing. Like, oh, that's great. That's cool. And, and, and uh, so then in my head now I'm like, there's so many tricks. It's just being open whether you see it or not, it's your, in your mind, you have to, if you're learning something new or something hasn't been done, and then you have to see it before anyone else and you have to visualize materialized kind of thing.

Speaker 2: (01:55:29)
And then so then as switched started coming around and I'm like, OK, I'll, I'll skate switch, but I'm going to learn like I learned, which learned did I, which trick that I learned first. Okay, I learned, you know, rock fakies or okay, I've done that rock and roll. So can we do a rock and roll? You're just starting over 50 50 fifties are hard as hell to switch, you know? But I keep them and I got it. Oh God. So I started that, that, you know, switch front side airs switchbacks that as I started putting it in my line, the basics, right. So that's what made me like build. And once I realized when I went to slam city, um, I have no idea, there's no way. I was like, I'm going to win this contest. It's Mike Frazier hotspot was, you know, Danny Way, like all these guys, I'm just going stoke to skate, stayed in the room with Mike and Max, you know, it just like stories.

Speaker 2: (01:56:14)
This is insane. That's my Frazier that, you know, and just like all that was wild to me. But when I was skating I would like, you know, just do my thing and like do the switch thing. And people were stoked and I made, made it through the finals and it was like, okay, it's cool. And then Jake would like, hey, can you do five for you? Can you drop into a five 40 you know, and you would kinda like start building, I can drop into a five 40 okay then so that's how I started my run, you know, so drop into five 40 and then start doing everything else. And then I remember like, and I think you've seen the video like Andy Roy's like sweat. She started screaming like, and then I was like, oh yeah, that's right. I forgot. You know, and then I go and like, and then I do the role in switch out role in switch role in like rock and roll switch front side.

Speaker 2: (01:56:55)
And there's like that Ah, done with my run. We have the contest over, they start calling the names and you know, it's ninth place, seventh place. I didn't hear it. And then I was like, they got to fifth and I was like, aw man, I didn't hear my nas. Probably like didn't even can't, you know, I was like, that's cool. I just hung out. And then you got to all, we taught three and I'm just like, I wonder who one man Frazier, Pike kill had like Fraser killed it. And you know, and then they're like, uh, yeah. And then the second place is Mike Frasier and first place is Bob

Speaker 3: (01:57:26)

Speaker 2: (01:57:26)
No, no way. Like this. Completely like, like caught me off guard. And then that was that. And then that's when like, I was like, oh, I guess this, I guess they liked the switch that I don't know why, why, what was special there. Right. Because to me, I look at Fraser, he was special. Yeah. Like, I mean that's Frasier like looking the way you skate and like, but I guess in the way it was a reward of a new, you know, new approach maybe like, you know, if we compare it again and you go and then like they could have given to him or you know. Yeah. But it was like that kind of opened up the whole, all right, keep progressing, switch and keep adding that. And then that's when, you know, then switch kickflip indies in the runs, switch back tales and switch Smith grinds and I started progressing and uh, that's kind of how I kept pushing, kind of just open the door, open your it, the light bulb kind of popped off but now it's, you already doing it. Yeah. But now it's easier for me to learn those tricks and add those one, two threes a day. Cause I, I've got gotta do now is like learn to switch straight, you know, and that learn to switch front, side out. Cause now it's like learn to skateboard all over again. So all those tricks that I know how to do regular, all I gotta do is do them sooner. Verse. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (01:58:34)
You're always like go about your skating. Was that when you skated, switch it looked switch. You don't have to. That was such a great thing to watch.

Speaker 2: (01:58:42)
But like what, so you like Leandre where you can't tell which stance he is. Andrea Sanders. Like you can't tell what stance he is. And then like you watch that and I'm like, oh that's kind of refreshing. I remember looking, you know, I had this thing of like to stay on my board, I would keep looking forward cause sometimes if I go to look then then you would like, you know, especially when you're skating fast, if you put your head somewhere kind of like your body follows and because it was switch, right. Like land stuff in my, my head was there and I would keep looking that way. And I remember like Max and all those guys, they were like two that is so ready. Why do you don't like, and they tried to like mimic cause he you don't see the other wall. Yeah. And they thought it was funny or the school and I was just like, it just kind of like happened more and more and more.

Speaker 2: (01:59:22)
But that's, that's why it looks, which I kept my [inaudible] and then I started, I wanted to make it look like it wasn't okay. But then it was just, it's just the way. Yeah. And that's fine, but you still want to progress. Sure. Then especially after talking to Rodney Mullen and he was like, there is no switch. There's, it's a goofy trick where it's irregular trick. Right. So in his mind it's like, but there is switch because you always learn a certain way. But I know what he was, I know where he was going. Yeah. You know, and, and, and then I was like, yeah, that's right. So what, so what, what is that? It's a a goofy crooked grind or something, you know, it's a switch for me, but it's a goofy look. It's goofy. Yeah. Your scale might be easier to name the tricks. It's like a switch Nali switching.

Speaker 2: (02:00:12)
Oh, it's fakie Ollie. So was there a trick that was like almost impossible for you to learn? Switch? Yeah. When you did, you've done it harder than, well, anything backside switch was harder than front side. It's like it's a little harder to open up and I don't know, maybe because you can overturn and do the back and when I go outside I can always control it and keep looking my safe, you know? Yeah. So because then after I land and I can, you know, look, and when you go switch backs, I have already put it in. There is no like there's that hurting. So it was harder. Uh, so switch five forties were really tough. That's what she didn't fight for to use agent switch. Fine. They really started happening. I got it got easier when I started skating. Megan. Yo Yeah I had more room, more, more war time so I can put it on the wall.

Speaker 2: (02:01:02)
Oh this doesn't work. Throw it away cause I'm vert, there's no such thing. You know, if you go to go for a switch five it's quick. Yeah. It's like, it's like see like you know, there's a bunch of footage of Tony when he was learning the switch, five just slams, you know, just like spin it around and put it down. Boom. Like full slam. There is no like let me test it out. Right. So then I, I progressed, I got switchbacks, I tail fives and you know, and, and I was like, Oh wow, this is actually, you know, once you figure out the, the mega and go through the psychological barrier, it actually makes it like to me, because I can skate all of it. I rather try stuff on mega interesting. On a smaller wall or whatever. The quarter pipe. Yes.

Speaker 1: (02:01:47)
On the quarter pipe. Wow. With all your lip tricks. Like it seems to me you watch a lot of street videos back in the day. Yeah. Cause like a lot of your lip tricks look like they're street inspired, almost like with like certain ledge tricks.

Speaker 2: (02:02:00)
Well yeah, I mean that's the school of uh, uh, plan B h street. Like that's really where that's from. It was just like street on vert, you know, and I wanted to do nose gyns. I didn't want it to do them over here. I wanted to do them like a ledge. And I'm like, let me get on top of this nose grind. And if I, if I pop in one 80 out of it, I don't want to just kind of revert out. I want to like snap a pop out of it and yeah, because it felt like, I mean, why not? I mean it's easier to get on, you know, it's harder. It's hard for me to Ollie up into allege. Yeah. For me, you know, like, so I'd rather, if I had got that, then all I gotta do is like, you know, there's no pop Nita. That's just, it's just the way you approach it really.

Speaker 1: (02:02:41)
I'll say this man, I know people have that vert button stuff and I'd never fast forward to your [inaudible] I loved, I loved watching the way the vert button isn't the rewind button, but it's also been just, I mean I know what Kelly's saying cause it's just fascinating. Like, oh my God, here's Bob Burnquist as part water. What do we do? What's he going to do? This is just insane. Yeah. I want to talk about real quick, I want to talk about flip and also, um, but the, the loop with no roof. What the hell was even going on, who has no roof, who is no rules,

Speaker 2: (02:03:18)
you know, that was obviously not the plan. It was just like, let me build a loop out of my vert cause I want it to like, you know, I put the a bar. So I wanted to do a trick land, do the loop and do a trick. I wanted to loop to be a part of align, not just the thing. Right. So I was like, okay. When the king of skate event, uh, went down, I was like, well, what's your obstacle? Right. So I was just like, you know, went out there and I'm thinking, you know, it's like I want to do this. Yeah. I, I did draw the open loop and I was like, oh, that'd be cool. Yeah. I have the, the, the drawing and okay. And um, I have the tree the way that my backyard was then where this tree was, and I had this, this whole thing.

Speaker 2: (02:03:57)
I looked at it. Yeah, that'd be cool. But I had it perfectly in the middle kind of thing. Okay. But when it came to actually do the, the, the, the, the, the event, I was like, let me have something before I even go there, you know? And, and so I was like, uh, Tim and, uh, Jeff Hammond, those guys, the 10, 10 pain team pain. So then we were like, okay, uh, I gotta do this thing, I want to, you know, build this. And then I had a conference in Philadelphia, it was a spiritist conference. There was some guys were just trying to figure out [inaudible] translating books in Portuguese to English. It's just, they're cool, like, you know, uh, and I went out there and left them building the loop. Okay. And I was like, okay, do it here, spin it this way and then don't, we're going to do this.

Speaker 2: (02:04:42)
Because when I do the, if I open it up at the end, they know it's front side, you know, cool, blah, blah blah. So you had the idea. I had the idea came that I could do the open loop, but I mean what I want to do first is this, and if it works out, great. If that doesn't happen, that's fine. You know, we have the, I got a little backup, I've got a backup plan. Right? So gotta show stop. When I got back, not the kickflip but right close. So then I got back into town and I go out there to check out the loop and I'm like, oh, they spun it the wrong way, dude. Oh my gosh, Jeff. No. He like, oh. And he's like, I know man, it didn't fit because if you went that way, he was going to go into this wall thing and I was like, oh well you guys could have called me man, like, and, and, and you know, I start getting upset because I'm like, then I'm like, hey, it's spun that way, but then now I got to do this open loop backside.

Speaker 2: (02:05:37)
That's not going happen. No you can't. So then immediately I was like, well, it is what it is. Let's put the bar up there and then Dah Dah Dah, you know, you go into it and then I'm like I'm going to have to do it switch. It wasn't like, let me, let me do it. Switch, switch, front side then regular backside. Cause it was just so much more awkward to me, you know, to to do it bad. You even done the switch loop? Yeah. At that time I had done it every which way. I think I did it like, you know, loop, front side loop, back side switch, front side and switch backside. I had them all. I had done them all but Gotcha. I knew in my head that if I'm in the air, I mean a much, you know, it was like a switch front side or to me, you know, but I have to end up over there.

Speaker 2: (02:06:18)
So it was just like, this is awkward, you know, in the field. But it wasn't supposed to spin that way. So it wasn't like, again, I didn't plan it. It just happened to be okay now I have to do it. God and I have to do it switch. Um, so, you know, I could have done it regular, whatever, but I'm glad that they spun it there the other way. And then it made me, you know, try it that way. And I was, uh, going to a Berlin s trip like the weekend after. And um, so we're, we're, we're, we're, we're, so I'm doing this thing, well the land do the, you know, I remember I did the nose grind on the bar loop and then blink kickflip on the quarter, you know, so I filmed I think in the firm or one of the, one of the videos I have that, you know, a little combo from, from that uh, event.

Speaker 2: (02:07:02)
Uh, and then re like, let's open the loop. But it wasn't like, okay, they started opening at, Nah, you can't open it in the middle. Right. Because I needed a launch, you know, so I started, I was like, no, it was all I, it wasn't like there was no plan. It was just like here. Yeah, exactly. I didn't say I go the trajectory random that day and I was like cut it right around here. You know, cause it needs to throw me, it can't be just the overt wall because they would toss me in the wrong way. So I had to, if I cut it at like somewhat like 11 or something, you know, and that's why it was a little offset offset. Yeah. Cause it would hope it would help me to go there. But I, you know, wrote so the first one for me to go was just like, okay, put the pads right.

Speaker 2: (02:07:44)
So we had the pads to test. Yeah. To test it out. So we put the pads in the middle of the ramp, you know, okay, now I can go test it. So when I dropped in I went and tossed myself switch. But like I was obviously scared. So I, it's like, you know, you tried backflips on the beach at all. No. Tend, it looks side. See people learning backflips they kind of look over the shoulder and it doesn't really go on. All you need to do is look up and it fixes. But in your mind you're scared. So if you look up takes a little bit. So my first one, I kind of did the side thing and here's two open loop and I went foom back flip and missed the ramp all together. Well Mr Pads missed the ramp, landed on the side on my feet.

Speaker 2: (02:08:23)
Like awful. Like what do you, did you flip? Yeah, it did it. Yeah, it was like fall back into gymnastics and landed on the side of the ramp. And like, I was like, okay, let's put some pads right here. So then we put pads. You knew what you did wrong. Yeah. Now I know, but gladly I landed on my feet and then we adjusted that and I started adjusting. I started getting closer to the ramp. Um, and the funny part about that, and if you guys heard a berry is a Ritzke, you remember Barry from, okay. So the old medic. Yes. Uh, for the mustache. Caribbean hope. Hope he's okay actually out in The Bahamas with all that madness. Yeah. So he, uh, he like, he wanted to protect me and he's so like, you know, he's a physical day. It's just like out there. So he goes, when I go on around the loop, he's thinking he's going to, he, he would like catch you throw himself in, like to become a pad.

Speaker 2: (02:09:16)
And yeah, I was like, I, I didn't see that at the time, but I saw that footage guys laughed so hard. I'm like, God bless him. But like there was nothing that was gonna really do. I was going to hurt him, you know, south of you. But he was just, you know, throwing himself in front of the bullet for me. I mean that's how Barry was in like, you know, protecting us. And it was just like, it was so cool. But I mean that, that, that, I saw that afterwards. But uh, anyways, like I, it took me a few and I would like spin around and putting my foot down, cause I would like turn, put my foot down, knees slide, right. Spin around, put my foot down, new slides, same exact bail, like over and over and over. My ankle was starting to like, oh Geez, please, no more of those go.

Speaker 2: (02:09:57)
Same thing, same thing. And I started to like, oh my gosh, did I have to leave you now? It's like really tiring. It's taken time, 35 millimeter cameras on, you know, big, expensive production, you know, and I'm going like, oh my gosh dude, I have to make this. And I just would not stop. But I was done already before, you know, an hour earlier I was already, you've already done, done. You're pushing. Yeah, I'm pushing. I'm just hoping and praying now. Now it's just motion. I tried to like energy and just, and then all of a sudden I just, you know, pulled out and kind of got in a good spot and landed runaway and I was just like, I can't believe that this went down. I was there that day. Yeah. And probably where that was part of the [inaudible] Taylor, no man. That was like, and all of a sudden weighed off my sh, you know, just like, oh my gosh, that's insane.

Speaker 2: (02:10:44)
And I, and I remember like falling down and then that was it. I couldn't even walk up to my house seriously. Like I was one of those, uh, the guy who worked with me at the time, they had a little craftsmen, we put like a mattress on the back of the thing. I just laid down and just like drove me up to the, to the house. It's funny, I was done. That was God. So the weekend after I'd like, you know, show up at the, the a s thing and I, you know, got kind of what my ankle wrapped and damn no vert wall to drop in. No versus [inaudible], nothing going on there. What does that feel like to do the loop? Like what's like, you know, it's not a kickflip back side tail slide. You're just riding. So the thing that the madness is, is just dedicating yourself to, to, to, because you're going forward and then your landing ramp is back there, which that's the weird part, is that you can't go up with your head.

Speaker 2: (02:11:35)
You have to keep the head low and it's a hip, you know, toss. It's kind of like you throw the hip and to catch. It's like, that's what I, I mean, after I did like a few of them and I had a loop in my backyard, every time I skated vert, I would skate in the middle of the session. I go over to drop in and do the loop. Oh, really? That's, it was like constant, you know, that's why I have so much footage of like, I got, you know, we're filming for the front and I got, I got the high camera vx on thousands and like, yeah, I did the loop that it was just constant all the time. There was no bailing. I did over 500 times. Tony's, uh, you know, huck jam thing every night, you know, at the time, you know, like, just constant.

Speaker 2: (02:12:16)
Um, but I realize that there's, there was a little technique of like keep your head in the middle, right. Don't let it go up. Or You like bug on the windshield and you like to come down and those slams suck. Danny will tell you he had, he got one of those. Oh and then and so I just stayed down and then like I would just throw myself to catch myself here once I realized it was just writing up, all I would do is like look at the sticker, the sticker line and just ride that. And then all of a sudden you're like looking at coming down. Yeah. It's weird cause you're looking up and down the send, you're looking down like saying you know, and then you just make the landing and right. Yeah. So you hit, you're like it. There's two, it's, you have to split it up in two almost.

Speaker 2: (02:13:00)
You know, you kinda go, well look at yourself and then make it, cause if you do one, you get the Schaffer. Oh. Or the jail. Jake Brown did it. Did the language like [inaudible] leg just kind of one thing. It's not one, it's like a, you have to carve through the seat. Your head is kind of like the center of the clock and you're, you keep it there, the hand, then you give it to hip toss. So you'd grabbed the other wall. So you're not like doing it early and then you're like here away from the wall kind of thing. Which happened to me at baldy cause I didn't have speed. No, that was, that's what happened to me there because there was no just that and that happened because I didn't have speed. I mean I tried tossing myself into every, you know, it's just, there's no speed within the, you know, there's no role in there.

Speaker 2: (02:13:44)
So yeah. And it was rough as hell. I mean, it's so rough in the center of that, but that's the loop was, was, you know, once I figured out that and I was in this phase of the loop, that's when all I was like, I need to go loop up a full pipe because I'm right in the middle of this. Now how much does it cost to buy a metal full pipe? Well, that was the ups commercial that already, that a buddy of mine was in. And then they're like, hey, they're going to throw that up because they bought it for them to skate it and then they're going to throw it away. I think it was 10 grand and then they're gonna throw it away. And I was like, when you throw it away right here, four, four, six, I mean, I'm not going to say my address, I'm shaking.

Speaker 2: (02:14:24)
Uh, so, so then it got, you know, taking their in a truck. I just had a crane waiting and then, uh, they grabbed it from the back of the truck and the rude thing is like they lifted over my bowl, so over the mini part of the mall. So I remember at that time I was like, please don't. They dropped that there, you know, they turn it around, drop it there. And then I had a metal full pipe, but that was always there and I never thought about doing it there. I was just, you know, that was just a pipe that was there. My mind was at Baldy, you know, from video coming up, Lazarus, every no last trick and like legendary, you know, like Dave always playing with the stickers. I wanted to throw the sticker game and just be like to, I didn't want to put a sticker, I want to put my tracks on it, you know, and, and, and I was like, if I do it there, I don't care what happens.

Speaker 2: (02:15:06)
Like it doesn't matter what happens, you know? And so we can dive right into the baldy story. Cause I was like, he's due, we're, we're finishing the from video and then, uh, Lance's like what are you going to do? Can't stop. Uh, and, and, and I was like, Lance, I want to loop baldy. And he was like, what? Crazy. Yeah, you got a call, call, call Steve, you know, call Salba because if something goes down, he knows the, I mean I can get hurt. I am see talking to him and he, I think it took him a bit cause lance come here. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Day. Cause he's, you know, he's the best. So I was like, uh, hey lance, you know, I'm going to do this. I got call Steven in, you know, the video was like I had til Friday, so it was mailed weekend.

Speaker 2: (02:15:52)
I was just like, no, it's, let's go tomorrow. 8:00 AM like, like, I'm like, you know, in my head I was like, there's just like you're doing right now. I got the, you know, the loop in my, in, in my view and feel right. So, which way? Exactly. So it's either now or never. And it's the video part, you know, like that, that's when you Kinda, and it was at a time of the year that I calculate when I do shit, I can get hurt on, it's like, if I get hurt here, I can get hurt, get better. And then I, you know, all [inaudible] there is a time. Yeah, there's a strategy to that. Um, but that, and then I was like, okay, let's, you know, let's go, let's call, you know, Steve and I guess he called Steve and Steve was like, Nike, obviously not really believing, just kind of like, oh yeah, let's go, you know?

Speaker 2: (02:16:35)
And you'd been there plenty. Plenty of times a day. I knew, I knew what I was, you know, and there's no pads, there's no taking math, you know, Patrick [inaudible] the guy to know very wasn't Steve. Albert wasn't gonna throw him [inaudible] you know, so, but I was like, okay, you know, at Humphreys Claribel uh, you know, so we show up and we stop at this, uh, Mexican place. And I was getting the breakfast Burrito, you know, at like seven 30 or something like super early. And then, you know, and I'm talking to Steve and Steve just like, yeah, yeah, we're going to go session. But I think, you know, and like, and I'm like, I'm going to blue in my head. I'm just like, I'm lupus. Do you have an out? You know, if I get hurt. He's like, yeah, we got these. You just told me, you know, it's Steve, he's got it.

Speaker 2: (02:17:18)
Um, so we get there, Jake PSXV rip. So he was around skating at the time there and we didn't, we didn't plan it. He was there. So I start looking at baldy and like going, uh, like, OK, let me skate. And then I started skating with my regular wheels and it was just rough. The, the roughness of it and my heart just kind of sank cause I was like, even if I really want to, that's not going to happen. Yeah. There's no speed here. So I would like, you would need a blow as far back as possible. And I would just kind of do this, this, this, and then I would do like a kick turn fronts. I had been cut straight and just, you know, go towards it. Uh, but I, when I do that kick turn in speed, it would hit the first, there was like right around, uh, four o'clock, there was like rough patch, you know, and then rough patch, so you'd go bump loose bean and Brockman just kind of like go away.

Speaker 2: (02:18:09)
And then, uh, I was like, it's not happening with this, you know, and I'm just like, I can't believe it. And I was a saw, Steve's kid had his board and he had some cruiser wheels. And I was like, Hey, let me borrow those wheels. Like I, I think I can pull it, you know, with that. And he's like, sure. So then they start seeing like, I'm actually like getting serious about it. So, and I'm like, dude, are you guys ready? Like is I filming camp of like photos? Like just film all of it films. The first one cause that could be done can be one. And then off was Humphrey shooting, photo Humphrey was shooting photos and then, uh, Anthony, I think there's another angle that lance was kind of handling. Okay. But then, uh, we put the, the, the soft wheels, the cruiser wheels on, and then I start cruising like, oh, okay, I got speed, you know, but I would like take that turn and because of the soft wheels it would slow, you know?

Speaker 2: (02:18:58)
So yeah, I'd go through that path. But the slow wheels kind of goes on, you know, on transition, it Kinda cuts back on when you pump. But it was still much better than my other wheel. So I was like, I think I can muscle it. Right. So I'm like, all right, I just gotta go for the first one. You know, that was the hardest to do it. Yeah. And then the elbow and boom, cut and then just go. And then I did a full back, like I went and then back flip and then landed on my feet again. Kind of like the, you're like a cat I before. So then I have to leave. Then I'm like, I can get away with it. There's no pads, I cannot, that's concrete as no landing, like on your hip, then you break your pelvis. Now you know, I have to land on my feet first or you know, and it was just, that was the deal.

Speaker 2: (02:19:42)
So once that happened I was like, okay, this is, I can get away from it and I just kind of cut. It was really hard to do the kick turn and then stay straight. Yeah. You know, because you kind of want to keep going. It's kind of a, a safety mechanism, you know? And, and I was like, I have to cut, you know? And so I, I did it again and Kinda rode the top and then kind of back flipped again, but like more onto the transition. Gotcha. Got slowed are I'm like, oh, okay, all I got. And then, you know, there's like the screaming, the excitement salvos, like just the attempt I need for him was like already you can't believe what he's watching, you know? And then it got like, you know, serious. And then, uh, and I'm in the middle of attempts, I saw him having a conversation with someone about aliens or something.

Speaker 2: (02:20:26)
I'm just like, Yo two, they're all, sorry. I think they were nervous and trying to change this right. Subjects, you know, and, and then, uh, and so I went again and again. And then the, the one I just, I had the full speed, looked around, bailed, and then did a knee slide, like upsight, like Nissan all the way from the top. She was the funniest thing, dude. I was like, Oh, if that happens like that all the time, I'm good. You're, you know, so then I got like more and more co like juice, comfortable and confident. So the next one I went and went all the way looked and it was about them. I was like, I just made it, you know, and the wheels, the software's kind of give it that. So I detached, I detached a little bit from the, and there was no making so you can see it.

Speaker 2: (02:21:13)
It was almost almost a make. And then I was like, okay, wait a minute. Did you make, did you right away I rode all the way to here. Oh. And then it dry out deer, it detached because they didn't have the speed, you know, God, I did this, okay. And then I'll take me off my board. Okay. But to me it was like, oh, I got to do is get more speed, you know, and one little poor little Bush cut, you know. So now I really started like giving it the punks this full confidence now, you know, so now I'm like, okay. And um, I turned around, went, but for some reason I th I, I went to the right a little bit and it just kind of went in. It threw me in this court. And then when it corked me, I landed sideways putting my hand out in my foot and boom, boom, broke my foot and my wrist, you know?

Speaker 2: (02:22:02)
And that was it. And I was just like, ah, you know, it's just cause it could've been [inaudible] and I was not gonna stop, you know? And it was like, that made me stop because I was going to keep going. I was sticking tired and I was just like, and then that happened, you know, I'm like, Oh man, I'm doing that. That's it. That's it. You know, my, my bro, my foot, you know, and, and I'm just in so much pain but so relieved at same time. And the fact that actually went when I was just like, dude, I can't believe that. I just, just that rush and then you know how to hike. You've been the baldies on [inaudible] you have to like down and you gotta walk and this is full high. It's like, you know, jump this whole, this whole thing. And now I have a broken wrist and a broken foot on the other side.

Speaker 2: (02:22:45)
And I got a trek that all the way back, you know, so there's a little piece of wood you put, you know, against the get over the hole, the hole, and, and I'm on my butt and I couldn't really put my, my wrist is Joe is done. So I had one side, you know, it's this hole. It's like, it drops down into like, it's debris of like madness and, and, and every time you skate there was sal, but you gotta jump it right? You gotta chill. And I wasn't jumping back. You know, it's like is said. Okay. Silva [inaudible] good. Yeah. Um, but what happened there? I was like, I need an out and I was in so much pain. There is no painkillers. Sure. Jps Sec, he shows up with the greenest bud. Okay, now dude, like you, you just saved my life. So like, as I'm like walking now and we take this big old, you know, tokens to her, oh, there's no, you know, it was just like, oh.

Speaker 2: (02:23:36)
And the Pan, it just kind of brought everything down, all the paint, you know, it just kind of was manageable. It even did out. And I was just like, ah, okay. You know, and then I couldn't walk, couldn't. So I'm like sitting on the board and you know, Jake is like pushing me, you know, through the, you know, Salba had an out from the top, like he had like the, the, the, uh, gate key to like the, it's, it's a another way out that you can kind of, you can somewhat ride, it's less of a mad hike and you know, and, and, and, and you can get out. And so he, he [inaudible] I parked up top and then walked down the hill and through the, the opening right up, they, uh, yeah, so like I took the other route, so Jake's like pushing me on my board, you know, as he gave me that, you know, the, the, the magic hit.

Speaker 2: (02:24:26)
I'm just like, oh, thanks Jake. And it was just so cool, you know, it's amazing. He totally, you know, I remember that. Uh, so we, we made ourselves and got out and, and that was like, okay, you know, at least I tried. And I was like, okay. And then I remember I had the cast on my right foot and it had something on my wrist. And then Nixon had a part, it was like a Nixon party. So we went out to the Leucadia at some house and, and it was raining outside and I got my, you know, my, my, uh, crutches and I go to ring the doorbell and it's all wet, you know, and I go to ring, I've shot all the know lamb boom bow. Like I'm in so much pain, I'm laughing at my situation, but just so stoked on everything, you know, but then, you know, it opens the door and I'm on the ground with the wet crutches, you know, and he's like, Bob.

Speaker 2: (02:25:12)
So they found me like a couch, a spot, you know, and that was my county spot. You know, [inaudible] years, people come out and hang with me and I wouldn't move. That's amazing. What's awesome. We're done with your part at that point. Yeah. That was it. That was it. That was it. And I d I have an had this feeling of like, I really want to accomplish that and that, especially at that time, and I was just like, man, I need to go back. I need to go back. Um, but the reality of, of, of that situation again, and the in, in fixing, you know, the roughness of the cement and making sure the borders right and just going through that whole situation again is in a different time. I'm not in that loop phase. Gotcha. And it's kind of, it's a harsh phase, you know, to, to not when you're not in it.

Speaker 2: (02:25:56)
And then it's really a tough, cause the slams could be awkward and very, you know, like, you know, you can get really hurt. And I remember doing the huck jam with Tony a bunch and, uh, we did the loop all the time. So we're like, okay, we got this as Lupus, super fast, you know, nice and tight. It was constant, you know, so we're comfortable. Uh, and then, uh, Steve-o and those guys and bat, or it was like wild boys. And so band was involved. So wild boys. It was Pontius and Steve. Oh, okay. And so they're like, that's when they had Tony dress up. We want to go to your house and we're going to got this chips game. We'll just, we'll call you in the gorilla suit and you know, and we're like, okay. You know, sounds, sounds fun. Right. So, so we're out there.

Speaker 2: (02:26:38)
So both him and I got the ego inflated on the loop. Right. Because we've done it all the time. Now it's time to get checked. Yeah. Check time. Reality is a bitch, you know? And so we, you know, we're out there skating and then my loop is slow. It's not like his, I have the, the, the landing of the transition on the bottom of the Roland is tighter. So is there like a bigger transition? So it's a little Mel or, excuse me, more speed. So mine's more of a bank to, you got to like [inaudible] fight it. Huh? And then blah blah, like it's, it's an attack mode and we were in cruise mode. His lupus crew's hot. Okay. So it's just rolling in plenty of speed. Go around and do the movement roll away crowd cheers. Got Hands on. Yeah, that's that. Uh, but you know, so now we're, I go in first and I try it and I come up short and I have this weird bale slammed that.

Speaker 2: (02:27:31)
I was like, well that's awkward. You know, this is just different. I gotta like, you know, this is, I have to adjust myself. And I was like, Tony, you have to get speed here. It's like this weird, like I feel like, you know your loop, it's totally different. Right. So we were like, okay. And then he goes and you know, pumps for the speed that we were talking about. And I think that that's what kind of gave him the WHO wow. The Mr. Wilson upside down, which became the Schaefer after. Yeah. Which is what happened to sh Shaffer, same, you know, that same whip. One and a half. So he went with one and a half and then boom to the side. Body falls your head. Yeah. Yeah. Hit the head and you know, did that out snoring to Tony Hawk, you snoring. Oh yeah. Dude. Full MMA.

Speaker 2: (02:28:15)
Wow. You know, out, you know, and, and I was just like, oh shit. Like, uh, you know, when everyone's worried, I'm, you know, there's an ambulance next to this for the events and all that. That's a good, that's a good thing. Good. Yeah. You know, there's, Tony Wakes up and taking the ambulance, he's like, aw man, what happened? Oh, I should, that wasn't, you know, fun. You know, all the, all the comedy of wild boys. Taryn got dark and you know, so he's in there, cops show up. I don't know how they found him. What, what happened? Who found out or whatever. So cop shows up, pulls up into my house. I'm going like, how did you come and there's a warrant. They can't go, just walk in like that. So I'm like, okay. And then he goes in, whose house is it? You know? And it's just like, yeah, it's my house.

Speaker 2: (02:28:58)
And it's like, okay, what happened? You know? Then someone, we didn't have to say anything else there. Tony, Tony Hawk walked in there. So Tony, they got pushed, you kind of shy to get, and Tony was trying to figure out what he was trying to do. And I remember he's like looped out in the these looped out. Yeah. And the ambulance. Yeah. Literally. And uh, and this cop is asking him a question, he's like, no, what the like, and the guy's like, yeah, sure. I saw that there was nothing gonna happen there. And He needs like, you take a photo with me. Yeah. Ron. Tony was like, collarbone, just get it. And then I was like, dude, get out, you know, at my house, you know, like, like, why are you here? You know? And then it was like immediately like, why do you have a warrant?

Speaker 2: (02:29:40)
You have, you're like, if you got what's, how'd you just, you know, and then so then he was out. So that was a weird, weird situation post. So he's trying to get like, you know, that's so weird. Get your competitor to jail. Who? Tonya Harding. I wonder if it's like that sometimes. I wonder if it was like the ambulance drivers and then they made me, they talked to [inaudible] there's a call and then the guy heard it. Right. I don't know for sure. Yeah. Tony Hawks in the back of him. Oh. But, but actually, wow. And uh, and Tony's worst career slam is in my backyard, like, gosh man. But you know, that was, and I remember he was still in bed, you know, just recovering from that. And after that happened, I was like, okay, um, I have to loop a pipe like now or it's going to go away right in my, in my mind, I have to do it now.

Speaker 2: (02:30:31)
And I kind of used Tony Slam to kind of make me just go and do it. Huh? Right. And just like, just, just do it. And I'm thinking, let's go back to ball. And he was like, that can't be bald. I need speed. Huh. And then I'm just looking around and I'm like looking at my backyard and I look at the pipe there. I'm like, what the hell? It's been here the whole time. You know, and I'm like, that is the spot, you know, it's metal, it's fast. And it was just like, ah, turn it on, you know, like call, you know, I think it was, we were filming, it might've been the firm or because it was in the video, like I can't remember what, what the, the timeline, huh? In my Musca like a brain right now. But, uh, it, it w w I was like, Tony, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna do this for Tony.

Speaker 2: (02:31:19)
Right. So I'm thinking like, okay, go back and put the pads and then I have the pads. I can mess around with it and more of a controlled environment. I just kind of like, because of the ball, the experience, I was so like, oh, you know, freaked out and I wanted to make sure everything was right. But once I back and forth a couple of times and I just kind of went for the front, I kicked her and like baldy and went, I could've made the first one. I just like kind of world all the way around and hit the pad, you know, oh, okay. Pads off that they're like immediate, like right off the like the first line gone take it out, boom. Took it all out and they were filming, boom, boom. Make it like right around. And I was just like, wow.

Speaker 2: (02:31:54)
Okay. How big is that? Now I'm talking about all day. He was in like those 15 radius. A huge right. I mean it's like 15 feet. Okay. A little bigger than loops. A little bigger than loops. Like loops cry at 13. Feel like a few. I see pictures of Baldy. Well they might, I gotta ask Tony. Um, but like it's tighter, right? The loop is a tighter thing. So baldy was a little out there. That might be another thing where I might detached in the speed thing. So you're, you're, it was a bigger radius. I had to like get more speed, go further out. Right, right. And then my, my loop in the backyard is a little closer to the regular loops and it's metal. So it's, you know, hard wheels and in your lineage, you know, zip right around it. Why the hell did you get that delivered to your house?

Speaker 2: (02:32:41)
Again, just to have it there. Then I said, I mean, it was like, I mean, who gets a metal pipe delivery? We only skated full pipes when you found like, you know, like, oh, there's a truck on the side of the road, let's go. Or there's, you know, these, these pipes over at Paula. Oh let's go. But to be able to have one in the back or I can just like anytime wake up and go skate at full pipe and then they loop thing and it was just like, alright, like, you know, I'd love to have a full pipe from my backyard, right. Not, it wasn't like I want one. It was just the opportunity presented itself and I was like, well, don't throw it away. I love this guy. But I mean, could you imagine like, oh yeah, bring it on of cranes and heavy.

Speaker 2: (02:33:15)
They just, no, no, no, no. I'm over my bowl. Yeah. I'm only getting them a helicopter now when the day gets amazing, Bob, you know, I don't think about this life that you've made it. And I say I am blessed and I'm thankful every day. It's, you know, I couldn't have asked. I mean, I wouldn't be able to ask for it because I wouldn't know what this ask home. It's a day to day thing, you know, it's uh, but it's a beautiful thing. It's a beautiful thing, man. It's just so much, you know, and it's constant. Yeah. Like, uh, and that's what's cool about, you know, skateboarding and why I love it so much is because there is no box, you know, there's no time like, okay, you have to do it until this time and then you're done. Now you can con like constantly create and constantly come up with new things. It's just a matter of what you want to, you know, materialize at any level. Uh, you know, mega ramp top, you know, high risk to the smaller ramp or to just like street and learning something I haven't done. Yeah. That's, you know, the manual might've been done from, you know, but I haven't done it. Right. So, so that's kind of keep that approach nbds are great. Yeah, of course. Abds that are in nbds to you. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:34:32)
would you, you did the full pipe in your backyard. Now the baldy though, are you still bummed that you didn't do it out there in the wild? Like you want straight pipe street? Yeah, I mean I obviously think about it, you know, and I'm like, well I already, you know, because I was able to do it in my backyard and I took the footage to Tony by the way, which at the end of the year, so we went and he was in his, you know, I was like telling me, I gotta come show you something, you know, as, as he's healing up from the gorilla Ras suit loop, you know, and I'm like, you know, just know that I, the only reason I did this, it wasn't like let me show it. It was like I either did it using the fact that you went down in my house and like to, to get me to go and do it for you, for us, cause you had to learn first and you do kinda.

Speaker 2: (02:35:19)
And that's Kinda how I approached it, you know? And then when I did it, because I remember right before I went around and I thought about Tony Slam, Oh, you did? Yeah. And it's weird how like, you know, freak me out. It's weird how those thoughts come to mind. That's why it's important on who you hang with, what you listened to, what you, you know, because those at times when you need, you will grab what you have, right? So if you have the, the negative thoughts, those will come out, you know? And if that's just the nature of, uh, of our, of our minds and, and his slam came to mind, but it just kind of made me like, Nah, just push through. And that's, that's that, uh, it made me think of a session with Phil Shell skating, hand drills, uh, back in the day and, you know, we're skating this rail and at the school in Daly City, uh, up in San Francisco area and, you know, I'm trying to make myself go down this rail and, you know, and I was like, God, I go back and I go forward.

Speaker 2: (02:36:17)
I go back and go for it. And then as I'm pushing towards the thing, like the song, uh, this'll be the day that I done popped into your head. Okay. I'm sorry. I might've put that thought into people's mind. So when they go try [inaudible] but dude, it came to my mind and I was like, oh, okay, thanks. Go back around and then just wouldn't go away. Right. And I was like, okay, who cares? It's the day that I die. You know, I went and sure enough I died. I'm okay. No, no. Right. I slammed so hard and it was just like, oh gosh. All right, and how do you like, you know, what's the antidote other than just going, right? So I get different songs in your head, listen to something different, right. But also maybe interpreting that feeling that, you know, the universe is telling you that it's going to go down here, but you skate for a living, you're about to go down a handrail.

Speaker 2: (02:37:08)
So it's not like, it's like, oh my gosh, what a surprise. Yeah, sure. It's like, sure, that can go down. And, and I remember Phil was like, you know, we're done. It was just like, man, that's gay for effort. Dude, I was insane. And Phil was so fun to skate with. Z. Yeah. He's amazing skateboarder. Incredible. Then such a Rad dude. Good energy to be around. Not much of the fuck. Yeah. Oh Man. I that Kinda skating to me. I have a hard time understanding that, but yeah, it is what it is. Everybody's got their finger that's, you know, frustration makes you know, progression to, you know, if that's true. That's true. Yeah. Well, what I want to talk about it all the flip stuff because I, I assume that, you know, the firm, they went out of business and then were you floating for a little while then how did the flip thing come into the picture for you?

Speaker 2: (02:37:52)
You know, actually lance, I just saw lance, uh, getting sucked into this, like having to do the business and then, you know, and just constantly like, you know, it's just, you know, it's a grind, you know, and, and I want to see lance skate and I, you know, and we're already does. Yeah. We're just like, and there's that side of, it was always a big obvious, even, even though it was at a blitz. And obviously there's help there, but he gets drawn, you know, it's his company, it's his company there. It's constant, constant, constant. And we were having these conversations and I was just like, Lance, man, you have to skate. Like let's, you know, it's, it, you know, we had, because it was there from flip, you know, and we're constantly with, you know, and Fox and Ian. And it was just like this constant mix.

Speaker 2: (02:38:41)
And, and I was like, why don't we just go to flip? Wow. Like, let's just go, you know, there could be something cool. Like, I mean, I, I don't know if there's a room for everyone at flip, but there's, you know, there's definitely a move around. And I'm sure it was, it was, it was harder for him because letting go of a baby in a sense is a lot harder. Um, but I think he, you know, he was so drained out that he knew, I mean he's, he's already been done in the firm for for a long time, you know, and then he went out there and did it. It just such a cool company, cool vibe. Cool. I loved the energy around it and it was awesome. Uh, but it was more of a collect collected decision in a sense of like, hey, this could be a good thing, you know?

Speaker 2: (02:39:21)
And then we talked to you know, rally and everyone and it was just like, oh, that would be really cool. So then lance, myself and Rodrigo would go to flip. Right. You know, and then there was, you got to see obviously ray and Matt beach and all that Lance was wrong. I want to make sure they're all good. So once, once that kind of like was, you know, arranged and everything and then it was a natural going, okay, let's, we're, we're on flip down, let's work on a video now. You know, we had done the from video and I love that, that video because it was this unique project and it was all in my backyard. Uh, trying to think like, you know, I'm actually probably one of the rare, I have a lot of video parts in my careers and my back base. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (02:40:08)
And, and you know, and then after that the maker app and, and that was also there. Sure. But, but the firm was like the vert bowl, you know, it was like all effort video park in that era so it captured. So I really liked that. And then we finished that and there was like, we either work on another video obviously or you know where else to go and in video parts are like not an easy situation. You know, it's like usually at least the older ones are just like two to three years in the making for five to six minutes. You know, people don't want to hit it yourself. Yeah. And you obviously always want to wear, you don't want another part, you know, at least I don't. Sure. And I'm like, okay, I can't, you know, this is going to be better than the last one.

Speaker 2: (02:40:48)
And then so that's always there and it's always, uh, it's always hard too. Cause when you put it out then people are like, when's the next one coming out? And you just want to like [inaudible] and like throw it out. Like just like, just watch that one again. Man. That was a long time. Uh, and so then, then it was like, okay, let's, you know, let's transfer over there. And him became a parent that's like, oh, another video would be awesome with this new crew. Extremely sorry. And I had kind of like in a sense disappeared a little bit. Like, cause it was a time where like, okay, the mega ramp got into my, uh, view finder and I'm like, just all mode attack. And I focused on hyper focus and I was never one, I mean I don't think that time, no, the social media not as, not as intense.

Speaker 2: (02:41:37)
So there wasn't that need of constantly putting stuff on, you know, on social media. Uh, and, and I was always one to be quiet and just film, you know, so yeah, I skated the, the contest, but there's a time where I wasn't skating the vert events anymore. Just kind of like my, my, my, uh, focused effort was, was kind of spreading out because there was a lot of the same. So then I'm like, kind of like, well, okay. So then I wasn't really doing well at the events advert, just kind of there, just kind of this, but I was filming like crazy, so a lot of people probably thought, you know, and I've had a couple of messages after the video, there's just like, man, that's crazy. I thought you were like done or you know, just disappeared. Right. And, and, and that was just because I was just focused on, you know, filming as many tricks as possible.

Speaker 2: (02:42:27)
And, uh, on the Megan, this new window there popped open. Um, and the thing with that too is like I s there was, Danny and I were skating a bunch, obviously with, with the point x, and then he was doing the x games. Um, a lot of people don't know. I don't speak about it too much and it's just super respectful. What I'm, what I'm, what I'm going to say. But there was a time where we're skating the x games and we're, you know, as we put the rail contest was the first time the rail contest came up. I think he was planning on just skating that and being done with the x games. Right. And then, um, so once he put the rail up, we start skiing. I love the thing and I was just like, started thinking about all these tricks. Obviously he already done a few tricks on it and so obviously it was his, his baby and his show kind of kind of thinks I was trying not to be like, Hey, I'm not going to pull all effort because I don't think that's cool either.

Speaker 2: (02:43:21)
I mean, w regardless of the WHO's it is I gotta put all my effort in skating. Yup. Uh, so I started skating and obviously skate switch. So I went and went to hit the, the, the, the, the rail switch and it kind of got close or whatever. And he was in the corner, you kind of saw it. And, and then, uh, he came up to me and he was like, oh, Bobby gonna Skate the thing switch. And I was like, ah, I was going to try something now, you know, I'm trying to, I'm doing the switch 50 50, you know, and I'm like, yeah, but he's like, well, we, when we grow up, like he's talking about him and calling like, cause when, when one touches the trick and I get that and one touches one and, and, and I wasn't planning on doing this switch 50, 50, okay, let's plan on doing a switch nose grind switch.

Speaker 2: (02:44:01)
Because I knew he was doing that. So I, so this is strategy, competition mode, play ping pong with you. I'm not gonna want to lose, so I can still be your friend and you know, and totally fine and right. But in that moment it seemed like, you know, this, this front came on really, and I respected it, but I, it kind of bummed me out a little bit. Right. And, and because that's not how I was approached. I never approached it. That was the thing you're showing, telling you. It wasn't like, look, I, you know, it was, it's this like respect of like, man, that's inspiring. I want to progress, you know? Sure. And for whatever reason, because that was really simple, it just kind of sparked a thing in me and, and, and I was just like, okay, I kinda pulled back, you know?

Speaker 2: (02:44:42)
And then when we were skating the contest, I didn't really go for stuff. Like I was just kind of holding back and that Kinda hurt me a little bit because I don't like doing that. And I don't think that's, you know, but I knew that, I mean, it was being respectful. I didn't want him to feel like that was, but then I'm like, man, but this is a contest. It's just like, you know, it's go all out no matter whose it is. Exactly. And it was all good. It was just like a, a thing that turned, that made me turn the volume down a little bit. And then that kind of grabbed me a little bit and he won the contest. I mean it, it did the switch 50, 50. I don't even like be like, listen, it doesn't mean I was gonna make it because it's hard and it was hard and I wasn't skating at that much. I probably wouldn't have made it if I tried it, but th the kept me from trying it. Sure. And, and uh, so he won the event and it's all good and that just kind of bottled in [inaudible]. Right. And that's why I did so many tricks in the flip video. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:45:42)
I kind of be able to light a fire. I won't do it there in a hole myself here, but when I get home I'm going, I'm going nuts. And it was out of respect and out of like inspiration. But that situation, even if it was a misunderstand, because we were, you know, we were, we were cool afterwards, just like the way, you know, he thought I was doing this with 15, it was just, you know, whatever. Yeah. Right. And, and it was all good cause it's, it's not even, but I have, it was really, if I left that out here, I'd probably be like, okay, I, you know, it needs to go out because it was a biggest inspiration too. Like putting all those tricks down in, uh, in the flipped video and putting that reel. And I wouldn't have done that if I wasn't inspired by Danny, you know, cause the things that he did and the DC video was just out of this work.

Speaker 2: (02:46:31)
And so that took me into taking those steps and, you know, and, and that's full, uh, inspiration moaned. Danny has been a lifetime inspiration. So, but that, that little, uh, interaction at the event just kind of made me, okay, well then now when I build this, I'm going to learn every possible trick that I can possibly think of. And, you know, and that's, it just started coming in. The first trick that I learned was that it was a tray flip board, truthfully, board, full moon. You know, I was just like, it took me like a, right, you know, that, that, that, uh, end of the day kind of thing I still like and, uh, and it took me a while to like get the rail to the right radius. So what happened is Jeff King and I were there and we grabbed the, the, the, the point x rail.

Speaker 2: (02:47:22)
Okay. You know, as I grabbed it from Danny and they'd be like, this is why, I mean, why that event is nothing. It's just what sparked me to try and districts as Danny was always so supportive in there for all of it. So I wanted to build the rail. Hey, let's go to point next ad's grabbed that. And so I put the point x rail there and it was, it didn't work the same way because the trajectories are different. Uh, the landing ramp at my house, I raised it a bit so that we landed better on the trajectory, you know, so it was an improvement of that. Uh, so then we put the rail up and, and, and I'm like, okay, Jeff, let's, you know, cut it here and bend it there, you know, and then I'd go out there and try it. Oh No, this whole thing needs to go lower and I'll cut it there.

Speaker 2: (02:48:00)
Cut It. So we did like hours and hours of little petitions and welding, little cuts in welding, you know, cuts in on their arm, molded the thing, took forever. But then now it's like, oh, fill with cutting. And it was just flimsy and not really there. Okay. So then I'm like, okay, I need a, you know, uh, I need a new rail. I'm like going to build, like I was going to buy this thing and I had the Grand Canyon rail shilling right there in my yard because I, once I did that, I, you know, I was like to take the rail back, we donated the Woodville. I'm like, I'll keep the rail, you know, when you did, just to go into the Grand Canyon. Yeah. So the, the rail to the Grand Canyon little toe go into that right now where they're talking about it. But, uh, so then that rail was sitting, uh, in my backyard and I'm like, oh, let's grab that.

Speaker 2: (02:48:47)
So then I grabbed the point x rail that we kind of cut up and sliced up into this, you know, mold, you know, put it beside it and then kind of like did it. So brand new, kind of fabricated off of this [inaudible] trial version off the grand canyon, the, the rail. So like the rail at my house is the Grand Canyon real oh wow. On the rand. On the ramp. Yeah. That rail. And I feel like that obviously comes with some power. Yeah. And then tricks just like this, it, once we found the radius and everything, because it's the mega, it's hard enough to skate the things, you know. So if you put the rail at the wrong radius at the wrong project, now you're hitting hard. So yeah, you're going to get a 50, 50 right. But all the other tricks are not gonna. So it only works when the 50 50 flows. Right. So that's how I wanted it. When I built that, it was just like, when I do this 50 50 in, it's just like get on, get off like and it's easy. Then I move on to your like, then all the other tricks can happen. So that, that, that's why it took so long. And then once that was there, then I was like, oh okay, I can try anything. So it's there. You don't adjust it? No, I've done, yeah, no, no adjustment. Okay.

Speaker 3: (02:49:56)
How long I was here. The tricks take you awhile, but are you getting like one clip a day? Are you getting like multiple clips a day when you're doing stuff?

Speaker 2: (02:50:03)
Like flip video? It was because the door opened, you know. Any, any, any, it would've been harder if I went and did like a vert part, you know, I'd have to go back and like, Hey, what did I not, not do like a whole new, so now it's a whole new, so it's like the back end, a little kid counting one, two, three, four new tricks a day. You know, and there's this, the, it's exciting, right? It's like, oh, this new thing. Oh, you know, so then I'm like, first I did kickflip Indy 50, 50 use. You know, like I did kick flip, mute board slides. I did all that like to kind of like [inaudible] and I was like, okay, yeah, this is cool. But like it'd be much cooler if I didn't grab right. You know, you know? And then did you ever works the rule?

Speaker 2: (02:50:46)
No. Just paint it. We do that. The the coping? Yeah. Yeah. Like same coping paint and then it Kinda gets slide. Um, so then you know that when I did the tray flip board there was like, it just ha I'd flip the board and then the rails right there. So it just became a little easier. So once I did that, that was the first, you know, trick of the rail of filming and then it was just like, blah, blah, blah. Mommy's got to think of stuff and just do it, do it there. It keeps skating and switch back, you know, all those,

Speaker 3: (02:51:15)
that's great. Those board, that board that you skate? I S I tr, I didn't train up on one on flat ground. That thing is one of the hardest things. Even ride.

Speaker 2: (02:51:21)
Yeah, and he did on the slow and on the flat ground. It's tough, but when you're going fast then it becomes a street board divert when you're like the mega ramp, when you go off the, the 70 foot, when you go 20 plus feet, quarter pipe feels like a vert ramp because now you're like, it's the timing and how fast you go through the transition. When you're going really fast, it shortens the size of it. Yeah. So it kind of makes it, I mean it's scary hairy, but then it's like, oh, this is a little bit more familiar. Like it's like, you know, so the slower you go on it, then it's just this like ginormous track. If you do a kick turn, it's like, oh my God, yeah, I'm really fast. And then just kinda eat it evens out a little bit out. Right. So what size board is the mega ramp or these Kate, listen, if this was a Bucky lastic interview, he would give you the exact details. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:52:16)
everything. But I, I, you know, I know zero just feels good. You're going to ride a bike, you know, like, oh, what's the inner people like, oh, she did. I'm fine. I put it on and you know it, it's good. Oh, this board doesn't feel good. And then, oh, let me get another board. You know, if anything, Danny, like, you know, you figured out that size and I'm like, Oh, let me rock that and then, oh, this feels good. You know? So I think it's an eight and a half because of, you know, I don't know the size of it. It's a little bigger than the regular board. A little taller, a little taller. And then, so the width is about the same. And then, uh, trucks of all time. Titus, Titus trucks, I could be, there was no turning, no turn, right. Zeros. Just gotta Accept Wobbling, you know, wobbles are a part of [inaudible] like of mega ramp.

Speaker 2: (02:52:56)
Gotcha. There is no, let me tighten it up so I don't wobble. No, let me tighten it up so I don't wobble and slam, but you got to accept the wobble, you know, like accept it and then, you know, it's just, it is what it is and, and, and then, uh, and then you handle it. But I tried dropping out of my bowl and, and when I was, we want to go in the game. Grand Canyon. Yeah. So when I was getting ready for the Grand Canyon, I'm like, okay, I got this sport. I got a parachute on my back. Uh, how weird is this going to feel? Am I going to be able to skate? And, you know, so three of weight off. Yeah. So my weight off that, I still like, I put the bass rig on. Uh, and then I went to drop in on my vert bowl with my mega board.

Speaker 2: (02:53:34)
This is my bank of board. This is what I'm going to use, the Grand Canyon, Dah, Dah. You know, I dropped in and then like slammed. Oh, because I dropped it as a bowl, so I dropped in. I wanted to like, you know, there is no distributions yet and it's, it's just designed to go straight. So when I like went to put my body to turn it just like it went down, right? So I'm like, okay, there's no turning in this thing so that board doesn't work. So I grabbed the regular board that some kick turns just to feel the, the bass rig on my back and then, uh, and I would do these like medicine ball practices, like, you know, stability with the base. You're trying to like kind of like just keep my brain in the fact that I have this right, maybe overboard. But when you're doing like, I don't think it's over something on that level.

Speaker 2: (02:54:16)
You need your brain to go through those, those processes and, and you know, you need to think about what you do will kill you if you don't, you know, you have the right thing. You know. And this the reason why I wore a full face helmet, I mean, you're jumping into the grand canyon and you have a rail and you have an issue of, of, of that. But then you have the issue of like, if you bail, if I've got an open, you know, face helmet or whatever, and then I'd go to try the trick and I don't hit it and then I hit my face or my chin on the rail, I mean knocked out and I'm dead. It's a few seconds and you know, I might wake up in it, but that'll be on the ground already. You know, by the time I wake up.

Speaker 2: (02:54:54)
Oh Man. So then that's was like, okay, full face. Right. And then, uh, but what I did so that, okay, I got the gear and I'm all, I'm all good to go. Um, so we're hanging out at the, uh, hell hold band is, was close the areas, the Navajo nation, we dealt with them, you know, trying to get the permission to the same spot with Travis Pastrana did his first backflip. Like, yeah, it was, you know, it was kind of like inspired by that, you know, and going like, I want to do it on skateboard. I don't want it just to be a launch ramp. Cause anyone can go out there. And, and skates and base jumps and just kind of woo launches and fly off the things. I wanted to add some tech and the only thing I could think of was like, we were skating mega ramp all the time.

Speaker 2: (02:55:35)
I was like a mega rail. Even a mega launch with a little bit of speed, anyone could really go and then you flail out and sure. But to get on the rail to like it, then it takes a certain, I didn't want anyone else to go out, you know, and, and be able to, to, to replicate it in the sense, you know, nowadays I think Mitchie Brusco is one that could because he's great skydiver a great, you know, uh, when a wind tunnel fly. So he's like really good at flying. Oh, okay. And he's case Mega. Yeah. So, so we do jumps together. I mean he's like really talented on, on, you know, on it. And I think that's one of the reasons he's so aware cause it helped me out a lot when skydiving and skateboarding. Just spatial awareness. 3D what's going on around and maybe why I land on my feet.

Speaker 2: (02:56:16)
You know, I shouldn't have her ounces. So, but that's, you know, once I was hanging out in this, uh, area and it was like snowing, wind, like constantly all week when you know, again, Tim Payne, you know, everything said, oh, we're out there setting it up, you know, we're hanging out and they're building the ramp on the spot and it's rain, it's snowing a little system. And they're like, man, I was like, just keep building because you never know. Right. The day I was just like, I'm not going to stay, just keep building, you know? And they had never done anything like it obviously, and neither had I and I don't know where to put the rail and you know, so we kind of put the ramp on the ground, just like the radius of the thing and then the radius of the rail. Okay. That sounds like, you know, that looks like kind of, it could work and then okay, build it like that.

Speaker 2: (02:57:02)
So definitely parachute on. Right. And so we do all that and then they're like, I'm like, how are you going to get it? Put it out there. I was like, oh, we're just going to build some tracks and then you know, we're going to build the launch and then when you're ready to go, we're going to push it out as far up. Cause I needed to be as far out as possible cause the cliff, cliff cliff was like, it had the, the death bank which goes forward like this and then base jumping. I would never run and base jumps that cliff cause I wouldn't be able to, I would like you would clear. Yeah, you wouldn't clear. And you know, we test by throwing a rock, you know, you go to crash. And I was like, Ooh, that's not good. Throw it again. One, two crash.

Speaker 2: (02:57:46)
And I'm going like, and then the guy was with me and like, uh, Charles Brian helped me out. Skydiver flyboys awesome dude. Helped me out a lot. And then the guy who was doing the discovery, it was doing the, the host was Jeb Corliss and he's incredible base jumper, you know, but he was like, we're through the wrong. He's just like, dude, I wouldn't jump here. You know. And I'm going like, well, I'm going to be on a board and I'm going to be flying. I, this is Amigas I know I'm going to be going forward. Speed a lot. So I'm, and he, everyone around me like at that place was like, don't do it. That really, oh whoa. And I, and I, and the only person who wasn't was Charles because he knew and lighten it. And I was just like, dude, let them like, it's all good.

Speaker 2: (02:58:26)
I know it's going to be fun. So we were both like, cause I, we know when you know, you know. Yeah. It's not, I mean I don't care if the whole world's telling me no, if I know I'm going, if I don't, I'm not going. And it's just, you know, what's the wind conditions and all that. That's really the main thing. Right. So, okay, I got speed to go out. You know, it's the rail. We can make it over. This is the ramp work. I don't know, again, less lance is there? No, the firm got the flip. Yeah, it was right. There's 2006, so we were like full flip mode. Gotcha. Uh, so they show up, you know, so he's hanging, I love having lance around for moments like this. And he's always been at Haney spin around, almost all like the ball thing and then [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (02:59:06)
So, um, I'm out there and I'm like, okay, it's time to go. Right. So like first I built seven boards exactly the same, right. Cause you're gonna lose, you know, every time I go and losing one. So there's only so many attempts, right. And, but we wake up the night before I'm doing snow, uh, uh, like a snowman. Like we're doing a snowman at the, like the D, You know, out. And, uh, Flagstaff, I think it was like where we kind of like a in, in, and I'm like, okay, you know, and, and let's just see. And then the next day we had the helicopter lined up. We had all that. So, uh, I wake up and I look outside and it's like, just blue skies, zero. Any that didn't happen, not once, that whole week of building, it was just all wild and snow. Right. And like just madness, right?

Speaker 2: (02:59:54)
And then it just wakes up like everything fell into place. Right. And if there was any wind towards the face of the thing, no go, no go. There's all these like [inaudible] check mark. Right? Like I'm not going variable, I'm not going to die. I want to have fun. So you know, so let me let let's and so, and it all just lined up credits and they pushed the ramp out, you know, and then now you know, I'm on the top of the Roland and it's like, okay, you said you're going to do it now. You know? And I were never again, all the cameras, the production, you know, you can kind of put yourself in those places and you've got to know it's coming. What was this for? Was it for, this was for the discovery channel. They had this show called stunt junkies. Yes.

Speaker 2: (03:00:33)
And I remember the call was like, cause first, I mean I had to, you know, give the idea to all this, you know, I'm not sure. So the guy's like, oh yeah, we want you in Dah, Dah, Dah. What do you want to do? And I'm like, Oh, I'm going to put this ramp on the rail then around the Grand Canyon. And you know, there was like kind of silence in the cold shot and they're like, okay, like, and I'm like, alright, they bit, you know, and like, uh, so I started designing things, started tripping out, figuring out how I would, you know, pull it together or whatever. But then all of that pass, right, the phone call or up, now I'm on top of the roll in and it's real. It's like scared at all or no, I'm just, I can't wait to go, but I want to make sure it works.

Speaker 2: (03:01:10)
Like, I don't know if I'm in there like Kimmy Greek sugar works. You can't, that I can hit the rail and not like, uh, overshoot it or hit it. Hit them. Yeah. Because the way I built it, instead of doing it like, uh, like this, so that I would have the air and hit that, I just kinda pulled the, the thing all the way down. So the ramps like, so the rail comes up. So anywhere I go, I'm going to like keep going. So I did like you could bounce off of, bounce off and, and keep going. So I was like, okay, let's do that. So I put it in this place and I, when I looked on the ground I kind of aligned it, but I wasn't really thinking, uh, of the ramp or the all I need to be above it. I just kind of like was thinking like just straight into it.

Speaker 2: (03:01:52)
So right when I rolled in I looked at it and I tried to Ollie up and it just didn't go. So I kind of like went to the side of it and then grabbed like kind of like got my shoulder on the thing and it like whipped me around you, you were trying to hold onto the rail, like I don't want to go. I was on it, so I had tried to get out, but my arm was already there so it kind of like grabbed the rail and then like flipping, it almost pulled my shoulder out. So that was my, that was my a parachute pole. I didn't think of that. And I just kind of like went woo, did it like a roll and then like tracked out and pulled the parachute and I was just like, oh I've got to fix the rat bag.

Speaker 2: (03:02:32)
You know. So in my, in my hand I'm like, we gotta make some adjustments. So you kind of had time to think on the way down. Yeah. Yeah. I was already thinking as I hit that, you know, as I did that in my brain, I was already thinking, grab my board, go back up on the tee. So it wasn't just a one and done thing. You had seven boards, I had seven different attempts. You could do something. So if you just flew over the rail and didn't even touch it, you know, go back up, make some adjustments. And the first go I had the helicopter fly right by the rail and then I jumped out, you know, and then pull my parachute. Cause there's also the landing situation that's the street landing, right? So it's like cactuses rocks. Like you know, mud rattlesnakes. Yeah. There's like no, there's no error in like where you end up.

Speaker 2: (03:03:13)
Right. So I had to also get that, you know, so walk every helicopter down and around and around, but you know, ground and I was like, okay, I gotta do this, this, this cause of my line, you know, stuff going on. But a lot, a lot, you know, and, and uh, but that comes from, I was already a skydiver, had like a few hundred jumps, you know, that was already in my, in my, uh, uh, it was just wasn't a base jumper yet. You know, I did some practice jumps over in Idaho where it's legal on that bay, on that uh, bridge that's legal that people jump. I don't think I seen that. Yeah, it did a bunch of those. And I was like, okay, I got this bass rig. I mean it's not, it's easier than the parish. A little bigger. It's like skating the board.

Speaker 2: (03:03:48)
It's like just like, like some floaty and because you have less time for the parachute to open and you want it to be nice. And so, you know, to like easier soft landings cause the base, you know, cause you're like landing there in between Poles, cars like that. It's, yeah. Yeah. So that, that situation like, so when I landed in and figured out, oh it's all good, it was like a right turn or a left turn on the camera. Cause it was like [inaudible] you had your roadmap. Yeah, totally. And then, uh, and then it was like, okay that we've got to fix that. So I go and I thought that in my mind I just needed to Ollie. So I ran again without adjusting the ramp and kind of threw a board away in the sensory because I knew I had the f, you know, I was just like, no, I think I can just think.

Speaker 2: (03:04:28)
I just wanted to go right away. So I dropped in and tried to Ali and again, it kind of hit hard, but I didn't, you know, it was like a easier, um, it was just the bale and then boom, lose another board. And I'm like, Oh man, I should've just, and I sat down, I got up there and lance was looking at it sideways and we were just like, man dude, this is hard. I'm having a hard time. Like I don't know what to do. And then he was like, why don't you just make that ramp like a foot longer, you know, because it just kinda kept the radius going. So now it throws me up a little higher. Right. Cause it was throwing me here then it was, it was the best solution now is lance was just like, oh yeah, that could, all right Tim, Dah, Dah, Dah.

Speaker 2: (03:05:06)
So they are out there like making them, they couldn't pull the ramp back instead. They shouldn't make an exception to that they were doing on this. But like by the little a, they're all like cliff. Yeah. During that thing. And so they made the ramp longer and then I went again and it got myself on the rail. But then when I jumped off, it really wasn't the way I wanted it. And I got 50 50 I, I kind of like popped out and I wanted it to like, wow. And then keep going as far as I can. Could we, do we want to go at it? Yeah. The camp though, the discovery guys, once I'd gone on rail, there's, and they're like trying to get the, yeah, he's got it wrapped the thing. I was like, oh, I didn't get it now even like they're trying to, you know, finish to their chef dude, the end of the show and it's like, no dude, it's [inaudible] I have to go against, not done, you know?

Speaker 2: (03:05:53)
And they're like, ah, okay. Is they're worried, you know? And I'm like, I'm just like, no, this shit. I have to do it again after it again. So then I went again and then got it perfect. Popped out, held it for us. I think I could have held it longer now and then and then popped out. Got It. And then in my mind, obviously I'm like, okay, cricket grind, Smith Dry [inaudible] oh, I wanted this day not to ant when these guys are like, you're going to die if you go again. And I'm like, no, this is the funnest day of my life. Let me go. But then they were like, no, shut down the helicopter guy and the day. And then that was that. That was it. You couldn't do anymore. That was it. Were you packing your own shoots or something? No, I had, I had Jeb and Charles, they were better at it and you know, and I trust them more than I trust myself in that situation.

Speaker 2: (03:06:36)
So yeah. And, and, and there was a scary moment on, on that because Charles was, he was jumping with an Imo, oh, which is the 35 millimeter camera, but like the mini, so it's like you're not full. It's like a portable 35, which back then it was like, so he didn't like bass jumps with his thing in his head and it's like so heavy. Yeah. So we're trying to get a shot and Redo this helicopter jump. Uh, but you know, the bank is like this, and then we're on the helicopter. So I just jumped straight down. I know the bank is there. He wants to get a shot at me beside you. Yeah. Like to get his clothes, you know, all that. But so he does this mini jump backwards and it kind of carries, carries, carries. And he's filling me and he looks, and he sees the, he's about, he's going to hit, oh my goodness.

Speaker 2: (03:07:18)
So then he'd go, he pulls the parachute real quick and like, and it gets him out of the, you know, and then we're both, cause I saw, you know, I'm like, Oh, you know, we got on the ground and then I pulled him aside day. I didn't want it to be, you know, big thing. I was like, he's like, you could have done this. And then we're like, okay. You know, and that, that was, uh, one of the scary moments that, that, you know, situation there. But then, then it was all gold and, uh, Sturt was there. So Sturt got some photos of course divide. He wasn't the most motivating guy to be around really, just because he's like so, and he's just Sturt, you know? So He's just straight. So is this how you choose to die? No Way. Oh yeah. And every time I'd say started flying or jumping, he's just like, okay, so now you've got this new thing.

Speaker 2: (03:08:09)
So that's how you going to die? Huh? Oh Geez. Just straight up. Just like hung around Jake. Phil. I mean, I know what that, that game, yeah, I feel like asked her, but anyone else could be like, what the fuck? He said I was gonna die that way. And then you know, and that's in your head. Sure. Now I'll jump. Even if I have, this is going to be the day that I would seriously, I would have thought would think twice about that time. That song. Yeah. Revit. It. No, but I mean, and you know, that was awesome. It was the funnest day of my life and I wish I could go back and do more tricks and you know, but I mean, it was great. It was a magical moment and it was almost like it allowed, cause I remember when I was there, like I, you know, I was just reflective.

Speaker 2: (03:08:50)
Like I was constantly introspective autism. Right, okay. Can you know whether you are or you aren't, you become when that that is about to go down, things that are on that level, then I would, I would detach myself a bunch from the crowd and kind of go out and I knew it was Indian nation, you know, so, and one of the Indians were saying like, oh like you know a couple guys died your last time trying to something about, you know, don't like go mountain biking something, you know, cause I can only imagine the a so they just trying to explain to them what you want to do. I was like, okay, yeah, go for it. And because they're not, you know, they're their own thing. They can just allow that to happen. But there was, it was a funny negotiation. Like it started at three grand and it ended at 10 oh.

Speaker 2: (03:09:32)
But it was like three then four, then six. And I was just like, Yo, you have to lock in at one point where yeah, it's 10 grand, I'll donate the rent. The would, okay. Cause they go back, they go back to there, the chief, I've had meetings and they come back and it's fine. I mean, I would pay 20 I mean they deserve it. Yeah. I just didn't have it. It got to a point, I was like, it's not in my budget. So I'm like, okay, let's, but you know, so while I'm there, I'm just like, uh, just thankful and praying and asking permission that, you know, that, that I can do this year. It's not out of like, you know, this like Aminah you know, this, let me rip and pillage this and get the most out of it. It was just like, yeah, and you have to be there.

Speaker 2: (03:10:14)
It's just so everything flows in and not doing anything stupid. Sure. Cause it's just, it's a stupid idea already, you know, so they want to make less of a, you know, a of a scene, you know, and, and you know, my dad's there and you know, it was just like, OK. And he can't see because it's like the death bank. So when I, you know, when I tell in, there's some footage that you're kind of like, you see the board and unite, disappear and we cut and you know, like that's, I kinda opened my parachute right then, but he's not seeing [inaudible] no, they don't know until there's a radio, like, oh, parachutes open. Right. So, oh, so I mean that was, that was a thing. So I don't want to die in front of him, even if skirt saying that. I that that is, that's the way.

Speaker 2: (03:10:52)
But uh, but yeah, so I mean, it was just a magical moment. Amazing. Yeah. Super Fun man. And ideas like that. I mean, it's like the reason it's so, it's such a blessing and it's so, and I'm so thankful is because things like that, they're, think about when you land a new trick, whatever. Like, think about how long you've been alive, how long that, you know, the world's been around and that trick hasn't been done. Right. So in that time to manifest things, that's why I feel like skateboarding is like, every new trick is like, are little prayers. At least the way I see it. Okay. I kind of feel like it's my manifestation of like this, you know, idea of, uh, you know, I'm just going, I'm getting creative and I'm putting something down that wasn't around. Right. So then that has the same thing with catching a wave.

Speaker 2: (03:11:39)
You know, you surf, yeah, you can take, I'm surfing all day, but like, think that wave was never there. It's only there for you and you're the one who caught it in that. And that's not going to repeat because it's completely different. And then it just keeps coming. But it's new all the time. So in skateboarding, I feel like every trick you do, every new thing is like a, a manifestation of, you know, what you want to put for it, you know, in the world. So it's like, okay, it's me prayers, many thankfulness, you know. And that's why I have our time with the frustration because I feel like, man, you're so blessed, but you're right in frustrated before you know, so you get it. But thought if you mature in a sense and you start like going and, and I really work hard towards not manifesting that energy when I'm skating.

Speaker 2: (03:12:26)
So like that's when, when I was skated vert and I would compete, I would bale, I'd smile. People had a hard time. Like why is he so happy? You just, I can be pissed. But I'm like, what am I going to do? I have a training job, I skate for a living and I just bailed the front side grand. Yeah. Okay, well you've got two more runs, you know, so and it, and it, it keeps you in a better place when that third run goes down and you're not like in this frustrating mode and it just keeps it open because when you're that then if you close up, oh yeah. So that's kind of like the theory behind that. And it works sometimes. And you know, at the times it doesn't, but it makes me, you know, be a little bit more, uh, happy and light and lighter about it.

Speaker 1: (03:13:09)
Sounds good to me. Where were you 10 years ago when I was trying these tricks. You're breaking my board, Huh? Man. That was doing the same. Yeah. To me, bro. You've done so much and you're just continue to do so much. Right? It's amazing. Hey, it's endless, right? So activity, man, I can't wait to see what you do now. Let me know when you ever do that. I want to go down to the mega. I want to check it out. Totally. Maybe have a coffee on top of it. No brawny thing. Hang out. I just want to hang out. Definitely talk to us about what's going on with this burn kit. You have a certain new little venture going on here. What's going on with this? It's a, it's, it's Byrnecut scape

Speaker 2: (03:13:49)
parks. So it's like a, it's, it's portable, uh, skate parks. So it's portable obstacles. And, uh, while I was, and we can get into this later, but like while I was president of the Brazilian Confederation of Skateboarding for two years, uh, of, of my life and this last last couple of two to three years, I was able to kind of like connect a lot of high level meetings and, and, and adjust the funding from the Olympic Committee, like public money towards our confederation, which was going somewhere else in Brazil as we learned. Uh, I've known because I've been there for a long time, but the world has learned the amount of corruption and that that went down during Olympics and World Cup, the building of stadiums, you know, the overpricing of things. I mean, people, they didn't know how to steal a little and they just broke the country. I agreed. Right. So in that, a lot of that had to do with the Brazilian Olympic Committee and all the confederations because of the flow of my and a lot of people involved.

Speaker 2: (03:14:49)
Right? Sure. So, so the day that I was at the Brazilian Olympic Committee doing the meeting, uh, the president of the committee went to jail. It was like that same, it was like a weird, right. Um, but I came in to kind of flow that, uh, money towards us cause that was fair. So, but I'd come in and like do a lot of things. I mean, last thing I wanted was to be president of this thing, but you know, it was just like, I felt a need, you know, I've got no salary out of it. It was really hard and a lot of work. But we adjusted it and you know, long story short, we got that. We got the funding, we get like almost a million dollars a year from the, you know, so we, that's why we get all the, we do all the events or the park in the street.

Speaker 2: (03:15:28)
We have the national team. I mean we like those guys get paid to go everywhere, all tickets, hotels plus money, health insurance. I mean all the things I dreamed of, you know. Yeah. And you know, I was able to provide that forum so I feel good. Maybe we're able to pull that together and can put that out. So those, those meetings, I'm saying mad at a bunch of people. And I had this idea of, of this portable Skate Park Company and, and then, uh, we're at a meeting with the president of the industry of San Paulo. So like the industry federation. Oh. So all, you know, businesses in San Paulo pay a percentage to this, uh, uh, meeting. And they wanted, they wanted to build this, the skate park. And then I was like, I have this portable skate park idea that it could be easy for certain situations and, you know, and, and, and that could work.

Speaker 2: (03:16:22)
It was already in my, in my pipeline. So it was just like, maybe this could be a solution for that, you know? And, and then we started working on a couple of things and, and then, uh, uh, they were like, yeah, we want to get, you know, a few of those, you know. So then I went out and we worked out towards, it's sold, you know, a few of those kids who built like, you know, a couple of, uh, flat ramps, like launch ramps and then quarter pipes on a flat bar. And then a high jump and a and, um, manual pad and it's all like interchangeable. They all fit. You can put them together, like little Lego type. Yes, yes. Fasting. So I connected with my buddy Sylvio and, uh, Bruno from Rio ramp design. And then we were like, hey, let's let's team up and, and Kinda come up with this, you know, this company, I'll call it a burn kit, you know, make it, you know, make it an easy, you know, and we just kind of, it went from there and now it's like evolving into a mini ramps, you know, uh, even a vert ramp I do and I'll do it.

Speaker 2: (03:17:20)
And if I'd do a portable Mega Ram to get pooled events will be all for events. Right. Lot of events for sure. I did four of them in Brazil and we had a ramp there. It was just wood and eventually it got bad or whatever. So if I do it, I would kind of taken Tony's, you know, obviously Tony's ramp and I, you know, toured with him at Hook Jam and he saw how easy it is. I mean, yes, it's expensive, but it's one in the long run, in the long run, it just kind of pays itself. Just constantly demos where would you can split it up. So, so all that just put it together. I figure like, okay, let's, you know, do a business and, and, and what most people don't realize the skateboard, I mean, not many people, uh, make a lot of money. Skateboarding.

Speaker 2: (03:17:57)
I was one of them that, that was able to have top sponsors, you know, made a lot of money in salaries, but I put it all back into dreamland. You know, people didn't build that for me. I grabbed my salary and then put it in and then, you know, I obviously, you know, s put some money in the bowl and then, you know, Hurley at the time help me out here. And, but the majority for me to pull it together, it had to be my, you know, roughly salaries. I didn't put money away. I spent it. Wow. You know, so when the ta, you know, so too, but I had the rebuild if I didn't put the megaramp out and you know, my career in a sense probably would've ended a few years ago. So that gave me life. So it's a reinvestment right? I look at like, okay, yeah, just, and I, I didn't have a game out.

Speaker 2: (03:18:42)
Right. So it's not like that. And, and um, I grew up, uh, you know, having to do everything on my own. So I'm kind of making decisions too, like a long time, I didn't really take certain sponsors that would give me a lot of money just out of principle even. And looking back, it's like, yeah, there's maturity there because you could have done this and that, but it just kind of like, that's just my path. Sure. I got to a point where, you know, my income in the u s you know, once, once it was all done and my contract with earlybird only, it all ended. So two years ago I went into zero income right. Out of like that reality. And then because I didn't have much money saved, you know, it really put things in check. And then I obviously had a few things going on in Brazil and all that, but at the same time I became president of the confederation and there's no salary there.

Speaker 2: (03:19:36)
Not only, there's no salary, there's a conflict of interest. And then for me to get sponsors, they wouldn't because now I'm the president of a confederation and it has all this dirty image around because all the other confederations there's a lot of money that was all this fun. And so, so it was just a weird time, but it was a very high, uh, uh, diamond carving, you know, time like of, of like Lapid dating me and like going like, okay, reinvent right, because if not, you've got to sell dreamland. You got, you know, so then I started doing a lot of different things, trying to think of different ways to, I love it, you know, to, to, to make money in the west. Brazil helped me out because I did have some sponsors there and some things going in there. But when you divide the reality to to dollar, it's divided by four.

Speaker 2: (03:20:22)
So then now the pay can't make Brazil money and have us bills. [inaudible] the other way around. We worked great. Yeah. But, uh, so then I'm like, okay, you have to reinvent. And, and skateboarding was really tough because before I was like, you know, supported to skate. Now I have to think. So I had less and less time to skate. Yeah. And even my mind to an energy, it was just like, okay, I have to take care of, you know, all of this. [inaudible] yeah. I was just like, okay, I have to figure this out. So then I got into, you know, way more of an entrepreneur mode instead of like going, I need to, you know, find sponsors because that'll end, you know, I need to create my own brands and my own companies to do it because that's going to be the, so there's two avenues I took.

Speaker 2: (03:21:09)
The first one was a cannabis company and that it took me a couple of years obviously to navigate that whole regulatory, you know, young madness, um, and the taboo of, you know, putting a front, obviously with the name that I have and all that, you know, it's just kind of like, it is a shock to people even though I smoked weed all my life. [inaudible] but I was smart enough not to put that front out, you know, and not be like, uh, you know, posting your smoking joints and all, cause it's like this is something I did and I don't need to put that out. No. You know, and, and, and you know, you would lose sponsors and it was just like, it's not the time, different landscape and landscape. And so I took my time for that, but once that hit does, Eric, I'm not no one to answer to.

Speaker 2: (03:21:54)
And in a way as harsh at that was, it was also liberating because I have no, I'm like this, I can do whatever I want to do. I do ride for Oakley and I wrote for them for La, you know, with the Brazilian budget. And that was cool. But you know, the people that I had around me weren't gonna drop me because of that and the timing, you know, and the whole, uh, medicinal and CBD and kind of like kind of pulling a corner because it does help me. Like I said at Baldy, if I didn't have that green bud, I was in serious pain. I can take it. I could've taken a, an opiod. Sure. You know, and those always kind of gave me a hard time. I never really, you know, when I got hurt I take it and make me feel bad.

Speaker 2: (03:22:31)
Weird. I tried to get off it as quick as possible. Talk about dino plus he can, you know, you have a beer and then you, you know, I've, I've done it, you know, and you're like, dude, after injuries and you're like, oh, this is fun. This is cool. You know, one, you're like, I can do this and I can keep going. Then all of a sudden you don't even need anymore. And you still doing it right. So I would like pull out and go to cannabis right as quickly as possible. Homeys you know, just the acute phase. I do it and then I just pull it out cause I, you can live with pain. Sure. You don't have to live with zero numb. You know, like you can live with the four, you know, you know, not be addicted to all this madness. So that's kind of like how I, and I was like, man, you know, let me do something with the cost cause I have a hard time just doing it for money.

Speaker 2: (03:23:11)
Yeah, no, you have to have a cause behind it. You know, money has to be the consequence and it's great to make money, but you have to have a purpose, you know, at least in my view. And that was like, uh, this is the right time. You know, I'm going to start cannabis company, but what everyone's doing is not really what I'm, I don't want to go for the recreational, you know, corner of action sports and you smoke a joint. Cause he could, I could pigeonhole myself in that. And still, you know, blunts and you know, all that. And because I have asthma and I don't think smoking is not good, you know, and I don't smoke in it, it's like rare. And then when I go, I go usually to dabs and like just the little, oh, okay. And, or vaping, but mostly like go on me edible, you know?

Speaker 2: (03:23:53)
And that kind of like keeps my lung and I still get the THC and CBD. Uh, so, you know, it's good. So I'm like, alright, it's out. You know what I mean? I'm just going to start this. And that's that. Yeah. And then so it's Pharma leaf formerly. Yeah. So the idea behind farmer leaf is that, uh, it's plant based medicine. No. So cannabis, yeah, sure. You know, but there's Maringa there's a quote by Iba, there's all these like, and being from Brazil, obviously the access to the Amazon and the, and the knowledge of the forest there. And I have a lot of friends and one of my partners is cute. His wife's from the Amazon and you know, he really knows he that uh, um, in the mix of that dimey religion right there, Wasco and all that stuff. So they're all mind opening and, and power plants.

Speaker 2: (03:24:40)
Even silicide been, you know, strong streams are just like take it, have fun. Woo. It's like low dose psilocybin is really tracking with the anti-depression like you know, [inaudible] and all that. Psychedelics, what's coming out again that, that that's really a, a powerful anti-depression and way less of a, of a, of a, a gnarly, which all these other drugs that are out there. So it's a, it's a solution to what's going on into, to my life. And I feel like all that's happening in the US and all these young guys in high school, whether it's soccer or you know, football, NFL, whatever, they get hurt at 17, they go to the, the, the, the doctors and they prescribed the opioids. Yup. You know, and they get addicted to it. And then now they, you know, if you have money, you're getting the opioids and you're getting to getting again, and then you don't have money anymore.

Speaker 2: (03:25:28)
Or The guy says, okay, no more prescription for you there. You're done. That period is done. But now you're addicted. Now you're hooked. Now you go to the black market for pills. If you have money, you'll keep, you keep that going. She don't have money. You go to heroin and then you go to heroin, you die, you know, like overdose. That's our seeing. We're not seeing that. We're just young people. We've seen that with old people, like, you know, overdosing in their cars. So we're in a serious play of situation that's going on. And I felt like if I started this, uh, uh, company, it would be for this bringing the awareness to plant-based medicine. Yeah. You know, and changing the way that you kind of go about, you know, treating your injuries. And that's, and that's the, the, the push behind it. And it's not just cannabis.

Speaker 2: (03:26:11)
And I went for the full medicinal approach. Uh, you know, for the identity of the, of the brand. Um, and that's [inaudible] and that's the line. It's like, you know, trying to help people in, in the sense we all connect through pain, you know, and you know, I happen to feel a lot of it over my career and I know what I'm talking about. So it's not only for skateboarders, by people in general and you know, so that's the idea behind farmer leaf and eventually, you know, I would love to get into silicide and capsules and, and, and the taboo side, but just going for the prescribed and, you know, like letting the, the actual, uh, studies as it, as it progressed, you know, to show that and then, you know, it presented as a product. So it's a little bit of a taboo, break them all.

Speaker 2: (03:26:57)
Yeah. You know, I think we're still a little bit of ways from that a little bit, but quicker than you think. Yeah. If we do what we need to do and we get out and stop the hiding, you know, uh, the hiding hurts because everyone knows and everyone does it. But there's this, like if like when I, when I came out and said I started doing these posts every Tuesday or whatever, I, you know, talking about cannabis, but I started doing it, I don't know, a few months ago and I created a group, you know, there's reporters, there's a psychiatrist from the University of Rio, there's like a, the chief anesthesiologist from the, the one of the biggest hospitals in San Paulo. And there's all these big level in this whatsapp group. Okay. You know, and then share articles and we share things and we did or not. And then all of a sudden when it's close to Tuesday, the reporter like rec say, Hey, what's your, where should we go?

Speaker 2: (03:27:47)
You know, like, oh, let's do this one's interesting right now. And then he writes it up, we worked together, and then I train that and then I post it. Oh, I have a full gene editing, kind of like, you know, direction. So it's not just like, oh yeah, we're, you know, it's like a serious awareness work, which is good. Yes. You have to educate. Exactly. Yeah. So that was my view. So when I put the first post out, I just kinda went out and just went, alright, this is what's up, you know? And here I am. If you think about my social media followers, just like anti-hero, right? So you got that, I got that in me because I am, you know, that, you know, and then x games are happening, right? So called that. So I have all those people there, right? They're there, they follow me there.

Speaker 2: (03:28:34)
There's both worlds are there, there's this clash of core and guys from sports and different like, oh, Bob Morgan sports guy ain't streams. Like there's that. And you know, uh, so when I put that post, it was almost like I started a war of comments in between clashing of the world's wow. It's almost like I was like, okay, this is what's up. And then so people are like, yeah, but like, you know guys that yeah. That we need to talk about it and then just crazy hate on the other song shouldn't be doing this and like just going off at me, you know, like just that, just to make it fucking, so you were prepared for this? Oh yeah. I mean you have to be, if not are you crunch? Uh, and I got prepared funny enough cause I posted the uh, some kids all in over an alligator.

Speaker 2: (03:29:23)
Okay. I've seen that viral. Something like they had to make some in Florida earlier. They like, you know, tied up his mouth, you know, and they all eat over the alligator. And I was like, I didn't see the t, I didn't see that. So I thought that was gnarly cause I was like, Dang Dude, they think could have beat them. Right. But obviously there's the sensitive, you know, backlash at all. Yeah. And then so that backlash and I was like, I was like, no, I didn't even mean it that way. So I was just like, okay, I pulled it out. But then I was like, well fuck that. Like these, I mean there's nothing, you know. So then I went and posted uh, a bird sir, like hanging on top of an alligator kinda chilling. Yeah. And then I just started let somebody were like, Nah, like you're going off.

Speaker 2: (03:30:04)
That's not the post I used to date that guy. And then guys are like sarcastic. I go there, the the birds, you know, hurting the alley. So then I was like okay. And then like I just got it and I site that posted a bird finger boarding down a ramp. Okay. Oh there you go off. And then I posted the chimp that back in the day or I did that posted him skating my rant. Now all the animal guys all at the installers, just like now I'm like, um, I was prepared in a sense for that because it was the first time I got negative cause usually it's like Bob, nice guy, I'm posting this stuff cause I know you're not touching anyone. You're not, I wouldn't talk about soccer teams, religion, politics, politics, right. I kind of, but once I did that and they started on this thing, I was like just, I was like, okay dude, like it's okay to have a contrary, you know, views and you have to be able to take it.

Speaker 2: (03:30:53)
If you believe in something, you've gotta be able to think. So then that's that, that, so then when I posted that I was already, I knew what was coming, right. I didn't, and I didn't really realize how intense that people would get because of it, but then it just showed the, the wound of society, you know, so it kind of opened, you know, because now I have these two, and it was just, just clash. [inaudible] and then next Tuesday I posted again and then class got off and I just like, and then I started having fun answering people, you know, he'd say, Oh, you know, every people that smoke weed, you know, are gay. And I was just like, oh wow. Yeah. And I was like, well, that's weird. That's crazy that that's your experience. But that's cool. You know, meaning that if he smoked weed, he was, and it's not like it's a bad thing.

Speaker 2: (03:31:38)
So I'd throw it back at him because there's all this, it's like, who cares? Like craziest people like that. But that's what I'm saying, it's that mixed because that those people were dormant. They followed me because x games. Yeah. And I mean [inaudible] let's watch the, you know, that and then so then it just brought it out, right? Like in that, and, and the cool thing about that, it was like, you know, that game, the ears pop out and you'd like hit [inaudible] style or so they would bark block, disrespectful bar, you know, if you can be against it and you can talk and like, yeah. And then I'm like, no, Ba and then I'll talk, you know, but if you come out like full disrespect, like if you would've said it on the streets to my face, you would be punched. You know, cause people, they don't like I, you'll be completely different, you know, to someone in front of them, then you would find that, you know, that's the big thing.

Speaker 2: (03:32:28)
Totally. So I would start, you know, blocking, blocking, blocking, like start and then it started easing you off. But I still get the, hey, you know, a little bit, but just kind of, it's simmered down a little bit down a little bit. Cause I kinda had the filter clean because I liked the message to come out. You can, you can not agree with it, just read it and just use your own social media. If you want to push something that you want to. Sure. People ask that posting about. We, you know, what about skateboarding? Yeah. My other post was a skate fan. It was just like, they want you to be quiet. Like you're a professional skateboarder. You shouldn't. I was like, well I should cause I have a voice now and if I don't do it then we're in hiding and then nothing changes.

Speaker 2: (03:33:05)
And that's my, that's my view. So it's like, let's put the front, let's say what's up. That's that. And uh, you know, and those are, those are the, the reasons behind, you know, the, the, those ventures and that I'm into a bunch of different things honestly. And, um, but those, those two companies, obviously I'm like holding tight, you know, and the push out. But um, projects that right now are happening, uh, I've, I've locked in a deal with HBO for a three hour, three episodes of an hour. He to a docu series on my life right on this, you know, so that was, oh we working on it for two, three years and then we signed early way there and we just kind of now got through the madness. So the money's there. We're not, we're now we're full on and I'm your new friends so I get to be close.

Speaker 2: (03:33:56)
So how do I say that I made it to, that's incredible. Cool. Wait to see that. It was, it was one of those like awesome shit. Cause now you opened up, I mean there is no, uh, what we call a, uh, sugarcoat, you know, because you know, it's like, you know, put it out. I mean, cause you can't, you get like, what, what's up? You know, like how hard was my life? What did I do? Like, you know, not just like the hey, your boss and your boss, but yeah, exactly. Got It put out. So what does that in a way, I just, I'd say in a couple of years now while we're going through archival now, I guess people are watching here, so anyone that has footage, um, film photos or anything rather pro or not like, just kind of like trying to reach out and seriously start archiving that through Hick robot.

Speaker 2: (03:34:48)
There are people out there that have, yeah, we made a list and it's super cool times. I mean from hanging out with, gave more for Tobin Yelland like there, there's definitely that era and that time, right? Luke and Bryce Kohenites and killing it, burn kid Pharma Leaf. You got [inaudible] o series coming out, man, when went home, got to pay the bills from relief only here in the u s are you in farmer leaf will be a worldwide, but obviously with [inaudible] with the, the, the, the cannabis, the regular market and regulations, certain places will allow it, but the, the whole thing with Pharma, it's not a cannabis company. It does have cannabis ingredients. And certain, but I will have products that don't even have cannabis because there are a lot of like Meringa is an incredible plant. It's like kind of like the hemp or cannabis plant and its uses, you know.

Speaker 2: (03:35:39)
So, uh, Babu is like a, a nut, you know, in, in, in Brazil. It's kind of just, it's a super high protein. It's an incredible, and you can do oil by two would be a, are you, so another incredible ingredient and there's coke by Ebo oil. It's great and anti-inflammatory. So probably good for massage oils. And so it's, it's mixing, you know, adding Arctic, uh, cooped by and even us IEE and Guata nine, honestly using the, the Brazilian aspect of my, uh, and the fact that the Amazon forests are definitely using ingredients and marketing into that. So it's, it's, it's sports centered, right? So, uh, there's not just everywhere, but like, it's just, it's going to be in that, but we have a wide array of, of product, even kinesio tape. Oh, well, uh, that doesn't have any product in it. Sure. Because it is a pain management without taking opioids.

Speaker 2: (03:36:29)
And the whole idea is to stop all that madness and listen, if I have a bone sticking out, you know, and I just slammed in, there's nothing, you know, and, and I go through a surgery, so like [inaudible] and also we got to understand that it's not, we're not trying to go hippie, you know, because when you need western medicine, you need it, you know, they need sir, like all I'm trying to, to explain and convey is that just use that, uh, the least amount possible and only for that acute phase. Be careful with that because it will, you know, it destroys, you know, so, uh, just be careful. That's all you know. And then, and then, so having out have a, a way out and incredibly enough, like mushrooms are all also, uh, really helpful in dealing with addiction. Oh yeah. Yeah. So they're, they're, they're, they're finding that out too, so in Rehab, uh, so that's my idea. Wow. It's to try to, hey, let's, we're all gonna get hurt. We skate, you know, you're going to buy burn kit and then you're gonna get hurt. And then you [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (03:37:30)
Pharma Leaf. Thank you on all angles. And then you go watch his documentary. It's not series as you got your ankle up on that or you're on mushrooms. I'm really enjoying what you're watching. Oh Wow. I'm like fully scared to try mushrooms. I, you know,

Speaker 2: (03:37:45)
uh, I've been on it like every, it's like a low dose and it's an every other day. And I went through, I, I, my, my friend that's the psychiatrist at the, uh, University of Rio de Janeiro top, you know, and he has been working with it, you know, so you already had a few patients and had people like really respond and it's microdosing it's in a, it's in a capsule and there's different, you know, a milligrams and uh, I do that really low dose. Okay. Every other day. So you do a low dose first thing in the morning. Oh No. You know, no food, just water, whatever. And then, uh, then you jump two days and take it again, jump two days, take it again. It totally, it just Kinda, it doesn't, it's not trip. It's just kind of a good feeling. Like, you know, it Kinda keeps you in a good spot, huh. But very high depression, like intense, like deep depression is usually cohered with a higher dose. Like,

Speaker 1: (03:38:37)
yeah, the law in mushroom. Wow.

Speaker 2: (03:38:39)
Because it opens up your whole thing is that it opens up your mind a, the, the, the, the siliciden molecule is like the Serotonin, like, uh, it's exact in nature. So it's like, is that right? And, and uh, and it was always used religious, you know, it's like back in the day when they found, you know, the Indians and they found that and they would take it in the rituals, not like it's not a recreational like we, we took it to like, yeah, let's go to, you know,

Speaker 1: (03:39:05)
the Coachella Joshua Tree. All good, good.

Speaker 2: (03:39:09)
But that's not, you know, there's a, especially on the higher doses, there's a, there's a level of guidance that there's a spiritual attachment to it, then it gives you opened up. It's like a frequency without being prepared in all kinds of madness. Can Convention trip. And that's, you know, same thing with DMT and Iowasca and it's the same thing. It's all guiding and they're really there to change and show us that next step we need to take, you know, and, and that's the reality of it. Whether people believe in it like it hate it. It's just is eventually the studies once you allow the studies to go through, right. And then a lot of that is going to come out. So I'm super into the power plants and you know being from Brazil obviously I've got a little bit less of a, you know the closed mind on it just because right around it. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (03:39:58)
I love it Bro. Yeah it's cool man. You do a lot great things bro. I'm telling you. Appreciate it. Can't wait to have my cup of coffee on top of the mega ramp down there. Yeah. Yes, that's right. Got to go pull that off. I'm telling you I just want to go

Speaker 2: (03:40:12)
[inaudible] I'm going to Brazil next Friday and then I'll be out for a month cause [inaudible] you got the street league, you're going to be out there. I'll be [inaudible] I've got the park event in San Paulo so I'll be there. We're launching burn kit, the site's coming up next, so it's burn kit, so we'll like probably next week. So by the 15th, which is the event, we should have everything ready. Like we did a bunch of like, you know, shirts and hats and all this stuff. So we'll have that out like completes and, and then, uh, we'll have the park and we'll be like full on. So that's it. I'll be there for then and then, you know, so I'm full Pharma leaf mode now and then I, when I go to Brazil, did that. And then when I come back then back into Pharma, you've got people that run it. So it's, it's been a couple of years, but now I've got like, uh, you know, uh, investors in partners, in someone that, you know, GM it and, and then it's amazing. Yeah. Keeping onto the next,

Speaker 1: (03:41:06)
keep it moving. Yeah, look at that man. Bob Burnquist. Dude's right, bro. This is crazy. This has been awesome. I appreciate it man. Like all the stories and I mean, just like I'm, I've been sitting here just like in thrawled, like fascinated. Oh, thank you your life. And I can't, I mean congratulations, because this is such a cool, yeah. I think, uh, appreciate that. What you guys find. No, it's not an easy feat, you know, keeping, you got to keep pushing you and keep doing it and keep going man. And when we get to sit here and listen to these tales of Bob Burnquist, I go home and listen to the tails of a Chad muster and it's super fun. Congratulations. Thank you. I appreciate that. Could we give you some nine clip stuff to take home or Lilly that'd be assessing what size? Do a shirt or are you XXL? Yeah, Kelly. We grab him some nightclubs stuff.

Speaker 2: (03:41:57)
Maybe a mug. Yeah. Yeah. For as a district. You guys to get that amazing. Yeah. Thank you bro. And you got it. I got a piece of dreamland. Yup. Right behind you. Right there in the, yeah. Got a piece of a drown land foes skate like piece. This was a, this was, this was on the bowl. So yeah. So when we pulled that out and concreted over it and saved a bunch of that sick, then that's, I was like, okay, if I'm going to nine club piece of skate light, look at that Raj piece of history right there. Have you sign this? Oh yeah. Oh yeah, let's get the a sharp sharp before I go. Did you come in with a helmet? Are you riding a bike? Yeah, I actually did a parking ride, a over down at the 78 and the, I drove up with a friend, so I'll just Uber down and then get the bike and go home.

Speaker 2: (03:42:51)
That's a far ride for the, okay. So you got your co wait, we, I, I had a meeting before. Yeah. You know, and then uh, so I drove up with some friends, but I parked, so I met him at the park and ride, you know, at the same time. Okay, so you had the bike there? Yeah. That's why the helmet? Yes. Okay. That's right. Nice Dude. Get in my triumph ride and I was, yeah, well I started riding, you know, motorcycles while ago. Just, you know, my mom didn't like it, but it was one thing that I just had to, you know, just, yeah, I guess you want to have that feeling, you know, uh, uh, that extra danger or whatever, but it's just, you know, it's such a free way to cruise around. I, I think it's so fun. And then, uh, last year I locked in a deal with triumph and oh, well.

Speaker 2: (03:43:34)
So I get bikes and get crews around everywhere I go. And it's, they've got such an incredible group of bikes and it's like, yeah. So I get to, if I'm going traveling somewhere, hey, I'm going to be here for couple weeks. I get it. You get the point. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah. They know they've got so many fun, fun ones, so that's incredible, Dan. Huh? Huh? Oh, thank you. [inaudible] look at this. We got a bunch of, oh wait, this is what I've been seeing Lupin behind you. Okay, now I get it. That's on major loop switch flip man or loop. You know what I'm saying? First of all, yes. Pleasuring burns west, man. This is, yeah. Thank you for your stories and thanks. A Phillippi Mater. [inaudible] v O v [inaudible], k, Ibotta, and then Josh should get kicked to the nightclub by Leo. Felipe. I second that.

Speaker 2: (03:44:24)
It sounded good. I'm surprised you didn't do the intro in portrait. You know I've done the couple, I've done the intro in portrait when I'm juniors here. You already, that's an Abd. You know what I mean? Exactly. Also, I'm trying to move on to something that's right. Go back and watch it. Let me know. I did. I will. I think I did pretty good from the comments were very word. Okay, good. Yeah, it was pretty good. Here's some stickers for the mega ramp. I am their brother. Not. Maybe we'll make a big banner for your big, yeah, that'll disappear. If the screws loose, put it over this tape over the screw. Yeah, we got something else here. Yeah. Taking these Oakley bag or would you look at that? Ah, got a bunch of stickers. [inaudible] burn kit. Oh, there you go. Wow. These are cool. I thought he's in the worst. Thank you. Yeah, that's amazing. Pretty important. Chris, I'm going to put one on my, a microphone putting your Chevy Bolt. Get One of my lawn board. Put this on. Oh Wow. There you go. It's going to put it on women's board right now. Here's the first. It's cause had the nine club

Speaker 1: (03:45:29)
experience. I wouldn't be able to put this on the board. Our other show that we have, Bob, that we uh, sit down and we sit down and talk about skating and the ball. You know, I'm going to, I love that you're riding all the one board. Hey. I'm like, Hey, if I'm going to rock the streets, I'm like, alright, lawn. And I never cover his name. So the Brazilian army, he's got to know him. His Buddy Bob, look at this right here on the mic, dude. See what I'm saying? That's it, dude. Here's a switch. Flip manual Mug for your coffee. Oh, right. Your coffee or tea? Yeah, I watched it in the morning. Yeah. Hey, why not? Here's a, a, a nine club new era hat for you. Here you go. And, um, core neck nine club. Krunic always putting on the hat, but he's putting, he's getting dressed.

Speaker 1: (03:46:24)
I have a feeling he's going to put this crew neck. There we go. Love that, man. Listen, where do I want you to wear this gear when you do come back for the x games, fully kitted, fully kitted. Bob Burnquist up now the nine club. Here's a Xcel nine club shirt for you, bom. There you go, Bro. And this is not that. They're all my favorites. The package here, cleaning up soon when these two products are out, please do nothing. Club embroidered Hoodie. There you go, Bro. Sponsored again. Holy spawn stuff. Holy sponsored. Looked up. We get photo incentive. Hey, 20 bucks. Make it, make the sticker a little bigger so I know it really pops. Yeah. X Games come back. 40 and 40 bucks. Bob. Dude, once again, thank you so much to do the man. Oh, this guy, oh, he's getting up to give Kelly a nice look. Boom. Hanging back there. It's great. Never do that. [inaudible] you're like, yeah man, you way over there and on that [inaudible].


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